Sarah’s House: Pasadena TX Homeless Shelter For Women And Children

Sarahs House

Sarah’s House: Pasadena TX Homeless Shelter For Women And Children

In this guide, I will talk to you about a helpful resource for women who are seeking shelter for themselves and their children. That resource is called Sarah’s House.

If you were recently evicted, lost your job, or are fleeing domestic violence, then this is a place that may be able to help your family.

Continue reading to learn more about this Pasadena Texas homeless shelter.

What Is Sarah’s House?

Sarah’s House is a safe haven for women and children who are homeless. This women and children’s shelter is located in Pasadena Texas. The address to this shelter is 711 Perla Road, Pasadena, TX 77502. If you are familiar with Shaver Street in Pasadena, the shelter is located very close to this area. 

Services Offered At This Pasadena Texas Homeless Shelter

Sarah’s House can provide you with the following supportive services to help you and your family:

  • Shelter to women and children
  • Meals
  • Clothing
  • Provide stability, education, life skills
  • Help toward self-sufficiency
  • Assistance toward finding housing

This Pasadena homeless shelter offers services like these to help you overcome any current problems that you and your family are dealing with so that you can one day become self-sufficient.

How To Donate To Sarah’s House

To donate to this homeless shelter in Pasadena, you can visit their website to contribute time or offer financial donations.  


Sarah’s House is a women and children’s homeless shelter in Pasadena, TX that can provide you with much needed help.

The shelter provides life skills training for women who are seeking refuge from domestic violence or other troubles they may be facing.

For more information, you can visit the Sarah’s House website or call them at 713.475.1480.

Sarahs House

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