The Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

houston community resources

Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

Below you will find listings of various Houston community resources with brief descriptions of how the guide might help you. For more information about these resources, you can simply click the title. 

Editor’s note: You can share these resources with clients or coworkers via email by copying and pasting the text. When you paste the link it will be clickable for them to follow. See video above for a tutorial. 


Helpful Numbers 

You will find telephone numbers to helpful community resources and government agencies in this section. 

Agency Services  Phone Numbers
Harris Health System  Harris Health offers medical care to uninsured, undocumented, and indigent individuals in Harris County. They provide health care services via clinics, same-day clinics, dialysis for the uninsured, and hospitals like Ben Taub.  
  • Customer Services  – 713.634.100
  • Eligibility – 713.566.6509
  • Ben Taub Hospital – 713.873.2000
  • LBJ Hospital – 713.566.5000
  • Appointment Line – 713.526.4243
  • Ask My Nurse (24-hour nurse line) – 713.634.1110
Memorial Herman Nurse Healthline  You can call this free telephone number to speak to a nurse. This number is available 24 hours a day. If you or a client are on the fence about visiting the hospital, this number can help you to make the right decision.  
  • 713.338.7979
  • 855.577.7979
Harris Center (formerly MHMRA Harris)  This is the mental health authority in Houston, Texas. Harris Center offers mental health treatment and help with developmental delays to low-income, uninsured, homeless, and insured individuals. Treatments include outpatient treatment, psychiatric hospitals, mobile crisis outreach teams, and more. 

In addition to treating mental health disorders, Harris Center also treats adults and children with developmental delays, autism, Asperger’s, mental retardation (now referred to as IDD), and more. You can also contact Harris Center to get your child on a Medicaid waiver list. 

  • Main Number – 713.970.7000
  • 24-Hour Crisis Line – 713.970.7000 press option 1
  • Ben Taub Neuro Psychiatric Center – 713.970.7070
United Way 211 Helpline  The United Way 211 helpline is a telephone number that you can call to learn about community resources in the Houston area.

The United Way also offers an online tool called Resource Finder that can help you find various services in your area. 

  • 211
  • 877.541.7905
Houston Food Bank  The Houston Food Bank is a great resource for those in need of food assistance.  They offer a helpline to assist you in locating food banks near you. They offer emergency grocery boxes for seniors in Houston. If you need help applying for food stamps in Houston, the Houston Food Bank can help Food Assistance Line – 832.369.9390

General Inquiries – 713.223.3700

Texas Health and Human Services  This state human services agency manages the SNAP (food stamp), Medicaid, CHIP Program, and more. You can call them or visit the Your Texas Benefits website to apply for benefits.  Main Number – 877.541.7905

Lonestar Helpline – 800.777.7393

Texas Medicaid Number – 800.252.8263


Houston Non-Emergency Number  The Houston non-emergency number can be used to report water leaks, complain on neighbors, or file police reports. 
  • 713.884.3131
  • 311

Houston Healthcare Options

These Houston healthcare options are available to you if you are uninsured and need medical care. Below you will find resources related to Medicaid, CHIP, homeless healthcare services, and medical care for undocumented immigrants in Houston. 

How To Apply For Medicare In Houston There are 3 ways to apply for Medicare in Houston; online, by phone, a Social Security office. This guide will provide you with instructions on each. 
Medicaid Offices In Houston  Find Medicaid offices in Houston to help you apply for Medicaid health insurance. 
Download Your Medicaid Application Instantly download your Medicaid application, see a list of additional documents that need to be submitted, and find Medicaid offices to help you apply. 


Low-Cost Medical Care In Houston

In this section, you will find Houston community resources related to low-cost health insurance. Regardless of your income or lack of insurance, you will find providers to treat you with these guides. 

  • Harris Health Gold Card Clinics – Harris Health is the indigent healthcare system in Houston. If you are uninsured or low-income these clinics offer great medical treatment options. To receive care via Harris Health you will need to apply for the “Gold Card”.
  • Harris Health Same Day Clinics– These are walk-in clinics available to anyone with a Gold Card. These clinics treat minor injuries and illnesses.  The same-day clinics provide a good alternative to visiting the ER for minor medical issues. 
  • 14 Low-Cost Medical Clinics In Houston – In this guide, you will find 14 federally qualified health centers in Houston. You do not need health insurance at these clinics. 
  • Low-Cost Dentist In Houston – Here you will find a listing of dentist offices that treat the insured and uninsured. 
  • 20+ Places To Find Prescription Assistance In Houston  – If you need help paying for medications this article will show you 20 ways to find prescription assistance whether you are in here in Houston or elsewhere.
  • How To Save Money On Medications With Prescriptions Assistance Programs – There are government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, and non-profits that offer help paying for prescription medications. In this guide, you will find a listing of those PAPs and instructions on how to apply for help. 

