How To Apply For The LITE Up Texas Utility Assistance Program

LITE Up Texas

How To Apply For The LITE Up Texas Utility Assistance Program

If you are wanting to know how to apply for the LITE Up Texas utility assistance program, you should know that this program was discontinued in 2016.

While you can no longer get utility assistance in Texas through this program, there are alternatives to LITE Up Texas that can help you to pay your light, water, or gas bill. We will discuss those financial assistance options in this resource guide.

What Is LITE Up Texas?

LITE Up Texas was a utility assistance program that provided financial assistance to low-income families and senior citizens in Texas on fixed incomes. The Public Utility Commission of Texas managed this program during its existence. This program helped with payments for light, gas, and water bills from May to September for those who qualified for the program.

Again this Texas utility assistance program is no longer in existence, but there are alternative ways like Texas LIHEAP and calling 211 Texas that you can get help with your utility bills.

How To Apply For LITE Up Texas?

You can not apply for the LITE Up Texas anymore. This program was discontinued in 2016.

LITE Up Texas Application

This program was discontinued in 2016, therefore there is no LITE Up Texas application to complete. There are however applications for other utility assistance programs that you can complete to get help paying your gas, light, or water bills in Texas.

Alternative Ways To Get Utility Assistance In Texas

LITE Up Texas is no longer an option for utility assistance in Texas, but there are other ways to get help with your gas, electric, or water bill. Here are a few of those options:


Texas LIHEAP is a federally funded program that helps low-income households (primarily senior citizens) with their energy bills. The program is administered by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA).

Those who qualify for this program can potentially receive $1600 of utility assistance throughout the course of 6 to 8 months.

To apply for this program you must find a LIHEAP partner. These are typically nonprofit organizations in your city. You can find the LIHEAP partner in your city or county by calling 866.674.6327. You can also learn about income limits to qualify for LIHEAP and see a LIHEAP application by reading our guide titled Texas LIHEAP: A Utility Assistance Program In Texas For Senior Citizens.

Call 211 Texas To Find Utility Assistance Programs

Texas 211 is a free service that helps Texas residents find local and state resources like rent and utility assistance programs.

To reach the 211 Texas helpline, simply dial 211 or 877.541.7905 on your phone. Tell the operator that you are seeking utility assistance in your area. Give them your zip code, city, or county, and they will provide you with a listing of nonprofits that offer utility assistance programs that are alternatives to LITE Up Texas.

In our guide titled How To Call 211 Texas For Utility Assistance To Help You Pay The Light Bill, you will find a step-by-step guide to help you find utility assistance online at the website.


The Lifeline program was created to assist qualified low-income residents in paying for basic telephone services. Like LITE Up Texas, Lifeline is also managed by the Public Utility Commission of Texas.

Lifeline provides a discount of up to $12.75 per month off the basic monthly telephone rate for qualifying customers. This program does not cover the cost of extra services such as caller ID or voice messaging. Customers who receive Link-Up benefits may also be eligible for a reduction in their local phone service installation costs through this program.

To qualify you will either need to be low income (see the income limits here) or receive government assistance like:

To apply for this Texas phone discount program call the Lifeline phone number at 866.454.8387. You can also visit the Public Utility Commission of Texas website for more details on the Lifeline Texas program.

Local Utility Assistance Programs

Most cities have nonprofits that offer utility assistance. The easiest way to find those programs is by calling 211 Texas. Below is a listing of utility assistance programs in specific areas of Texas. If you see your city below, follow the link to see which nonprofits offer help paying the light and gas bills.


You can no longer apply for the LITE Up Texas utility assistance program. It was discontinued in 2016. Despite this, there are alternative ways to get help with utility assistance which involve:

  • Calling 211 Texas to learn about utility assistance in your area.
  • Applying for the Texas LIHEAP program.
  • Contacting nonprofits in your city to see if they help with light, water, or gas bills.

The Public Utility Commission of Texas managed the LITE Up Texas program during its existence. You can call the PUCT at 866.454.8387, for any additional questions about LITE UP Texas or the Lifeline program.

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