Family Thrift Center: How To Get Cheap Clothing In Houston For $0.25

Houston Family Thrift Center

Family Thrift Center Houston: How To Get Dirt Cheap Clothing In Houston For $0.25

Are you looking for cheap clothing in Houston?

If so you may be surprised to know that you can find tee shirts, pants, jackets, and more as low as $0.25 at on specific Houston thrift store. That store is called Family Thrift Center.

With multiple locations in the city, this is a great opportunity to save money and find clothes that will fit your style.

In this community resource guide, I will tell you more about Family Thrift Center so that you can purchase low-cost clothing in Houston for your, your children, or others.

What Is Family Thrift Center?

Family Thrift Center is a thrift store in Houston that offers cheap clothing for a chap as $0.25 per item on certain days of the week.

This means you can find cheap second-hand clothes like pants, shirts, shoes, and other accessories at this local resource center without breaking your budget.

Family Thrift Center has multiple locations throughout the city which makes it easy to get cheap items no matter where you are located.

What Kind Of Items Does Family Thrift Sell?

The store has a large selection of low-cost women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing. If you enjoy a treasure hunt, this Houston thrift store should be on your list to visit.

In addition to finding some of the cheapest clothing in Houston, you can also find housewares, toys, games, books, furniture, and exercise equipment for discounted prices.

What Day Is The Family Thrift 25 Cent Day?

Wednesday is the $0.25 cent day at Family Thrift Center in Houston.

Everyday Family Thrift sells all of its items for the same price. Below is a schedule of the prices of each item on each day of the week.

  • Mondays – $1.00
  • Tuesdays – $0.50
  • Wednesdays – $0.25
  • Thursdays – $2.00
  • Fridays – $1.75
  • Saturdays – $1.50
  • Sundays – $1.25

As you can see, Thursdays, are the most expensive days to purchase clothing at Family Thrift at $2.00.

From there the price drops $0.25 each day until it reaches the 25 cent day on Wednesdays.

How To Save Even More On Clothing In Houston With The Family Thrift Center App

Family Thrift Center offers a Rewards Program that offers discounts to weekly shoppers when they return on Sundays.

The way it works is, you must first shop at Family Thrift between Monday and Saturday. When you make purchases on these days you accumulate points that you can use to save money on any clothing that you purchase on Sundays.

Here is the breakdown of how much you can save on Sundays at Family Thrift. Spend the amounts below Monday through Saturday to receive the discount to the right.

  • $10 to $19.99 – 10%
  • $20 to $29.99 – 20%
  • $30 to $39.99 – 30%
  • $40 to $49.99 – 40%
  • $50 or more – 50%

To learn more about how to save at this Houston thrift shop, visit the Family Thrift Rewards Program page.

What Time Does Family Thrift Open And Close?

The store hours vary each day, but generally speaking, they are open from 9 am to 9 pm on most days. On Sundays, Family Thrift typically closes early at each of their locations.

You are encouraged to visit their website to learn more about the hours of operation of the Houston Family Thrift Center located near you.

Family Thrift Centers In Houston

Below is a list of each Houston Family Thrift Center in the area. Each thrift store will have different store hours, therefore you are encouraged to use the Family Thrift telephone numbers below to confirm business hours.

  • Wayside – 610 S Wayside Dr, Houston, TX 77011, 713-926-4347
  • Fulton – 4330 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009, 713-699-4733
  • East Houston Family Thrift – 12001 East Fwy, Houston, TX 77029, , 713-450-1731
  • Pasadena Family Thrift – 112 W Southmore Ave, Pasadena, TX 77502, 713-534-8701
  • Aldine Family Thrift – 3020 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77093, 713-696-4202
  • N. Houston 249 – 13642 TX-249, Houston, TX 77086, 281-931-1139
  • Spring Branch Family Thrift – 8120 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055, 1 713-468-9447
  • Northline Family Thrift – 127 Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77076, 713-694-8928
  • Sharpstown Family Thrift – 6724 Hillcroft St, Houston, TX 77081, 713-271-2620
  • Bellaire Family Thrift – 7553 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77036, 713-774-1052
  • Tomball Family Thrift – 17270 TX-249, Houston, TX 77064, 281-664-0795


Family Thrift is a cheap thrift store, but it’s also so much more than that. Family Thrift offers discounted clothing for as low as $0.25 on Wednesdays and there are plenty of ways to save even more. If you’re looking for cheap clothes in Houston or cheap furniture nearby, consider using the map above to find a Houston Family Thrift store near you.

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  1. Kristi Fairfax Reply

    Can anyone tell me why I was charged multiple different pricing for items I purchased at the location on hwy 6 N in bear creek area? Definitely didn’t get charged what is advertised for Mondays which is a dolla$
    $5.65 jeans
    $7.65 jeans
    $2.62 shirt
    $1.91 shirt
    $4.46 dress
    $9.89 purse

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Kristi you will have to contact that location on Hwy 6. We just wrote an article explaining where people could find cheap clothing in Houston so again contact the family thrift center on Hwy 6 to see if they can resolve your issue

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