Houston Mental Health Treatment

Locate low-cost clinics that provide both counseling and psychiatry. 

Houston Community Resources For Housing 

Below you will find multiple options for Houston housing. 

  • How To Apply For Section 8– This article will provide you with a basic understanding of how Section 8 or the Housing Choice Voucher program works. This program offers vouchers that you can then use with landlords who accept the voucher. 
  • How To Apply For Houston Public Housing – Similar to Section 8 this is another program offered by local housing authorities.  Those who qualify for this program receive discounted housing in complexes like Cuney Homes, Clayton Court, etc. 
  • Other Housing Authorities To Consider – Due to the number of people on the Houston housing waitlist you are encouraged to consider alternatives. This guide will provide you with a number of housing authorities outside of Houston to consider if you need housing. 
  • How To Apply For New Hope Housing – If you are a single adult this could be a housing option. This program typically offers a shorter waitlist than those with the Houston or Harris County Housing Authorities. 
  • Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Apartments In Houston – LIHTC Apartments are similar to housing programs in the fact that you received reduced monthly rent although how you apply is different. Learn how to apply, where these apartments are located in Houston, and more in this guide. 
  • Houston Rooming Houses – These are good alternatives to shelters for anyone who has a steady income, but maybe not enough for an apartment. 
  • Houston Homeless Shelters – This is a list of Houston homeless shelters in the area. You will find shelters for men, women, families, teens, and seniors. You can also find agencies that provide supportive services for individuals who are homeless. 
  • Houston Housing Options For Felons – You will find 11 housing options to consider if you have a criminal record. 
  • 12 Ways Star of Hope Can Help You Become Self-Sufficient In 18 Months – Star of Hope Houston offers shelter and many more supportive programs. This post explains how their programs can help you toward a life of self-sufficiency.

Houston Community Resources For Food Assistance 

Find Houston community resources for food pantries, WIC, senior meals, and a free baby formula below. 

Transportation Options In Houston

Use these community resources to help you navigate the city on the cheap. 

Houston Employment Assistance 

This section will provide you with assistance on finding employment in Houston.  

Houston Childcare Options

Use the guides below to help you with childcare in Houston while you work or go to school. 

Houston Community Resources For Seniors 

In this section, you’ll find a number of Houston community resources to help senior citizens in the area. 

  • How To Get A Home Caregiver– Whether you’ve never had a caregiver (helps with cleaning and bathing) or you have one but need more hours, this guide will walk you step by step through the process of accomplishing both tasks. 
  • Houston Home Health Care Providers Organized By Insurance Accepted – If you need a home health care provider (helps with medical tasks at home) this guide will provide you with a listing of agencies in Houston and the specific insurance they accept. 
  • Free Medical Equipment In Houston – This guide will help you find agencies to potentially provide free medical equipment like shower chairs, walkers, or wheelchairs.  
  • Turning Point Center – Turning Point is a Spring Branch shelter for individuals 50 and older. 

Houston Community Resources For Moms…And Dads

Below is a collection of Houston community resources to help parents with formula, diapers, and more. 

Houston Rent + Utility Assistance

If you are having trouble paying the bills, these guides can help potentially find assistance with rent and utilities. 


This guide was created to primarily help Houston case managers, but teachers, church members, or regular citizens can use it also. If there are Houston community resources that you need that are not listed let us know in the comments. 

27 thoughts on “The Ultimate Guide To Houston Community Resources

  1. Aisha Chapa Reply

    Hello, my name is Aisha Chapa and I work for Spread the Vote. The reason I am reaching out to you is to possibly discuss a partnership in Houston. There is a huge need for ID recovery and ID assistance as you maybe already be experiencing these requests. Our ability to help afford the ID cost and birth certificate cost can help when there is a partner in the City of Houston to work with. If you can reach back out to me to discuss more about Spread the Vote and potentially working together, it would greatly be appreciated.

