3 Self-Care Tips To Relieve Your Arthritis Pain

relieve arthritis pain

3 Self-Care Tips To Relieve Your Arthritis Pain

Arthritis pain has a way of impacting every part of our lives, from our mobility to our ability to use our hands. Constant pain can be discouraging. But if you have arthritis, you aren’t alone. With 54 million other adults struggling with arthritis, there is a vast community of people who have learned ways to manage the condition. These are just a few self-care tips to relieve your arthritis pain.

Regular Exercise

When our joints hurt, the last thing we want to do is move around. However, exercise will help strengthen your joints, boost your energy during the day and improve your sleep at night. Additionally, it will help you shed extra weight, making walking gentler on your knees and ease inflammation. 

Try incorporating arthritis-friendly, low-impact exercises, such as:

  • Swimming 
  • Walking 
  • Cycling
  • Yoga
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Elliptical walking

Get Your Nutrients 

Because inflammation is the root of arthritis pain, choosing foods that reduce inflammations is an excellent way to relieve your arthritis pain. A few foods with anti-inflammatory benefits are:

  • Fish with omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon, tuna, and lake trout. 
  • Vitamin C–rich foods, such as fruits and vegetables
  • Food rich in antioxidants, such as blueberries 
  • Calcium-rich food, such as low-fat dairy
  • Allium foods, such as garlic and onions 
  • Iron-rich foods, such as dark green vegetables 

Vitamins and supplements may help you add these things to your diet if you aren’t getting enough. However, it’s a good idea to consult with your doctor to make sure you are adding the minerals you are deficient in and not overloading on vitamins you are getting enough of already. 

Visit the Chiropractor 

Chiropractic care works to relieve neck or back pain, so those with arthritis in their knees may not consider it as a treatment option. But a misaligned spine can add to knee pain by changing the way we walk, so a spinal readjustment can relieve undue pressure on the legs. 

Additionally, chiropractors can potentially perform an adjustment on your hips and knees. To get the most out of your chiropractic treatment, discuss your specific needs with the chiropractor to identify a treatment plan. 


Arthritis pain may be part of your daily life, but that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it. With the right steps, you can manage pain and get back to doing the things you love.

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