Where To Find A Houston Washateria To Wash Your Clothes If You Live In An Apartment

houston washaterias

Where To Find A Houston Washateria To Wash Your Clothes If You Live In An Apartment

In this community resource guide, you will find a listing of affordable washaterias in Houston.

If you live in an apartment, then you know that doing your laundry can be a hassle. Not only do you have to find time to wash your clothes, but you also have to find a place to dry them. And if you don’t have a washer and dryer in your apartment, then finding somewhere to wash your clothes can be even more difficult. Washaterias are a great option for people who need to wash their clothes but don’t have the space or money for a washer and dryer.

In this article, we will discuss where to find washaterias in Houston.

What Services Are Offered At Houston Washaterias?

You can find a washateria that offers a variety of services to meet your needs. Most Houston washaterias offer coin-operated washers and dryers, as well as detergent and fabric softener vending machines. Some also offer a drop-off laundry service. If you’re looking for a particular service, be sure to call ahead or check the website before you go.

How Much Does It Cost To Wash A Load Of Laundry?

The average cost to wash a load of laundry is between $1.50 to $4.00. The national average is about $2.00 per load.

Where Can I Find A Houston Washateria Near Me?

Washaterias are located throughout Houston. If you live at an apartment complex they likely have a washateria on site. Otherwise, to find a laundromat in Houston simply enter your zip code to find a washateria near you.