    Thank you


    I am a Volunteer here at NAMI Greater Houston (National Alliance on Mental Illness) in our S.E.A. (Support-Education-Advocacy) Center. We are contacting you today in order to stay up to date with community resource listings. We also wanted to let you know that we continue to be a free resource in the Greater Houston Area for those with a mental health diagnosis and their families and loved ones.
    Our Warm Line (713-970-4483) Monday – Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm offers supportive trained Peer Volunteers waiting to listen and to assist. We also can share our large and up to date Community Resource Database.
    You can also request assistance from our web page:​
    NAMI Greater Houston continues to offer free ongoing Mental Health Support Groups for Peers along with Family and Loved Ones: and Mental Health Education Classes:
    Please let us know how we might be of any assistance in these very challenging times!
    Be Safe & Well,
    NAMI Greater Houston
    SEA Center

    • Remy Sirls Reply

      Let’s connect! At United Way of Greater Houston, the 211 Texas Helpline is here to ensure that all resources are vetted, linked, and added to our resource database. Please connect with one of our team members by calling 713-957-HELP

  3. Patrick Kendrick Reply

    I was wondering if there was a main line that someone could call and connect with someone who could find out about all of the different rooming homes instead of just calling each one individually. I didn’t know if that option was available.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Patrick, try the website Houston Rooming Houses. They are a private business that owns about 10 different rooming houses in north and east Houston. The number listed on their contact page is 832.883.0558, so maybe they can let you know about availability.

  4. earnestine semien Reply

    im a senior citizen who need help with my beneft renewal for food stamps but are unable some one to help

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      I would definitely call the Texas food stamp program (877.541.7905), especially if your benefits are about to expire. Speak to someone and let them know you need more time.

      Agencies in Houston that may be able to help you complete a food stamp application include:

      * Lone Star Legal Aid – 800.733.8394
      * Houston Food Bank – 832.369.9390

      If they cannot help, you should know that they have created a “simplified” Texas food stamp application for seniors. It was created because of the problems the previous food stamp application caused for seniors.

      You can download the senior citizen Texas food stamp application here.

  5. Jennifer Finley Reply

    good morning. i am searching for beds for a client. Please assist.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Jennifer, below is a link to nonprofits that offer free furniture in Houston.

      Houston Children’s Charity offers free beds for children through a program called the Better Nights Sleep Program. If you are looking for a bed for an adult the Houston Furniture Bank or Nextdoor App might be good places to search for a free bed.

  6. Debra Longoria Reply

    Hi there… I am a case manager to Texas Dept of Criminal Justice. I need assistance on where I can send my clients to get a voucher or a “free” copy of their birth certificate. I can give them the application for the original however, it cost money and that majority of my clients don’t have. All of my clients also have been diagnosed with mental health. Thanks a bunch!

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Debra! In Houston Operation ID offers help obtaining a birth certificate, but you need to get a referral from another agency to pay for it. Contact Operation ID for your clients in Houston. Regarding other cities in Texas I would consider contacting homeless shelters in Dallas, Austin, etc to ask where homeless individuals get assistance with free birth certificates in Texas. Let me know your specific city and I will try to find who helps there.

  7. RaNelle Sutton Reply

    Hello! This is truly such an incredible site. Thank you so much for doing this! Houston is so lucky to have you!

    I was unable to find any info regarding assistance with applying (and more importantly being approved) for SSI. I have a sibling who has been unsuccessful and his limitations add to his inability to navigate SSA. Can you direct me to this section of your website or provide some resources? We greatly appreciate it!

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Thank you for the kind words RaNelle, I truly appreciate that!

      Regarding Social Security this is an article that talks about the basics of applying for SSI. To apply your sibling will need to go through the Social Security Administration.

      That being said your family should contact a disability lawyer or SSI lawyer. People are often denied SSI when applying without the help of a lawyer. Most SSI lawyers dont charge you to apply for SSI. They often offer a free consultation to see if you might have a good chance of getting SSI. If they think they can get you disability benefits they’ll take on your case. SSI lawyers only get paid if you get a settlement. If they cant get you SSI, you owe them nothing.

      I dont have a list of Houston SSI lawyers but you can either do a quick Google search or go to yelp to see the reviews of disability lawyers.

      Hopefully, that helps your family member. Let me know if you need more info.

  8. RaNelle Sutton Reply

    Thank you, Nick!
    I was hoping you had info on SSI organizations, individuals, or lawyers to pass along to him but I can imagine that this kinda of list is ever changing. I appreciate you getting back with me and I will do some internet searching.

    Keep up the great work, RaNelle

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      As far as help paying for the cost of a towed vehicle I don’t know of any programs that offer that type of assistance. If you simply need to find a towed vehicle in Houston you can check out the city of Houston auto impound website and that can help you locate a vehicle. Again I don’t know of any nonprofits that will help with the cost of getting a vehicle out of a Houston impound.

