How To Increase Your Salary As A Case Manager By Learning These Tech Skills

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How To Increase Your Salary As A Case Manager By Learning These Tech Skills

Case managers’ duties are often time-consuming. Their responsibilities can vary depending on the industry in which they work. A case manager working for a health insurance company will provide different services than a case manager working for a health care company. However, certain things about management can remain the same across all roles. 

Many tech tools can make management roles much more comfortable. And since the demand for tech skills is increasing day by day, getting skilled will allow you to become more valuable. Hence, if you seek to increase your salary as a case manager, you should consider learning these tech skills. 

SQL: A Tool To Turn You Into The Office Expert On Your Client Database 

SQL is the best tool to create and maintain extensive databases. During the workday, case managers can deal with a lot of patients. Depending on their requirements, they can do several tasks to provide the best results and meet patients’ needs. 

A hospital case manager, for example, has to make sure that every patient is receiving care in the correct setting. Also, they have to predict patients’ continuing medical needs and create a plan to meet those needs. Given that, they need to gather a lot of data and even combine information from multiple sources. So, if you’re looking to do your job more efficiently, you should learn SQL skills. 

At Thinkful, students can get equipped with SQL skills by learning from experts in the field. In that case, they can learn the best practices to provide greater results. Thinkful is among the best vocational schools in the US. So, no matter if you seek to upgrade your skills or make a career change, enrolling in their coding bootcamp is the best decision you can make. 

Nowadays, a case manager can earn, on average, $36,016 per year in the US. Learning SQL will allow you to get twice that salary as companies like CVS are offering $65,989 per year to employees trained in SQL. 

AWS: An Important Skill To Avoid HIPPA Law Violations

Cloud computing is becoming more popular day after day, and more companies are moving to the cloud. Getting equipped with AWS skills will allow you to provide data security and accessibility. In 2020, data accessibility plays an essential role because, during Covid-19, most employees have been forced to work from home. Learning AWS will also enable you to meet patients’ needs from any place and will keep their medical information safe.

Hospital case managers are also responsible for ensuring that the insurance company gets all the information required for payment approvals. Accessing patients’ data from anywhere will enable you to give insurance companies what they need at any time. As a result, insurance claim denials will be reduced.

Coding Dojo is one of the best alternatives to learn AWS. The company offers a fantastic online coding bootcamp that allows students to get skilled in as little as 20 hours per week. At Coding Dojo, students become self-sufficient developers and get equipped with core computer science knowledge. Thus, building and maintaining complex apps is no challenge. 

Today, UnitedHealth Group offers excellent salaries to workers with AWS in their toolbox. According to Glassdoor, a cloud support engineer earns, on average, $88,413 per year. So, undoubtedly learning AWS will help you get that salary raise you have always wanted. 

Machine Learning: Tech Skills Needed To Get More Accomplished In Less Time

Machine learning plays an essential role in automation these days. Many companies are taking advantage of machine learning and AI to enhance their processes and make better decisions. Getting equipped with machine learning skills will allow you to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks. Automating tasks like making calls, sending emails, or filling forms will make your work life much more comfortable.

On the other hand, creating machine learning solutions can help you create better plans to meet patients’ after-hospital needs. Based on collected data and by analyzing patterns, machine learning will allow you to provide the best results. In other words, organizing complex care needs won’t be a struggle. To get skilled, you should enroll in Flatiron School’s coding bootcamp. At Flatiron School, students learn not only how to gather data and create machine learning solutions but also how to apply statistical analysis to develop better insights.


Case managers are indispensable for the operations of health care companies. However, not learning new skills may take you out of the competition. If you seek to stay in the game, don’t hesitate to get equipped with these skills. They will help you to get a salary raise and be ready for future challenges. Also, as you will be able to become a remote worker, improving your well-being and spending time with your loved ones will no longer be a barrier.

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