Daher Laundromat5627 Aldine Bender RdHouston77032(281) 227-6990Website
Ncredible Laundry Services3803 Synott RdHouston77082(832) 909-2590Website
Elegant Dry Cleaners5310 Kelley StHouston77026(713) 633-4655Website
Fulton Laundry2422 Fulton StHouston77009(713) 222-0899Website
Graustark Laundry4506 Graustark StHouston77006(713) 529-9028Website
Lacasita Washateria5011 Jefferson StHouston77023(713) 926-7773Website
Lavanderia Gigante5404 Harrisburg BlvdHouston77011(713) 928-6565Website
Polk Washeteria4224 Polk StHouston77023(713) 222-9505Website
Texas Dry Clean722 W 19Th StHouston77008(713) 861-6200Website
Cleaners At The Ballpark2002 Runnels StHouston77003(832) 582-8014Website
N & T Washateria8621 W Airport BlvdHouston77071(713) 779-6899Website
Today Washateria184 Uvalde RdHouston77015(281) 501-2273Website
Truxillo Washateria3007 Truxillo StHouston77004(713) 533-0355Website
Wash N Go11208 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77067(281) 272-2577Website
Wash World9514 Fulton StHouston77076(713) 691-4477Website
Wolfe Dry Cleaners227 Main StHouston77002(713) 227-6246Website
Grace Washateria9367 Richmond AveHouston77063(713) 278-1188Website
Comet Cleaners11807 Westheimer Rd Ste 500Houston77077(281) 752-9928Website
Dryclean Usa3010 Gears RdHouston77067(281) 583-1206Website
Dryclean Usa13807 Trailville DrHouston77077(281) 496-5640Website
Dryclean Usa8616 S Braeswood BlvdHouston77031(713) 270-0461Website
Dryclean Usa10359 Club Creek DrHouston77036(713) 776-1482Website
Dryclean Usa3010 Greens RdHouston77032(281) 583-1206Website
Washateria Macario Garcia803 Ssgt Macario Garcia DrHouston77011(713) 808-9480Website
Laundry World8300 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 984-8600Website
Le Bon Cleaners5821 Kirby DrHouston77005(832) 882-5362Website
Northwest Washateria1924 W 18Th StHouston77008(713) 864-0641Website
Royal Cleaners3815 Irvington BlvdHouston77009(713) 884-8737Website
West Gray Cleaners303 W Gray StHouston77019(713) 522-2850Website
West Gray Cleaners4807 San Jacinto StHouston77004(713) 527-8299Website
Aqua Clean Washateria5175 Little York RdHouston77016(713) 633-3323Website
Bouquelle Cleaners5130 Bissonnet StBellaire77401(713) 666-3450Website
Sam's Washateria800 Crosstimbers StHouston77022(713) 691-7004Website
Gorman Uniform Service9021 Katy FwyHouston77024(713) 467-5424Website
24 Hour Laundry7133 Chimney Rock RdHouston77081(713) 253-2876Website
Laundromat Houston Tx7133 Chimney Rock RdHouston77081(713) 660-9577Website
Lavar Washateria3517 Canal StHouston77003(713) 221-1888Website
Laundry Coin Equipment7011 Cockrum BlvdHouston77066(281) 440-7011Website
Q Washateria9355 Long Point Rd Ste AHouston77055(832) 767-4116Website
Skyline Equipment Inc16502 Northchase DrHouston77060(281) 445-9907Website
Sparkle Washateria10565 Hammerly BlvdHouston77043(713) 461-5072Website
Speedclean Laundry1200 Quitman StHouston77009(713) 226-8898Website
Huebsch Laundry2621 S Dairy Ashford RdHouston77082(281) 670-5901Website
Speed Queen Laundry5629 Uvalde RdHouston77049(281) 416-5450Website
Huebsch Laundry5629 Uvalde RdHouston77049(832) 243-1690Website
Speed Queen Laundry900 S Wayside DrHouston77023(832) 831-3656Website
Speed Queen Laundry6604 W Bellfort StHouston77035(832) 834-5689Website
Speed Queen Laundry12540 Hillcroft StHouston77035(346) 291-2212Website
Speed Queen Laundry3500 Little York Rd Ste B3Houston77093(832) 962-8774Website
Speed Queen Laundry3614 Spencer HwyPasadena77504(713) 380-2730Website
Ultra Lavanderia5104 Harrisburg Blvd Ste 100Houston77011(713) 923-5151Website
Ultra Washateria1900 Strawberry Rd Ste 190Pasadena77502(281) 235-2448Website
Vara Laundry10002 Eastex FwyHoustonWebsite
Washlandia Washateria7205 Hillcroft AveHouston77081(346) 332-9092Website
Acme Cleaners & Laundry521 N Cesar Chavez BlvdHouston77011(713) 923-4081Website
American Cleaner7804 Almeda RdHouston77054(713) 796-8836Website
Coinmach2102 Wardmont StHouston77093(281) 442-9411Website
D & S Coin Laundry Wash-Fold Service1613 Westheimer RdHouston77006(713) 526-8284Website
Gorman's Cleaners8901 Katy FwyHouston77024(713) 468-4333Website
E Z Wash8042 Boone RdHouston77072(281) 568-5212Website
Fiesta Laundry11022 Airline DrHouston77037(281) 617-7515Website
