Delayed Settlement Check: 3 Things That Can Slow The Process Of Receiving Your Settlement Money

delayed settlement check

Delayed Settlement Check: 3 Things That Can Slow The Process Of Receiving Your Settlement Money

In this guide, I will talk to you about 3 things that can delay your settlement check. 

Settlement checks result from attorneys coming to a financial agreement instead of taking a legal case to court following an accident (whether that be at work, on the road, or elsewhere). The defendant and their insurance are responsible for getting a settlement check for the amount agreed upon to the plaintiff and their legal team. For many plaintiffs, a settlement check mends the financial damage and stressors incurred from an incident that wasn’t their fault. They rely on this check to cover medical, legal, living, and any other types of expenses acquired due to the accident. 

Victims of accidents don’t always receive their settlement checks in an ideal time frame, creating an obstacle to paying off the debts they’ve sustained from the unfortunate event. Luckily, there are ways to cover living expenses while waiting for a settlement check to prevent bankruptcy. But why all the hassle in the first place? Let’s look at the various things that are delaying your settlement check. 

1. Medical Liens Can Delay A Settlement Check

Settlement checks often go to individuals who were injured in an accident. Medical care providers who ensured medical assistance and care for those hurt individuals typically issue medical liens to guarantee they’ll receive payment for their services. 

Before you see your check, your attorney will distribute cash to cover the medical lien or your medical costs. Medical liens help keep patients accountable for the treatment they’ve received and enable medical care facilities to continue to provide care for future victims of accidents. 

2. Check Clearing Processes Could Slow The Process Of Receiving Settlement Money

Check clearing processes can take quite a bit of time but are well worth the wait. A settlement check will first go into your attorney’s trust account. It typically takes up to 10 days for a check to clear their trust account. Unless you use the same bank that harbors your attorney’s trust account, it will take a while to transfer to your bank account. 

3. Processing Paperwork Can Delay Your Settlement Check As Well

Paperwork-related obstructions are some of the most likely things that are delaying your settlement check. Documents from the defendant’s insurance company, written agreements between attorneys, settlement confirmation letters—there’s a whole slew of paperwork and people involved in the process of getting you your check. 

If one party is slow to complete their paperwork, they set the rest of the settlement process back, too. On your end, you should always promptly and thoroughly read and review your settlement forms with your attorney so you can move the forms along in the process.


You may be experiencing delayed settlement checks because of obstructions. Again, delayed settlement checks are not unusual after a personal injury or car accident lawsuit. It is just part of the process. The best thing to do when this happens is to simply relax and trust that your attorney will get everything straightened out in due time.

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