How To Correct An Error On A Texas Death Certificate

correct texas death certificate

How To Correct An Error On A Texas Death Certificate

The Texas Department of State Health Services Division of Vital Records makes it possible to correct a death certificate in Texas. You can amend the record if there is an error and get a new copy for your records.

This article will explain who can request a death certificate amendment, how to file an application, and what the process entails when correcting or amending a death certificate in texas.

Texas Department of State And Health Services Vital Records

Texas Health Services Vital Records is the department that manages death certificates in Texas. You will need to request an amendment through this department to have a death certificate corrected. You can learn more about Texas Health Services Vital Records department by visiting their website or calling them at 888.963.7111.

Who Can Request A Change To A Texas Death Certificate?

You can request a change to a Texas death certificate if you are one of the following:

  • The Funeral director listed on the Texas death certificate
  • The person who provided information to the funeral director. This is also known as the informant on the death certificate.
  • Spouse of the deceased named on the death certificate
  • A parent of the deceased listed on the death certificate

Reasons You Would Need To Correct A Death Certificate

Here are common reasons why you might need to correct a death certificate.

  • Deceased names are misspelled
  • The date of birth or death is incorrect
  • Wrong place of birth
  • The funeral home listed is incorrect
  • Medical information or cause of death may be incorrect

The death certificate application will list even more reasons for needing to make a correction.

What Is The Process Of Correcting A Texas Death Certificate?

Below is a 7 step process to changing a death certificate in Texas if there is an error.

  1. You must be a person qualified to request a change on a death certificate
  2. Complete the Texas death certificate amendment form.
  3. Sign the amendment form and get it notarized.
  4. Send a photocopy of your ID with the amendment form in the mail.
  5. Pay the necessary fees. A check or money order can be made out to DSHS Vital Statistics.
  6. Offer the necessary supporting documents.
  7. Send your complete Texas death certificate amendment packet to the Texas Department of State Health Services

Download The Texas Death Certificate Amendment Form

You can use the link below to download the amendment form:

The Texas death certificate correction form will ask questions regarding your name, the deceased’s name, place of death, date of death, etc.

Supporting Documents Needed To Amend A Death Certificate In Texas

The type of change you are making on the death certificate will determine which supporting documents are needed. You can find the listing of supporting documents on the death certificate correction form or by visiting the Supporting Documentation For Changes/Corrections page on the Texas Health and Human Services website.


There are a number of reasons why you might need to request an update to a Texas death certificate. Whatever the reason is it all starts with the Texas Department of State Health Services Vital Records.

The general process of requesting a death certificate correction, involves you completing an application, provide the supporting documents, having the application notarized, and mailing the application packet back to Texas Health Services Vital Records.

To learn more about this process you can again contact Texas Health Services Vital Records at 888.963.7111 or visit their website.

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10 thoughts on “How To Correct An Error On A Texas Death Certificate

  1. Gnawnie Reply

    You might want to change the error: IF your sister who was an Ordained Woman Baptist Minister, who was chaste, a missionary and outspoken for the gospel of Jesus Christ, a bachelorette for life and well into menopause was listed as PREGNANT at the time of her death! Pneumonia, we were told it was pneumonia.

  2. Helen Mack Reply

    How do I get a death certificate amend she passed away with Covid but not on her death certificate I need help getting this done ASAP

  3. chantel marshall Reply

    Whats the process if youre not able to have it amended by the “authorized people”?
    Next of kin: unable to locate/contact
    Funeral Director: retired
    Parents: passed away
    Spouse: Is myself, but not listed so I cant fix it, even with a marriage license

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Chantel, contact Vital Statistics for that question, I’m not certain what the process would be.

      To learn more about this process you can again contact Texas Health Services Vital Records at 888.963.7111 .

  4. Andrea Reply

    Hi Nick,

    I am helping a neighbor of mine do some paperwork for VA claims and she needs to have an additional cause of death added to the death certificate. How hard would you say this process is if we have supporting documents? If we cannot get an additional cause of death added, my 83 yr old neighbor is in danger of losing her home which I am not alright with. Thank you in advance for your help!

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Andrea, good for you trying to help your neighbor out, hopefully, I can point you in the right direction.

      First I would try just reaching out to Texas Vital Statistics to ask any questions or get more details about the type of correction you are trying to make. Let them know about the supporting documents you have to see how easy the process could be. Best case scenario is they tell you to send in the documents so that they can make the chnage. I would specifically ask if you can get the change based on the documents you have. If not what documents are needed?

      If you cannot get the death certificate changed by simply reaching out, then you may want to contact a estate planning or possibly probate laywer. These types of lawyers have experience in dealing with legal issues related to the estate of the deceased, including correcting errors on a death certificate.

      I don’t know of any of these attorneys, but you can either google some in the Houston area, use Yelp (because of the revies and testimonials) or contact a pro bono legal aid clinic in Houston, to at least get guidance on they type of attorney that can help and possibly even representation on getting the Texas death certificate corrected. Lone Star Legal Aid and Houston Bar Association are good legal aid clinics to help you think through your legal options if you are on a budget.

      Many of those offices have monthly legal aid clinics in Houston where you can sit down with a lawyer and ask questions like this. Lone Star Legal Aid has one on “Legal Advanced Planning” coming up on April 6th so they may have someone there that may be able to help.

      Hope that helps, you and your neighbor I know she is grateful for your help and kindness!


      P.S. – Just realized you may not be in Houston. Those legal aid clinics I linked to are for the Houston area. If you need to find legal aid clinics in another Texas city, just let me know your location and I’ll do a quick search to find the closest legal aid nonprofits in your area.

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