Gulf States Laundry Machinery Co12647 Memorial DrHouston77024(713) 984-8833Website
Korner Washateria12285 S Dairy Ashford RdHouston77099(281) 498-2970Website
Las Lavanderia6137 Telephone RdHouston77087(713) 485-6007Website
Laundromat220 E 11th StHouston77008(713) 862-8686Website
Laundromat610 W Cavalcade StHouston77009(713) 869-9903Website
Laundromat3126 AlabamaHouston77004(713) 747-2696Website
Laundromat5304 N Main StHouston77009(713) 868-5226Website
Laundromat1203 W 34th StHouston77018(713) 864-5391Website
Laundromat4618 N Shepherd DrHouston77018(713) 742-5753Website
Laundromat219 S 75th StHouston77011(713) 923-1535Website
Laundromat809 W Little York RdHouston77091(713) 742-8718Website
Laundromat6095 Glenmont DrHouston77081(713) 666-9107Website
Laundromat6436 Bellaire BlvdHouston77074(713) 271-0536Website
Laundromat13203 Aldine Westfield RdHouston77039(281) 987-8161Website
Laundromat1508 Ahrens StHouston77017(713) 645-1138Website
Laundromat9509 Scott StHouston77051(713) 731-2782Website
Laundromat5841 W Airport BlvdHouston77035(713) 726-0702Website
Laundromat14228 State Highway 249Houston77070(281) 586-0199Website
Laundromat10333 Club Creek DrHouston77036(713) 271-5100Website
Laundromat16101 S Post Oak RdHouston77053(281) 835-0654Website
Laundromat11213 Beechnut StHouston77072(281) 530-6005Website
Laundromat701 W Alabama StHouston77006(713) 526-3130Website
Laundry-4U803 Ssgt Macario Garcia DrHouston77011(713) 485-5263Website
Washateria11841 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 561-1930Website
Prime Cleaners On Shepherd Drive2620 S Shepherd DrHouston77098(713) 750-9516Website
Scott Equipment Inc5612 Mitchelldale StHouston77092(713) 686-7268Website
Twin Oaks Cleaners & Laundry2611 S Shepherd Dr Ste 190Houston77098(713) 522-8157Website
United Air Lines - Texas4509 Kelvin DrHouston77005(877) 230-4520Website
United Air Lines - Houston3600 Kirby Dr Ste DHouston77098(800) 391-5142Website
United8441 Lockheed AveHoustonWebsite
Upscale Cleaners2450 Louisiana StHouston77006(713) 997-9114Website
Upscale Cleaners2704 Polk St BHoustonWebsite
Usa Decon Crime Scene Cleaners600 Travis StHouston77002(713) 850-0555Website
Hamper - Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery1301 Fannin St Ste 2440Houston77002(281) 409-3557Website
Stanford Laundromat3313 Stanford StHouston77006(713) 522-8345
B & D Washeteria1907 Chestnut StHouston77009(713) 223-5749
Lathrop Laundromat908 Lathrop StHouston77020(713) 672-2800
Lyons Washateria3317 Lyons AveHouston77020(713) 236-8286
Lenox Grocery & Washateria204 Lenox StHouston77011(713) 928-5474
University Washateria & Cleaners2722 Napoleon StHouston77004(713) 654-0782
Julio s Dry Cleaning & Laundry4911 Harrisburg BlvdHouston77011(713) 923-9358
Simmons Laundry1103 Lathrop StHouston77020(713) 670-9400
Montrose Dry Cleaners3939 Montrose Blvd Ste RHouston77006(713) 522-0034
Las Lavanderia2206 Jensen DrHouston77026(832) 582-5370
Touch Cleaner2111 Fannin StHouston77002(713) 571-0880
Larking Washateria5426 Larkin StHouston77007(713) 861-1443
Kamille Laundromat2921 Broadway StHouston77017(713) 242-9998
At Washateria7106 Scott StHouston77021(713) 842-1001
Griggs Washateria4702 Griggs RdHouston77021(281) 845-2189
Mr Klean Washateria2007 W Alabama StHouston77098(713) 529-8871
Las Americas Washateria2216 Airline DrHouston77009(713) 863-1240
Washateria 4 You4006 Crane StHouston77026(713) 675-8486
Tesco Laundromat/ Washateria And Dry Clean & Wash And Fold6436 Bellaire BlvdHouston77074
Washteria2206 Jensen DrHouston77026(713) 236-8580
Grx Commercial Laundry803 Ssgt Macario Garcia Dr Ste AHouston77011
Heights Super Cleaners740 E 20th StHouston77008(713) 426-0977
Ruth Cleaners Service1006 Henry StHouston77009
Midtown Cleaners2313 Bagby StHouston77006(713) 874-1926
Us Washateria17559 Imperial Valley DrHouston77060(281) 876-3410
U Wash11202 Huffmeister RdHouston77065(281) 469-9274
Mr Klean Washateria2007 W Alabama St Ste AHouston77098(713) 529-8871
Sunshine Washateria428 E 20Th StHouston77008(713) 862-5089
Pickfair Landromat3934 Pickfair StHouston77026(832) 487-9539
Washateria655 Rouse StHouston77020(832) 487-9652
Henrys Laundrymat1103 Lathrop StHouston77020(713) 808-9862
U-Do Washateria7027 Lyons AveHouston77020(713) 674-6510
