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If you need help finding health coverage I can assist you. I’m not only a licensed insurance agent, but I’ve also worked in community health for 13+ years and connected over 7,000+ clients with various supportive services like health coverage. 

Below are options for health coverage that I can help you understand if this is your best option.

If you need more information about any of the following feel free to either call me (Nick Bryant) at 281.870.3599 or schedule a time to talk more about your healthcare needs. 


Whether you have general questions or need to enroll in a specific Medicare plan I can guide you through the process. 

Here are the Medicare programs I can help you with: 

For more information regarding Medicare, you can either call me directly at 281.870.3599 or visit my Houston Medicare Help website. 

Affordable Care Act Health Insurance Plans (under 65 years old)

Medicare is for individuals 65 and older, but the Affordable Care Act Plans are best for individuals who are 65 years and under. 

These plans (also known as Obamacare or ACA Plans) are private insurance plans, that the government will give you a subsidy to help you pay the monthly premium. 

If you are uninsured, work at a job that does not offer health insurance or you recent lost your Medicaid, an Affordable Care Act health insurance plan may be a good fit. 

You can either visit Texas ACA Plans to see if you might qualify for a $0 monthly health insurance plan or call me and we can go over your options. 

Other Types of Health Coverage

Other types of coverage that I can help you to consider are Medicaid, Harris Health System’s Gold Card, and federally qualified health clinics. 


There are many different options for health coverage and I will admit it can be confusing. That being said I am willing to help you understand your best options so if you have questions, simply jump on my calendar and we can discuss your healthcare needs.

You can book your free appointment at the link below:

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