How To Find A Houston Medical Supply Store Near Me 

houston medical supply store near me

How To Find A Houston Medical Supply Store Near Me 

In this community resource guide, you will find a Houston medical supply store near you.

A medical supply store can be a great resource for medical equipment, supplies, and information. They can also provide products and services related to home health care, wound care, diabetes management, ostomy care, and more.

Whether you have health insurance to pay for medical equipment or you are uninsured and need free durable medical equipment in Houston, you will find both options in this resource guide.

There is a lot to discuss, so let’s dive in!

How To Find A Houston Medical Supply Near Me

To find a medical equipment store in Houston, you can use the table below. Simply type your zip code and you will see a listing of Houston medical supply stores in your area.

Editor’s Note: A table with a listing of medical supply stores in Houston will be uploaded here around 8 pm on March 9th. 

Before purchasing medical equipment from any of these suppliers be sure to do things like visiting their website, call them and ask your health insurance plan if they will pay for DME from these stores.

It is critically important that you speak to your insurance plan to get their approval before buying medical equipment from a DME company. Otherwise, you could be charged 100% of the cost!

Does Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of Medical Equipment?

Yes, health insurance typically covers the cost of medical equipment if it is approved by both your insurance and your doctor.

Even if your insurance does not cover the cost of medical equipment most medical supply stores offer financing options, so be sure to ask about those before making a purchase.

Again before buying any DME equipment be sure to talk to both your health insurance company and your doctor to better understand what charges you will and will not be responsible for.

DME Items You Can Find At Houston Medical Equipment Stores

Houston is home to many medical equipment stores. These stores carry a wide variety of medical supplies and equipment, from wheelchairs and hospital beds to braces and crutches. If you’re looking for a specific medical supply or piece of equipment, your best bet is to call ahead and ask if they carry it. Otherwise, here are some common items you can find at Houston medical equipment stores:

  • Wheelchairs
  • Hospital beds
  • Braces
  • Crutch
  • Ostomy supplies
  • Incontinence supplies
  • Wound care supplies
  • Diabetes supplies
  • Nebulizers

If you cannot find a Houston DME store using the table above, also consider asking your doctor for recommendations on medical equipment suppliers in Harris County.

Using Yelp To Find A Medical Supply Store In Houston

Another way to find a medical supply store near you is to use the website Yelp.

medical supply store Houston
When you visit the Yelp website you can search for medical supply stores by list or map. You will even see the ratings of various Houston medical supply stores.

On the website, you can search for “medical supply store” and it will bring up a list of stores in the Houston area. You can then read reviews of the stores to see what others have said about their experience. This can be helpful in finding a store that is reputable and has good customer service.

Yelp is a great resource when you are looking for businesses in your area because you can read reviews from other people who have used the business before. This way, you know what to expect before you even go into the store. When you are searching for medical supply stores on Yelp, make sure to read the reviews so that you can find a store that is right for you.

How To Find Free Medical Equipment In Houston

To get free DME equipment for seniors or those with disabilities you can visit websites like Buy Nothing, use the Nextdoor app, or contact a local nonprofit called RSVP Texas for free medical equipment in Houston.

Buy Nothing

The Buy Nothing website is a great place to find gently used medical equipment for free. They are a global community of people who give and receive stuff for free. You can search their website by location or browse the listings to find DME equipment that people in Houston are literally giving away.

Below is a listing of Buy Nothing groups in Houston. Find your neighborhood and search the posts to see if anyone is offering free medical supplies in Houston.

Nextdoor App

The Nextdoor app is a social media network for neighborhoods. It allows you to connect with your neighbors in your zip code. I’ve seen many neighbors on my Nextdoor timeline offer to give away free medical equipment like walkers, shower chairs, canes, and even wheelchairs. If you need free medical equipment in Houston, consider creating a Nextdoor app and posting the DME that you are searching for.

free furniture in houston
A couple seeking free furniture on the Nextdoor app and people responding with donations. You can do the same by making a post and asking for free medical supplies. 

RSVP Texas

Lastly, you can contact a Houston nonprofit called RSVP Texas. They offer free medical equipment to individuals who are low-income and uninsured. You can learn more by calling RSVP at or visiting their website.


To find Houston medical supply stores in your area, simply use the table above in this article or you can use a website like Yelp.

Whether you are seeking a medical supply store on 1960 or even medical supplies in Pasadena Texas you can get the DME equipment you need.

If you have health insurance be sure to talk to your health plan to see if they cover the cost of the DME equipment you want to purchase. Should you be uninsured you can find free used medical equipment on websites like Buy Nothing or the Nextdoor app.

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houston medical supply store near me

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