Speed Queen Laundry900 S Wayside Dr Ste 900Houston77023(346) 571-4954
Ost Washateria5939 Scott StHouston77021(713) 741-3607
Mi Washateria7206 Fulton StHouston77022(713) 699-0702
New Washateria1902 E Crosstimbers StHouston77093(832) 491-0707
Spin Cycle Laundry / Lavanderia54 E Crosstimbers St Ste AHouston77022(281) 545-3597
Spin Speed Laundry / Lavanderia54 E Crosstimbers StHouston77022(281) 545-3597
Lucky Spin Laundry54 E Crosstimbers StHouston77022(713) 695-3014
Ultra Lavanderia7321 Harrisburg Blvd Ste AHouston77011(713) 921-4500
Harrisburg Spin Cycle 27323 Harrisburg BlvdHouston77011(713) 921-4500
Washateria7900 Jensen DrHouston77093(713) 692-0090
Joseph Washateria219 S 75Th StHouston77011(832) 767-0788
Gallo Loco3801 Telephone RdHouston77023(713) 645-3339
Ct Washateria6199 Griggs RdHouston77023(713) 643-5181
Alba Washateria1203 W 34Th StHouston77018(713) 864-5391
Royal Washateria13643 State Highway 249Houston77086(281) 445-9778
Sun Washateria10114 Bissonnet St Ste 600Houston77036(713) 771-1901
Mjk Washateria10815 Beechnut StHouston77072(281) 561-6069
Mega Washateria Two10288 Forum West DrHouston77036(713) 497-5790
Kirkwood Washateria1900 S Kirkwood RdHouston77077(281) 531-7479
M J Express Washateria11511 Bellaire BlvdHouston77072(281) 530-8519
Mega Washateria11231 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 741-9085
Speed Clean10825 W Bellfort AveHouston77099(832) 243-5998
Universal Wash 911841 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 564-9036
Spears Washateria2843 Spears Rd Ste 130Houston77067(832) 666-2908
Decker Drive Washerteria12501 Beamer RdHouston77089(281) 424-8646
Gonzalez Washateria12501 Beamer RdHouston77089(281) 484-5074
Tabs Auto Tech12160 Bissonnet StHouston77099(281) 530-9500
Ella Center Washteria15225 Ella Blvd Ste AHouston77090(832) 666-2138
Lawashateria967 Fm 1959 RdHouston77034(281) 484-3551
Klein Laundromat13215 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77014(281) 583-9773
Cornerstone Washateria14055 Walters RdHouston77014(281) 895-8144
Sk Cleaners8245 Mills RdHouston77064(832) 688-7018
West Washateria11414 West RdHouston77065(281) 517-0559
Star T & T Washateria1859 W 43Rd StHouston77018(346) 867-2095
Courtesy Washateria4635 W 34Th StHouston77092(713) 681-4864
N & V Washateria5826 Telephone RdHouston77087(713) 643-2326
Wade's Washateria3619 Reed RdHouston77051(713) 733-6748
Washateria Colemans10317 Palestine StHouston77029(713) 674-0601
A Fresh Start Laundry Mat5206 Reed RdHouston77033(713) 492-2495
Stella Link Laundry9303 Stella Link RdHouston77025(713) 492-0630
Do Trieu Dang311 W Rittenhouse StHouston77076(713) 691-3224
One Stop Wash 22311 Little York RdHouston77093(713) 692-8226
K T Washateria3835 Mangum RdHouston77092(713) 686-5436
Astelco8703 Martin Luther King BlvdHouston77033(713) 733-0355
Number One148 E Little York RdHouston77076(713) 694-6968
Jack's Appliance Service9302 Bassoon DrHouston77025(713) 665-0049
Washateria104 E Little York RdHouston77076(713) 694-6968
Little York Washateria105 E Little York RdHouston77076(281) 506-7176
The Washateria5702 Chimney Rock RdHouston77081(713) 669-7644
Le's Laundry Parts11532 Northwest FwyHouston77092(713) 680-8861
A & M Wash Center809 W Little York RdHouston77091(713) 360-6362
Do U Washateria2118 Wardmont StHouston77093(281) 590-2232
Bonanza Washateria2000 Wirt Rd Ste FHouston77055(713) 682-2170
Houstonian Washateria7722 Bellfort StHouston77061(713) 634-0073
Soapy Suds5930 Renwick Dr Ste GHouston77081(713) 838-8929
Sun Washateria7803 Bellfort StHouston77061(832) 667-8502
Harrisburg Washateria7730 Harrisburg BlvdHouston77012(713) 924-6948
Redwood Washeteria7058 Lawndale StHouston77023(713) 928-6654
Spincycle Coin Laundry811 S 75Th StHouston77023(713) 921-1895
El Pozos Laundrymat811 S 75Th StHouston77023(713) 923-8107
Washertia811 S 75Th StHouston77023(281) 974-5358
Texas Cleaners Supply Inc5967 South Loop EHouston77033(713) 644-1663
A-1 Washateria4618 N Shepherd DrHouston77018(713) 695-9274
Broad Washateria6353 South Loop EHouston77087(713) 644-5695
Winkler Washateria144 Winkler DrHouston77087(832) 767-0538
S & S Washateria319 Tidwell RdHouston77022(832) 804-9962
Silver Star Washateria7423 Cullen BlvdHouston77051(713) 264-6000
