How To Eliminate The Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back In Life

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How To Eliminate The Limiting Beliefs That Are Holding You Back In Life

Limiting beliefs are thoughts that limit you from achieving your goals.

They can be limiting or false, and they often come about when you have been conditioned to believe a certain way for so long that it becomes difficult for you to think outside of the box.

Limiting beliefs are harmful because they stop us from being able to achieve our full potential in life – but what if we could eliminate them?

In this article, I will talk about how limiting beliefs affect your life, as well as some strategies on how to get rid of limiting beliefs once and for all.

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How Limiting Beliefs Affect Your Life

Negative thoughts are always going to be there, but limiting beliefs are thoughts that can stop you from achieving your goals.

They’re often created when we don’t think outside of the box and become conditioned into a way of thinking for so long it becomes difficult to break free.

The danger of thinking small-minded for a long period of time is that it becomes your default way of thinking. This can negatively impact your mental and emotional state. Later in this article, I will tell you about a simple mental exercise that therapists use to break the cycle of negative thinking.

How Can You Tell If A Limiting Belief Is False?

One way to tell if limiting beliefs are false is to challenge that belief. See what happens if you act against these limiting beliefs.

Did you fail as miserably as you imagine in your mind?

Was that task as difficult as you imagined it?

The key to challenging a limited belief in this way is to judge your performance as reasonably as possible. Not everything will go perfectly when you try something new. If it’s your first time trying a new task, consider how difficult that activity was. Did you do the best you could or were there some strengths and weaknesses?

Starting anything new is daunting, but having an optimistic outlook can help you set realistic goals that you can work towards.

How Do You Acquire A Limiting Belief?

One way people acquire limiting beliefs is by repeating negative thoughts over and over again until they believe these things themselves. This can lead to becoming depressed or anxious if you allow these limiting beliefs to rent too much space in your head.

Another way that we acquire limiting beliefs is through the negative thoughts of others. This can come from parents, a spouse, coworkers, or others who are close to us.

Unless you are a child reading this, you don’t have to stay in relationships where others minimize your accomplishments or self-worth. While you might not be able to detach yourself from that toxic individual immediately, you can take steps to replace them with people who are more positive.

Recognize Your Own Limiting Beliefs And Then Stop Them With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (or CBT) is a type of mental exercise that therapists use with their clients. The good thing is you do not need to see a therapist to try this strategy for yourself.

Below is a $150 therapy lesson in how CBT works and how you can use it to recognize limiting believes.

CBT is a strategy that teaches you to identify negative thoughts and then challenge them. The goal of this technique is to change the way your brain responds to anxiety-provoking situations or limiting beliefs, so it can help you be less afraid or anxious in those moments.

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Cognitive-behavioral therapy says that:

  • Thoughts influence feelings
  • Feeling influence behavior
  • Behavior influences thoughts
  • And the cycle starts again

To stop negative thought patterns, it is necessary to recognize them and break the cycle.

If you are able to stop a limiting belief and replace it with a more positive thought, this will lead to positive feelings, behaviors, and thoughts.

How To Eliminate A Limiting Belief?

To eliminate limiting beliefs, you need to change the way your brain responds.

This can be done by challenging limiting beliefs and actively seeking out new information that contradicts them, similar to the CBT technique we just covered.

Another way to stop limiting beliefs is to think about some of the obstacles that you have overcome in your life. If you live long enough you will certainly go through some tough times. Take pride in overcoming this setback and understand that you have a track record of getting out of tough situations.


Limiting beliefs often result in you holding yourself back. 

This lead to many wasted years doubting yourself when in reality, you were fully capable of accomplishing your goals in the first place.

Failure doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It means you’re that much closer to your goal! Let’s talk about how failure is just a part of life—everyone fails at one point or another.

We all have days when we perform poorly; the important thing is to keep trying because if you can develop a sense of resiliency, you will overcome all of your limiting beliefs.

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