The Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

houston community resources

The Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

In this guide, I will provide you with a number of options for Houston community resources. 

Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

Below you will find listings of various Houston community resources with brief descriptions of how the guide might help you. For more information about these resources, you can simply click the title. 

Editor’s note: You can share these resources with clients or coworkers via email by copying and pasting the text. When you paste the link it will be clickable for them to follow. See video above for a tutorial. 

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How To Quickly Copy And Paste Houston Community Resources To Coworkers And Clients
Houston Coronavirus Resources 

In this section, I have listed resources to help clients deal with the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Houston Healthcare Options

These Houston healthcare options will ensure that you receive help even if you are uninsured.

Low-Cost Medical Care In Houston

In this section, you will find Houston community resources related to low-cost health insurance. Regardless of your income or a lack of insurance, you will find providers to treat you with these guides. 

  • Harris Health Gold Card Clinics – Harris Health is the indigent healthcare system in Houston. If you are uninsured or low-income these clinics offer great medical treatment options. To receive care via Harris Health you will need to apply for the “Gold Card””.
  • Harris Health Same Day Clinics– These are walk-in clinics available to anyone with a Gold Card. These clinics treat minor injuries and illnesses.  The same day clinics provide a good alternative to visiting the ER for minor medical issues. 
  • 14 Low-Cost Medical Clinics In Houston – In this guide, you will find 14 federally qualified health centers in Houston. You do not need health insurance at these clinics. 
  • Low-Cost Dentist In Houston – Here you will find a listing of dentist offices who treat the insured and uninsured. 
  • 20+ Places To Find Prescription Assistance In Houston  – If you need help paying for medications this article will show you 20 ways to find prescription assistance whether you are in here in Houston or elsewhere.

Houston Mental Health Treatment

Locate low-cost clinics that provide both counseling and psychiatry. 

Houston Community Resources For Housing 

Below you will find multiple options for Houston housing. 

  • How To Apply For Section 8– This article will provide you with a basic understanding of how Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher program works. This program offers vouchers that you can then use with landlords who accept the voucher. 
  • How To Apply For Houston Public Housing – Similar to Section 8 this is another program offered by local housing authorities.  Those who qualify for this program receive discounted housing in complexes like Cuney Homes, Clayton Court, etc. 
  • Other Housing Authorities To Consider – Due to the number of people on the Houston housing waitlist you are encouraged to consider alternatives. This guide will provide you with a number of housing authorities outside of Houston to consider if you need housing. 
  • How To Apply For New Hope Housing – If you are a single adult this could be a housing option. This program typically offers a shorter waitlist than those with the Houston or Harris County Housing Authorities. 
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston – LIHTC Apartments are similar to housing programs in the fact that you received reduced monthly rent although how you apply is different. Learn how to apply, where these apartments are located in Houston, and more in this guide. 
  • Houston Rooming Houses – These are good alternatives to shelters for anyone who has a steady income, but maybe not enough for an apartment. 
  • Houston Homeless Shelters – This is a list of Houston homeless shelters in the area. You will find shelters for men, women, families, teens, and seniors. You can also find agencies that provide supportive services for individuals who are homeless. 
  • Houston Housing Options For Felons – You will find 11 housing options to consider if you have a criminal record. 
  • 12 Ways Star of Hope Can Help You Become Self-Sufficient In 18 Months – Star of Hope Houston offers shelter and many more supportive programs. This post explains how their programs can help you toward a life of self-sufficiency.

Houston Community Resources For Food Assistance 

Find Houston community resources for food pantries, WIC, senior meals, and a free baby formula below. 

Transportation Options In Houston

Use these community resources to help you navigate the city on the cheap. 

Houston Employment Assistance 

This section will provide you with assistance on finding employment in Houston.  

Houston Childcare Options

Use the guides below to help you with childcare in Houston while you work or go to school. 

Houston Community Resources For Seniors 

In this section, you’ll find a number of Houston community resources to help senior citizens in the area. 

  • How To Get A Home Caregiver– Whether you’ve never had a caregiver (helps with cleaning bathing) or you have one but need more hours, this guide will walk you step by step through the process of accomplishing both tasks. 
  • Houston Home Health Care Providers Organized By Insurance Accepted – If you need a home health care provider (helps with medical tasks at home) this guide will provide you with a listing of agencies in Houston and the specific insurance they accept. 
  • Free Medical Equipment In Houston – This guide will help you find agencies to potentially provide free medical equipment like shower chairs, walkers, or wheelchairs.  
  • Turning Point Center – Turning Point a Spring Branch shelter for individuals 50 and older. 

Houston Community Resources For Moms…And Dads

Below is a collection of Houston community resources to help parents with formula, diapers, and more. 

Houston Rent + Utility Assistance

If you are having trouble paying the bills, these guides can help potentially find assistance with rent and utilities. 


This guide was created to primarily help Houston case managers, but teachers, church members, or regular citizens can use it also. If there are Houston community resources that you need that are not listed let us know in the comments. 

5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

  1. Aisha Chapa Reply

    Hello, my name is Aisha Chapa and I work for Spread the Vote. The reason I am reaching out to you is to possibly discuss a partnership in Houston. There is a huge need for ID recovery and ID assistance as you maybe already be experiencing these requests. Our ability to help afford the ID cost and birth certificate cost can help when there is a partner in the City of Houston to work with. If you can reach back out to me to discuss more about Spread the Vote and potentially working together, it would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you


    I am a Volunteer here at NAMI Greater Houston (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in our S.E.A. (Support-Education-Advocacy) Center. We are contacting you today in order to stay up to date with community resource listings. We also wanted to let you know that we continue to be a free resource in the Greater Houston Area for those with a mental health diagnosis and their families and loved ones.
    Our Warm Line (713-970-4483) Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm offers supportive trained Peer Volunteers waiting to listen and to assist. We also can share our large and up to date Community Resource Database.
    You can also request assistance from our web page:​
    NAMI Greater Houston continues to offer free ongoing Mental Health Support Groups for Peers along with Family and Loved Ones: and Mental Health Education Classes:
    Please let us know how we might be of any assistance in these very challenging times!
    Be Safe & Well,
    NAMI Greater Houston
    SEA Center

  3. Patrick Kendrick Reply

    I was wondering if there was a main line that someone could call and connect with someone who could find out about all of the different rooming homes instead of just calling each one individually. I didn’t know if that option was available.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Patrick, try the website Houston Rooming Houses. They are a private business that owns about 10 different rooming houses in north and east Houston. The number listed on their contact page is 832.883.0558, so maybe they can let you know about availability.

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