Spin Washateria8017 Main StHouston77025(713) 669-9889
Homestead Washateria7546 Homestead RdHouston77028(713) 631-8889
Icy Inc1330 Post Oak BlvdHouston77056(713) 513-7141
Mlk Budget Washateria6914 Martin Luther King BlvdHouston77033(713) 733-5428
Spincycle Tidwell3301 Tidwell RdHouston77093(713) 697-3400
Jang Family Laundry3301 Tidwell Rd Ste CHouston77093(713) 697-3400
West Tidwell Washateria239 W Tidwell RdHouston77022(713) 694-7888
Clean Scene Cleaners1337 W 43Rd StHouston77018(713) 681-0248
Jennys Washeteria10326 Bauman RdHouston77076(713) 360-6079
Family Wash Center4737 Telephone RdHouston77087(713) 643-0138
Amigos Washateria10328 Bauman RdHouston77076(713) 694-2208
Sunny's Washeteria4105 Bellfort StHouston77051(713) 662-0636
Super Steam5085 Westheimer RdHouston77056(480) 455-8895
Tian Washteria6511 Laura Koppe RdHouston77016(713) 491-0772
North East Wash & Dry10002 Eastex FwyHouston77093(713) 695-8027
T & T Washateria6637 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 688-9888
Wash 50 Washateria8400 Bellaire BlvdHouston77036(713) 774-2999
Cleancycle Washteria10170AHouston77036(713) 266-8448
Splash & Fold Laundromat1040 West RdHouston77038(713) 474-5952
Super Spin Washeteria14688 Wallisville RdHouston77049(713) 330-7500
Alisa Washateria1106 West RdHouston77038(281) 591-0298
E-Z Washateria6002 S Gessner RdHouston77036(713) 776-2629
Eco Wash Washateria11095 Fondren RdHouston77096(713) 776-2008
T & L Washateria11715 Airline DrHouston77037(281) 445-3844
Cleancycle10170 Harwin DrHouston77036(713) 988-1727
Professional Laundry Systems5615 Breen DrHouston77086(832) 781-4944
Joy Washateria10171 Westview DrHouston77043(713) 463-5079
Family Washiteria1901 Gessner RdHouston77080(713) 722-9455
Spin Cycle8880 Bellaire BlvdHouston77036(713) 777-1115
Kwik Klean Laundry9321 S Gessner RdHouston77074(713) 270-6086
Rosslyn Washateria9909 N Houston Rosslyn RdHouston77088(713) 849-2044
Sam Washateria187 Aldine Bender RdHouston77060(281) 741-1252
Strawberry Washateria1900 Strawberry Rd Ste KPasadena77502(713) 473-5993
Wash N Cycle Washateria105 E Edgebrook Dr. Ste 108Houston77034(281) 948-7697
Hi Tech Washateria14522 S Post Oak RdHouston77045(832) 203-5554
Uptown Washateria2553 Gessner RdHouston77080(832) 831-1119
Imperial Washateria16282 Imperial Valley DrHouston77060(281) 999-2500
Royal Cleaners8530 S Braeswood Blvd Ste AHouston77071(713) 271-9394
Meadow Washateria6403 W Airport BlvdHouston77035(713) 728-5188
Laundromat8260 W Bellfort StHouston77071(713) 777-5402
Commercial Washer & Dryer Company2215 Congress StHouston77003(713) 237-1858
Continental Valet3020 Houston AveHouston77009(713) 750-9467
Terry Young Washateria3202 Hardy StHouston77009(713) 222-0710
Irvington Cavalcade Washateria4630 Irvington BlvdHouston77009(713) 692-1720
11Th Street Cleaners & Laundry220 E 11Th StHouston77008(713) 862-8686
Harrisburg Spin Cycle5104 Harrisburg BlvdHouston77011(713) 923-5151
Laundry King117 Cavalcade StHouston77009(210) 359-9274
E-Z Wash117 Cavalcade StHouston77009(713) 692-3282
Eagle Express Dry Cleaners1756 Westheimer RdHouston77098(713) 942-2327
Washateria212 W Cavalcade StHouston77009(713) 474-0504
Sams Suds Inc10176 Veterans Memorial DrHouston77038(281) 591-7718
Bellaire Washateria6822 Ranchester DrHouston77036(713) 779-3044
A R Washateria155 E Edgebrook DrHouston77034(713) 360-6982
Spin Cycle Washateria8642 S Braeswood BlvdHouston77031(713) 484-8440
Post Oak Cleaners12645 Memorial DrHouston77024(713) 722-0449
Royal Wood Washateria8110 Royalwood DrHouston77049(281) 458-6024
S F Washateria14117 Main StHouston77035(713) 728-9699
Hi-Tek Washateria3602 S Shaver StSouth Houston77587(832) 203-5554
Hermosa Laundry Center2711 Strawberry RdPasadena77502(713) 947-1252
Westbrae Washeteria10812 S Gessner RdHouston77071(713) 773-2207
Ycs Washateria4100 S Shaver StHouston77034(832) 538-0051
Club10235 Club Creek DrHouston77036(713) 272-6967
Club Creek Washateria10241 Club Creek DrHouston77036(713) 272-6967
Corner Washateria10718 Kingspoint RdHouston77075(832) 715-5478
Royal Cleaners8630 Westplace DrHouston77071(713) 271-9394
Greenway Cleaners917 Greens RdHouston77060(281) 872-7044
Wash Histeria9886 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 271-3522
