How to Use Your Business Experience to Make Passive Income on YouTube

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How to Use Your Business Experience to Make Passive Income on YouTube

One of the most talked-about sources of extra cash and a way to work on one’s creative juices and hobbies is a YouTube channel. One can have a day job and still enjoy the perks of making explainer videos (e.g., an entrepreneur sharing his skill set and experience in the business industry) and other relevant content. 

With and through YouTube, so many possibilities exist – ranging from mere sharing of information to network with other people while enjoying one’s vocation and hobbies at the same time. Materials like podcasts and other published articles mention this side of YouTube, which you can explore.

5 Tips for Using Business Experience in Making Passive Income on YouTube

Below are the steps and stages that we suggest to accomplish the goal mentioned above. Remember, you get to decide on the content you’ll be making – so maximize the opportunity and talk about your job experience, including your own experiences, your brand story, any mistakes about running a business or finances, and how you turned it around, and other pertinent matters. 

1.) Know Your YouTube Basics and Secure an Account

Doing this side job requires your own YouTube business channel, of course. Set it up by visiting YouTube and creating a new medium, with the option of “Use a business or other name.”

You should also be able to add a Brand name. If you have difficulties creating a brand name, the YouTube name generator can help you.

Besides simply setting up the account, part of being on YouTube is knowing how to find and get your viewers, so it’s best to link your existing website and other social media links to your new YouTube channel. Linking helps boost your additional web presence – not to mention that you need to fill out channel and profile descriptions so that your viewers know the material you offer. 

On top of that, if you have other artistic talents hidden up your sleeve, create a customized YouTube banner so that your channel speaks volumes about the content you’ll be making while also capturing prospective subscribers’ attention. 

2.) Decide on the Type of Content You’ll Be Dishing Out

Given that you’ll be leveraging your job experience to promote your own business and other related agenda, you need to decide on the type of content you’ll be releasing. Before creating and posting your content, be ready with a list of source materials and various approaches to delivering content.

For example, if you are a businessman selling a complex product, you might want to create a tutorial video regarding its use. How-to videos are a great way to start and show your skills and expertise.

You can also inspire budding entrepreneurs by talking about the initial challenges you may have encountered. You can also share tips and tricks regarding managing a business, especially some tried and tested hacks over the years. 

Once you have a steady subscriber base, you can showcase your credibility through client reviews and other testimonials. The trick is to vary your content from one posting day or week to the next and ensure that your material is relatable to your target audience. 

3.) Learn How to Promote and Monetize Your Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a way to boost the number of subscribers and eventually earn money through your channel through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learn how SEO works and ensure that you have keyword-rich titles and descriptions.

YouTube asks you to place ‘tags’ – these are essential to make sure that the YouTube searches aligned with your business and field will include your content. Ensure that you do this well by being detailed.

Remember, the right keywords make a difference between having only less than ten views and having a million views, with YouTube the Top 2 search engine. As you increase your audience, you increase your chances of earning money and generating passive income.

4.) After Securing the Number of Subscribers Needed, Join the YouTube Partner Program

You can only start earning money on YouTube after applying to the YouTube Partner Program. Before applying, you need to have secured 4,000 public views in a year with a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

Once you have those requirements, YPPP equips you with the tools you need to monetize content, such as AdSense, and earn money through subscribers and ads. You’ll also need to provide information on how Adsense can send you earnings and your business/employee ID number and social security details. 

Keep in mind that the money you will earn depends on the engagement levels of your content. You can earn 30 cents up to $10 for every thousand views.

5.) Stay on Course

If you decide to embark on this exciting side job, you need to enjoy it while being consistent. You can also improve every month and develop other cool ideas to talk about your business experience.

The key to succeeding on YouTube is increasing your popularity, and you can only achieve that if your results and content stay relevant and your efforts are unwavering. As podcasting has grown in popularity, you might want to give it a shot. However, podcasts do not always work, and there are various reasons why you should not create a small business podcast. One of the key reasons is the amount of time it takes, as well as the lack of interest and the specific target audience. Even though you are interested in it, you should consider those things.


Being a content creator on YouTube can do you so much more than just helping you unleash creativity. With the right amount of effort, consistency, and passion for sharing what you know from your job, this is an excellent way to make passive income.

If you’re fortunate enough to attract sponsors, that’s another way to earn revenues besides the number of subscribers and the ads you run. After all, YouTube is a well-used channel for advertising.

We wish you all the best! Whether your work experience is about teaching, performing, writing, or any other field, we are sure that more than one viewer is ready to watch your content – just make sure you make it worthwhile. 

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