California Extra Food Stamps November 2022 (EBT Deposit Dates Included)

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Are We Getting Extra Food Stamps In California In November 2022?

In this community resource guide, you’ll learn about the additional food stamp benefits available to California Calfresh beneficiaries in November 2022.

This program puts more money in Calfresh recipients’ pockets to help with the cost of food. This a separate food stamp deposit that is in addition to your regular food stamp benefits.

If you are a CalFresh beneficiary, you should qualify for extra food stamp benefits in November 2022. Continue reading to learn more about the EBT deposit date for the California extra SNAP benefits this month.

What Are Extra Food Stamps? (Emergency Allotment)

Extra food stamps are additional SNAP benefit deposits that you receive in addition to your regular food stamp benefits. The official name for extra food stamps is called emergency allotment benefits.

This program was created to help families during the pandemic who struggle with food insecurity.

Remember the extra food stamps are an additional payment that you receive outside of your regular food stamp benefits. You will receive your extra SNAP benefits for November 2022 on a different date than your regular food stamps.

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Are We Getting Extra Food Stamps In California This Month (November 2022)?

The state of California will offer extra SNAP benefits again in November 2022. This means that you may receive the same amount of emergency allotment payments as you received in October. Approximately 2,810,631 food stamp recipients will receive extra Calfresh benefits in November 2022.

When Extra Food Stamps Will Be Uploaded To California EBT Cards?

You can expect to receive your extra food stamps on December 17th. Residents in California who receive Calfresh benefits should check their EBT account around this date to ensure that they receive their emergency allotment benefits. If you do not get your benefits, contact your local food stamp office or visit the California Department of Social Services website

Can I Still Sign Up For Extra Food Stamps?

Yes, you can still sign up for extra food stamps.

To receive the emergency allotment benefits you simply need to qualify for food stamps in California. As long as you meet eligibility requirements you will also receive the extra food stamp benefits.

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If you are a California resident who does not have Calfresh benefits you can apply by visiting the California Department of Social Services.

The only catch is you may receive your emergency allotment benefits a month later than Calfresh recipients who are currently enrolled in the program. Typically it takes states one month longer to issue extra food stamp benefits to newly enrolled SNAP beneficiaries.

To apply for food stamps in California simply visit the state social services website.


The extra food stamp program will be extended in California for the month of November 2022. You can expect to have your emergency allotment benefits to be deposited in your Calfresh account on December 17th.

For more information, regarding the deposit schedules or Calfresh eligibility, you can visit the California Department of Social Services website.

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