Expert Cleaners416 W Greens RdHouston77067(281) 877-9115
Texas Mikha Laundromat9404 W Sam Houston Pkwy S Ste FHouston77099(346) 754-5902
1.19 Qt Cleaners7301 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 445-8810
Washateria-Bellerive7305 Bellerive DrHouston77036(832) 519-9551
Wash Maxx7305 Bellerive DrHouston77036(713) 360-6282
Richey's Washateria902 Richey StPasadena77506(713) 477-8532
Family Washateria717 Normandy St Ste EHouston77015(713) 455-2323
Ninety-Six Washateria3420 W Orem Dr Ste BHouston77045(713) 433-8618
Happy Washateria11334 Chimney Rock RdHouston77035(713) 551-9111
New Heavenly Washateria7850 Easthaven Blvd Ste AHouston77017(281) 974-4338
Laundry5516 S Willow DrHouston77035(713) 723-9873
Friendly Washateria12702 Woodforest BlvdHouston77015(832) 834-7494
Lavado 24 Hours Washateria9216 Richmond AveHouston77063(346) 444-6942
Lavanderia Gigante201 Wafer StPasadena77506(832) 649-5692
South Post Oak Washateria12950 S Post Oak RdHouston77045(713) 729-3888
Universal Auto Repair3006 Blalock RdHouston77080(713) 934-7903
Laundry Town14245 Wallisville RdHouston77049(281) 416-4983
Crystal Cleaners9530 Richmond AveHouston77063(713) 784-4567
Jiffy Washateria8529 C E King Pkwy Ste CHouston77044(281) 458-0755
Super Washateria8165 Antoine DrHouston77088(281) 591-6934
Ship's Laundry Of Houston13223 Whitchurch WayHouston77015(281) 452-5665
Lucky Washateria9950 Fondren RdHouston77096(713) 988-7318
Spin City Washateria9893 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 722-9442
Best Quality Wash7727 Bissonnet StHouston77074(713) 541-9370
U S Clean Team9961 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 973-1075
Inwood Cleaner8102 W Tidwell Rd Ste DHouston77040(713) 462-8619
Tam Washateria141 W Dyna DrHouston77037(281) 591-1119
St Marys Washateria2223 Shaver St Ste 106Pasadena77502(713) 477-2271
Family Lavanderian3830 S Gessner RdHouston77063(713) 785-0908
Mesa Washateria8812 Mesa DrHouston77028(713) 633-1933
Holland Washateria308 Holland AveGalena Park77547(832) 834-7236
Tidy Laundry8505 Airline DrHouston77037(713) 433-0252
St Mary's Washateria7975 Bellfort StHouston77061(713) 847-7883
Clean Scene5919 Rampart StHouston77081(713) 666-1118
Bellaire Washateria5920 Bellaire Blvd Ste AHouston77081(832) 649-5964
Texas Washateria5827 Bissonnet StBellaire77401(713) 349-0218
Roll N Roll Washeteria6375 Skyline Dr Unit AHouston77057(713) 785-0340
Gulfbank Washateria520 Gulf Bank Rd Trlr 526Houston77037(832) 693-6913
Spin Cycle3105 Hillcroft StHouston77057(832) 301-3774
Spin Cycle Washateria6202 Dashwood DrHouston77081(713) 995-7767
Family Fun Washateria6473 Hillcroft StHouston77081(713) 772-0074
Burbujas Washateria6418 Windswept LnHouston77057(713) 334-1563
Maria Washateria330 W Gulf Bank RdHouston77037(281) 931-4440
Bubbels Washateria818 Maxey RdHouston77013(832) 834-5478
Maxey Hitek Washateria644 Maxey RdHouston77013(713) 451-8700
Anna Washateria6436 Bellaire Blvd Ste BHouston77074(713) 271-0536
American Washateria11338 Homestead RdHouston77016(281) 987-1498
Polo Washateria6010 W Tidwell Rd Ste FHouston77092(713) 683-8870
The Hot Wash6305 Antoine DrHouston77091(713) 812-1300
D H Washateria9802 Airline DrHouston77037(281) 999-0805
Coin Op Washateria8261 Richmond Ave Suite LHouston77063(832) 792-7714
Texas Mikha Laundromats8788 Hammerly BlvdHouston77080(346) 571-7999
Long Point Washateria9107 Long Point RdHouston77055(713) 647-0097
Northelm Washateria720 W Mount Houston RdHouston77038(281) 847-5286
Garden City Plaza Washateria9623 W Montgomery RdHouston77088(281) 741-3486
Spin Cycle Laundromat3105 Hillcroft StHouston77057(713) 784-8618
Siddco Alliance, Inc.1466 Wilcrest Dr.Houston77042(713) 789-1490
Spincycle Coin Laundry C/O Mun Kil Yi Lucky Spin C8436 FondrenHouston77074(713) 541-5781
Jenny's Washateria10326 Bauman RdHouston77076(832) 622-1815
Wash Hysteria Washateria9886 Bissonnet StHouston77036(713) 776-9274
Edges And Machine That Will Be Washed Of The Laundry11814 BissonnetHouston77099
Kwik Klean Laundry9321 S. Gessner Dr.Houston77074(713) 270-6086
St. Mary's Washateria7975 Bellfort StreetHouston77027(713) 847-7883
Spin Cycle Lavenderia5104 Harrisburg St. Suite#100Houston77011(713) 923-5151
Texas Laundary Service11733 West Belfort StreetHouston77477

