How To Apply For CareLink: Insurance For San Antonio’s Uninsured


How To Apply For CareLink: Insurance For San Antonio’s Uninsured

In this guide, I will talk with you about a San Antonio Texas health coverage plan called the CareLink Program.

This is an indigent healthcare option for any individual that is uninsured, homeless, recently laid off or just moved to the San Antonio area. 

How To Apply For CareLink: Insurance For San Antonio’s Uninsured

First, we will start out with a brief summary of what CareLink is.

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What is the CareLink Program?

CareLink is a health insurance plan that covers low-income residents in San Antonio Texas.  

This health coverage is managed by the University Health System, which provides medical care to uninsured and low-income individuals in Bexar County. 

Note: This program is similar to the Gold Card program that helps Houston’s uninsured population. 

Who is eligible for the CareLink Program?

To qualify you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Live in Bexar County
  2. Not have another form of private or public health insurance
  3. Be considered low-income

Other considerations like your total income and the number of people living in your household factor into eligibility. To learn more about who qualifies for CareLink, you can contact the University Health System at 210.358.3350

What Services Do CareLink Cover? 

The CareLinks program provides an impressive mixture of medical and social services to its clients including:

Medical Services Offered

Here is a shortlist of medical services CareLink clients have access to.  

  • Adult primary care
  • Pediatric care
  • Cancer screenings
  • Immunizations
  • OBGYN, women’s health services
  • Pharmacy services
  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • San Antonio hospitals for those with no insurance
  • Chronic conditions
  • Urgent Care in San Antonio through the University Health System’s ExpressMed clinics

Prescription Assistance

Clients can receive assistance through a prescription program called Medication Assistance Program (MAP). The way it works is any medications that are not covered by CareLink they will work with pharmaceutical companies to try obtaining the prescription at a potential discount.

Healthy Living Program

This program rewards clients with credits toward their medical bills when they participate in classes like chronic disease management, healthy eating, exercise, and weight management classes. 


Similar to the Healthy Living Program, but this one rewards clients credits for participating in fitness activities. For more information, you can call them at 210.358.7206

Blood Donor Services at University Health System

You can receive a $25 credit for each blood donation you or a family member makes in your name to the University Health System. For more information, you can call 210.358.2812 or book an appointment on their Blood Drive Locator

How CareLink Helps You with Utility Assistance In San Antonio

University Health System is partnered with CPS Energy and San Antonio Water System to help you save on utilities. Seniors with CareLink may be able to have late payments waived as well. 

Download Your CareLink Program Application 

You can download your CareLink application in English and Spanish. 

The San Antonio CareLink application requests information like demographics, family size, household income, assets, and employment verification.  Below is an example of the application.

Post picture of application

Supporting Documents Needed For CareLink Program 

You may need to include some of these documents with your application. 

2 Ways To Apply For CareLink

To apply, you must first set up an appointment. You can do so by phone or online. 

By Phone – You can call the University Health Center at 210.358.3350 to apply for CareLink by phone. 

Schedule Appointment Online – You can also schedule an appointment to apply for CareLink

University Health System Clinics In San Antonio

Below you will find a listing of the 5 CareLink clinics in Bexar County. 

  • North Office – 126 West Rector Street, 116, San Antonio, TX 78216 – 210.358.3350
  • Robert B. Green Campus – Historic Building, 903 W. Martin St, San Antonio, TX 78207 – 210.358.3400
  • University Family Health Center – Southwest – 2121 SW 36th Street, San Antonio, TX 78237 – 210.358.5100
  • University Health Center – Southeast – 1055 Ada Street, San Antonio, TX 778223  210.358.5515
  • Medical Center Pavilion – 4647 Medical Drive, San Antonio, TX 78229 – 210.358.8145

How To Renew CareLink Coverage

To renew your CareLink coverage you will have to schedule an appointment either online or by phone. 

  1. Renew your coverage online
  2. Contact 210.358.3350 to renew your coverage


CareLink is a safety net program for the indigent population of San Antonio. This includes people who are homeless, unemployed, do not qualify for Medicaid, or recently moved to Bexar County.

No matter how low your income is, San Antonio’s University Health System can help you with a whole range of medical services covered by this program.

If you have questions about CareLink coverage be sure to call University Health System at 210.358.3353. Should you need even more options for primary care see our guide titled 42 San Antonio Clinics That Treat The Uninsured

Nick Bryant is a Counselor with 11 years of experience working in community health. He enjoys concerts, walks with the doggo and wife, mocking Dallas Cowboy fans, and sharing community resources. Jump on the Houston Case Managers email list to receive weekly community resource guides delivered directly to your inbox.

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    Thank you for publishing this resource. I now live in Denver (and use a UC center that has relatively low rates, even without insurance:, but I can bet my fellow San Antonians are really feeling this pandemic. An invaluable system indeed.

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      Thank you for the kind words Tea and no problem at all. Feel free to share this information with anyone from San Antonio. Denver is such a beautiful city, I’m a huge baseball fan and Coors Field is probably my favorite ballpark!

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