How Coding Can Help Prepare Kids for Jobs in Oil and Gas, Health Care, and Engineering

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How Coding Can Help Prepare Kids for Jobs in Oil and Gas, Health Care, and Engineering

Unlike before, technology has soaked all parts of human life. Technological advancements have led to the creation of new industries and improved the efficiency of already existing professions. Manufacturing industries are increasingly becoming automated, tech innovations in health are saving lives, and more people are working from home, thanks to remote work.

Regardless of your industry of interest, it is worth noting that coding skills are in high demand. Currently, engineers attached to manufacturing plants should know one or two coding languages. Medics, engineers, and other professionals spend a lot of time in front of computers. Introducing kids to coding is the best way to prepare them for future jobs.

Below is how coding can prepare kids to take up jobs in oil and gas, health care, and engineering.

1.) It Helps Kids Think Systematically

Aspiring engineers, medical practitioners, and anyone who wants to get into the science field should start thinking systematically. Understanding the basics of programming helps kids think systematically like programmers. As mentioned, apart from hands-on work, engineers and medics spend part of their time in front of computers.

Therefore, learning a few coding languages come in handy for kids looking to kick start their careers. For instance, industrial engineers who understand the fundamentals of coding can integrate various software and smart technologies used at work easily.

2.) Strengthens Problem-solving Skills

Learning to code teaches kids to think like programmers. Thinking like a programmer significantly improves kids’ problem-solving skills. Acquiring this skill is beneficial for aspiring medics and engineers. Learning to code is presumably a trial-and-error process. Since you can’t run the codes successfully at first, you have to try several times before getting the successful codes. With time, you learn to think of better solutions ahead.

Acquiring this skill will make it easy to venture into the engineering and medical fields. However, unlike programming, engineering combines both precision and trial and error. Learning to code adds not only new skills to the kids’ resumes but also strengthens problem-solving skills.

3.) Boosts Creativity

Learning to code requires a lot of patience, which boosts the kids’ creativity skills. Handling technical jobs requires that you identify multiple solutions to problems. Coding trains kids to think of several solutions to a problem, making it easy for kids to apply these skills in medical and engineering fields.

That aside, coding is also a creative outlet. For instance, kids who love playing video games can write codes and create new games. This allows kids to exercise their creativity and improve their resumes. Even though they may be interested in engineering and medical fields, having these soft skills in their resumes will impress hiring managers.

4.) It Helps them Understand Processes Better

Engineers and medics should have an in-depth understanding of processes. This enables them to identify effective solutions when things don’t go as planned. Learning to code surely comes in handy during such times. Coding makes it easier for kids to have a close-up and better understand how various machines and equipment work.

For instance, kids who want to pursue electrical engineering can use their coding knowledge to conduct test runs. Based on these observations, they can create great programs and use algorithms to solve problems. Interestingly, electrical engineers can work in tech giant companies like Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

How to Get Kids Started in Coding

Even though coding is perceivably difficult, you can introduce programming to kids with ease through the following ways;

1.) Online Learning

Advancing technology has made it possible for students worldwide to learn online. Online learning resources have a fully-fledged syllabus and curriculum similar to what is taught physically in schools and colleges. Fortunately, programming is a wide community, making it easy for students to find learning tutorials, videos, and other beneficial resources.

Professional programmers share their knowledge, skills, and other techniques with aspiring students through online forums and groups. Therefore, your kids won’t get stuck or lack solutions when they can’t fix a code.

2.) Learning Through Games

Parents without prior coding knowledge can introduce programming to their kids through games such as Minecraft and Roblox. While they might sound unusual, these gamified coding programs effectively introduce kids to code. Kids aged seven years and above can understand kid-friendly coding languages like Java and Python. Most of these programs are based on simple languages.

3.) Block Coding

Block coding is a common method used to teach programming. Block coding uses programming languages, such as Scratch to install the programming mindset of most professional coders to kids. Block coding can prepare and introduce kids to coding.


Coding is important for future engineers, medics, and oil and gas technicians in many ways. Fortunately, unlike before, kids can start learning to code in many ways. It is important to understand your kids’ interests and preferred areas of specialization before introducing them to programming.

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