Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston

Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston

Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston provide care to all residents in Houston regardless of your ability to pay or lack of health insurance.

Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston offer medical care to those with limited resources in the form of sliding scale payment; payments that can slide all the way down to $0 depending on your income level.

If you lack health insurance but need medical care check out this list of agencies who provide sliding scale services.

For a map of the nearest Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston scroll to the bottom of this page for an interactive map.

Low-Cost Medical Clinics in Houston

Bee Busy Wellness

Located in SW Houston, Bee Busy Wellness offers primary and preventative health services to individuals at every stage of life.  Find the nearest clinic on the map below or contact them at 713.771.2292 for more information.

Central Care Community Health Center

Central Care Community Health Center is Houston’s oldest FQHC offering residents primary care, dental and behavioral health services. Contact them at 713.734.0199 for more information.

Christus Clinics

Christus Clinics operate under the teachings of Catholicism but offer primary care services to individuals of all faiths. Christus clinics accept health insurance and provide sliding scale services to low-income residents. They offer two clinics, one in Houston’s East End, the other in Dickinson. They also have 20 school based clinics throughout the area to treat children in school; essentially improving medical outcomes and preventing parents from missing work.

For information regarding the East End, St. Mary’ s clinic contact 713.803.1840.

For information related to the Dickinson, Point of Light clinic contact 713.803.1830.

And for a listing of school based Christus Clinic click HERE.

El Centro de Corazon

With 3 clinics located in Houston’s East End El Centro de Corazon  offers primary care, dental, behavioral health and women’s services. Contact them at 713.660.1880 to learn more.

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center

Good Neighbor Healthcare Center offers primary care, dental, women’s health, behavioral health, pediatric, nutrition, and podiatry services. Contact them at 713.529.3597 for more information.

Harris Health System

Harris Health System is a safety net program for low-income residents of Harris County. They provide primary care, dental, behavioral health, and specialist medical services to insurance patients and those who qualify for Harris Health (Gold Card). For more information contact them at 713.634.1000.

Hope Clinic

Hope Clinic offers primary care, well women’s exams, immunizations, pediatric, eye exams and many more services. For more information contact them at 713.773.0803.

Houston Area Community Services

Houston Area Community Services offer primary care services, pediatrics, HIV services, podiatry and well women’s services. Contact them at 281.537.8627 to learn more.

Legacy Community Health Services

Legacy Community Health offers primary care, dental, vision, behavioral health, pediatrics, HIV services and well women’s services. Contact them at 832.548.5000 for more information.

Pasadena Community Health Center

Pasadena Community Health Center offers primary care, dental and counseling services to the community of Pasadena. For appointments or more information call them today at 713.554.1091.

Spring Branch Community Health Center

Spring Branch Community Health Centers offer primary care, dental, pediatric, behavioral health, well women’s services and prenatal care. For more information contact them at 713.462.6565.

St. Hope Foundation

St. Hope Foundation offers services related to primary care, women’s health, HIV services, chronic disease management as well as substance abuse services. Contact them at 713.778.1300 for more information.

Vecino Health Centers

Vecino Health Centers offers primary care, pediatric, dental and behavioral health services. To learn more about these services or schedule an appointment call them at 713.674.3326.


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