  9. Crystal Reply


    I work for non-profit located in CA who help visually impaired individuals. Is there any services in Houston that we can refer our student to? She is located in Harris County. The services would be for a low vision evaluation and orientation and mobility training.


  10. Andrea Reply

    Hi! I am new to this resource and it has already blessed me with a wealth of information for my clients, thank you. I am looking for free/low cost GED programs in Houston (specifically Southwest side if possible). Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks!

  11. Marissa Guillory Reply

    Hi, Can you direct me toward permanent housing options for people with schizophrenia that need
    help with daily living ?

    Thank you,

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      First off I’ll say is the client with MHMRA Harris also known as Harris Center? They having housing programs and partners who can offer the supports needed for someone with a diagnosis like schizophrenia.

      If not no worries. This like explains how to get someone connected to permanent housing in Houston. Essentially there are 3 tiers with the last one helping individuals with chronic homelessness or mental health issues. If someone qualifies for that tier they can potentially get long term permanent housing in Houston. It essentially starts w you or the client completing that permanent housing application. It’ll likely be sent to Coalition of the Homeless (or a partner). They play a big role in helping to sort out who qualifies for specific tiers in permanent supportive housing.

      There is also another program called Rapid Rehousing. It’s essentially long term permanent housing, just a different name. Many shelters and places like MHMRA Harris have direct connections to permanent housing programs. If someone were to simply apply at the Housing Authority, they would not be as high of a priority as someone be referred from MHMRA Harris or a shelter. I say that to say if the individual has any history or case managers with shelters try to talk to them about any connections they have to Rapid Rehousing or permanent support housing.

      Let me know if you need more info, happy to help!


  12. Violetta Reply

    Hello! First off I wanted to thank you for the amazing information you’ve provided. A lot of it is going to be a huge help. Now, any suggestions on what my husband and I can do about the following: being illegally evicted from apartment in 2021, (after they were paid by rental assistance up to the end of Jan 2022 utilities included) .
    We found a wonderful complex to move to in 2022. They told us they no longer wanted to continue to have us very quiet, keep to ourselves helpful to the point of picking up dog mess and trash everywhere now and then, tenants. We have untl June 1st to find somewhere else. We’ve been declined for a few places not realizing eviction was on there. I’m terrified of being without a home again (have been too many times).
    We haven’t been to court to to fight the eviction (lack of funds). We’re both Disabled and just recently obtained a vehicle after not having one since August last year. Analyzing you can throw my way to f8nd safe secure home, legal representation and maybe what to ay to get reasonable accommodations or something like that.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Violetta hope all is well with you and your husband all things considered. Here are a few things to consider:

      1. If you haven’t maybe try contacting the apartment complex that put the eviction on your record. Ask them if there is anyway to have it removed? Whether it’s paying what is owed or getting on a payment plan. Having an eviction within the past 2 years wont make it impossible to rent a place, but it will limit your options. I’d say first try understanding exactly why they put the eviction on your record and ask them if there is anything you can do to remove it.
      2. If they are not willing to work with you, maybe consider one of the pro bono legal aid agencies in Houston to contact and see what your options might be. You can even find a legal assisance agency and contact them before you reachout to your old apartment complext to get talking points on things you can do or say. One specific legal aid agency that helps by offering advice is Lone Star Legal Aid and Houston Volunteeer Lawyers.
      3. Houston Apartment Association is an agency that can also advise you on tenant rights. They may also be able to give you talking points to use when dealing with your old landord.
      4. Housing Corp is a network of apartment complexes in Houston for individuals with special needs, so they may be able to work with you even if you cannot get the eviction removed.
      5. I know apartment complexes are getting stricter regarding 2nd chance leasing. Many apartments are not willing to accept new tenants with an eviction or broken lease withing the past 2 years, but its still worth contacting second chance apartment locators in Houston to see if they can help. You will find a listing of second chance apartment locators here that may be able to provide you with options regarding landlords who will rent to you. Done Deal Cosign is an apartment locator that helps in situations like this.
      6. Lastly, consider searching Craigslist for an apartment. Apartment complexes that are managed by large companies will have hard rules about evictions and broken leases that the property managers cannot break. For this reason consider searching Craigslist or websites like Hotpads for individual landlords who won’t have as much red take as the corporations who own larger apartment complexes. Money talks so if you can offer more money on a deposit, the more willing the landlord will be to work w you and overlook any issues on your rental history.

      Its a lot but if you have questions please let me know I’m happy to help!


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