Project Lifesaver: GPS Bracelets For Alzheimer Patients In Harris County

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Project Lifesaver: GPS Bracelets For Alzheimer Patients In Harris County

The Harris County Project Lifesaver Program is a free initiative aimed at reducing the number of people with Alzheimer’s disease who wander away from their homes.

The program provides families in Harris County, Texas with a wearable GPS tracker that they can place on the wrist of their loved one to know about their whereabouts. This will allow Harris County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue teams to quickly locate anyone who has wandered away from home.

Keep reading to learn more about this wearable GPS tracker program in Harris County.

Who Manages The Harris County Project Lifesaver Program?

This program is managed by the Harris County Sheriff’s office. If you are interested in applying for a wearable adult GPS bracelet you will need to contact the county sheriff’s department.

Why Are GPS Tracking Bracelets For Adults Needed?

The reason GPS trackers are needed is to ensure that caretakers can closely monitor a family member’s location. Every year thousands of seniors wander away from their homes and get lost in the United States.

They often get lost because they wander off and cannot find their way back home. GPS trackers can help caretakers feel more secure while still allowing them to have freedom of movement.

What Causes Elderly Individuals To Get Lost?

An article from the website Science Daily speculates that as we age the functioning of our “grid cells” begin to decline. These are specific neurons that give you a sense of spatial orientation and help you to navigate familiar or even unfamiliar places.

What Type Of Disorders Qualify For the Arm Bracelet?

Individuals who have a diagnosis of the following disorders can potentially receive a wearable GPS tracker:

  • Autism
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Dementia Disorder
  • Intellectual Disability Disorders (IDD)
  • Traumatic Brain Injury

What Are The Qualifications For This Harris County Wearable GPS Tracker Program?

The criteria to qualify for this GPS tracking bracelet for adults are:

  1. The client must live within the unincorporated areas of Harris County
  2. There must be a qualifying diagnosis. See the list of disorders in the previous section.
  3. The client cannot be allowed to drive at any time.

If your family member meets all 3 of the criteria above, then you are encouraged to complete an online application for an adult GPS bracelet.

How To Apply For The Lifesaver Program (Free Adult GPS Bracelet Harris County)

To apply for this GPS bracelet for individuals with Autism, dementia, or IDD you will need to complete the online application on the Harris County Sheriff’s website.

An employee from the Harris County Sheriff’s office will call you after you’ve completed the application to inform you of the next steps in the process.


The Harris County Sheriff’s Office is using the Project Lifesaver Program to help identify people with Alzheimer’s disease and other conditions that wander away from their homes.

People who fit this criteria can potentially qualify for a wearable GPS tracer that can be used keep track of vulnerable family members.

To learn more about the Project Lifesaver Program, you can visit the Harris County Sheriff’s office website or call them at 713.755.6044.

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