Where To Find A 24 Hour Laundromat In Houston?

If you cannot make it to the washateria during normal business hours, below you will find 24 hour laundromats in Houston Texas to wash and dry your clothes. Be sure to contact the location to verify hours of operation. 

  • Huebsch Laundry – 900 S. Wayside Dr – 832.831.3656 – Website
  • Huebsch Laundry – 2621 S. Dairy Ashford Rd – Open 24 Hours Houston Laundromat – 281.670.5901 – Website
  • Huebsch Laundry – 5629 Uvalde Rd – Open 24 Hours – 832.243.1690 – Website 
  • Senor Suds Washateria – EaDo – 811 S. 75th Street – 281.974. 5358 –  Website
  • 24 Hour Laundry –  7133 Chimney Rock Rd – Open 24 hours · (713) 253-2876 – Website 
  • 24 Hour Washateria -9216 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77063 – 346.444.6942 – Website
  • E-Z Wash –  10119 Hammerly Blvd, Houston, TX 77080 – Open 24 hours – (210) 359-9274 – Website
  • E-Z Wash – 8042 Boone Rd, Houston, TX 77072 – Website
  • Soapy Suds -Orchard Green Shopping Center, 5930 Renwick Dr g, Houston, TX 77081 –  Open 24 hours  – (713) 838-8929 – Website
  • Laundry-4U -11740 Tomball Pkwy, Houston, TX 77086 – Open 24 hours – (346) 773-4962 – Website
  • Speed Queen Laundry – 3500 Little York Rd Suite B3, Houston, TX 77093 – Houston Washateria Open 24 Hours – 832.962.8774 – Website 
  • Speed Queen Laundry – 6604 W. Bellfort St. Houston, TX – Open 24 Hours – 832.834.5689 – Website 
  • Wash And Fold – 7125 Chimney Rock Rd – Open 24 Hours – 713.819.6416 – Website 
  • Hi Tek Kuykendahl Washateria – 13075 Kuykendahl Rd – Open 24 Hours – 281.875.8630 – Website 

Again, contact these Houston washaterias to confirm that their laundromat is open 24 hours.  


To find a Houston washateria, look no further than your apartment complex or a laundromat near you. If you don’t have a washateria in your complex you can use the table located in this article. If you are wondering “where to find Houston washaterias near me” then search that table by zip code to see the closest locations.

Washaterias offer an affordable and convenient way to wash your clothes without having to worry about finding space for a washer and dryer. Be sure to check what services are offered before you go so that you can find the perfect washateria for your needs!

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