How To Find Houston Chemical Plant Jobs That Are Hiring

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How To Find Houston Chemical Plant Jobs That Are Hiring

In this guide, I will provide you with multiple chemical plant staffing agencies to help you find good-paying oil and gas jobs that are currently hiring. 

Having someone you know work on the inside is one of the quickest ways to get a chemical plant job in Houston. That being said if you do not have a father or uncle who works at Exxon or Shell, it could be more difficult. 

One alternative to a family member hooking you up with a job as a chemical operator is using oil and gas staffing agencies. These are staffing companies that specialize in chemical plant jobs and many times have an inside connection to hiring managers in the refineries and plants. 

If you are looking to land a high-paying job in the Houston chemical plants, continue reading as I will provide you with a helpful listing of staffing agencies to connect you to hiring managers in oil and gas. 

Houston Chemical Plant Staffing Agencies 

Below you will find 21 staffing agencies to help you land a high-paying job in a refinery or chemical plant. 

1. Action Personnel 

Action Personnel is the first staffing agency for chemical plants on our list. This staffing agency can help you connect to industrial jobs like electricians, helpers, groundskeepers, construction, assembly, drywall, forklift operators, inventory workers, machinist, mailroom workers, janitors, painters, pipefitters, plumbers, shipping, tradesmen helpers, and welders.

This staffing agency is located in Texas City (409.935.0111) and Galveston (409.762.0387).

For more information, you can call Action Personnel or visit their website.

2. Advantage Resourcing 

This agency can connect you to jobs in automotive, engineering, IT, manufacturing, professionals, and supply chain.

Advantage Resources is located in Pasadena, North Houston, West Houston, Conroe, and Greenspoint.

To reach them call 832.243.7100 or visit their website.

3. Certified Custom Staffing 

Certified can definitely help you land a job in the Houston chemical plants. This staffing agency can help you find employment in plant operations, refineries, technicians, and material handlers.

Certified Custom Staffing is located in Webster.

To contact Certified Staffing you can call them at 281.557.2271 or visit their website.

4. Darby Day Staffing 

This staffing agency specializes in clerical and light industrial employment, such as office and warehouse staffing, manufacturing, lumber, construction, and general labor.

Darby Day Staffing is in the Oak Forest neighborhood.

For more information, contact Darby at 281.888.2909 or visit their website.

5. Employee Staffing 

This staffing agency can help you find leads on jobs in light industrial fields, skilled crafts, engineering, and IT.

Employee Staffing is located in Deer Park.

For more information call them at 281.476.1300 or visit their website.

6. Employment Resource  (staffing for felons) 

Employment Resource is unique in they help felons find jobs in the Houston refineries and chemical plants.  They specialize in industrial staffing for oil and gas industries. Employment Resource can help you find jobs like pipe welders, pipefitters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, roughnecks, diesel mechanics, general laborers, and more.

They have one office located in SW Houston, just off Harwin Street.

For more information call them at 713.782.3799.

7. Employment Stage 

Employment Stage can connect you to maintenance and construction jobs.

Their office is located in Pearland.

To contact them you can call 713.597.7801, 713.487.7262 or visit their website.

8. Enter Staffing 

This agency can help you find employment in industrial, mechanical, and scientific jobs.

Their office is located in Clear Lake.

For more information, call Enter Staffing at 281.282.1306 or visit their website

9. Go Johnson  

Go Johnson provides is yet another excellent staffing agency for chemical plants. Their expertise is in staffing and recruiting services for refineries and chemical plants. Go Johnson schedules aptitude tests for local chemical plants and then awards those with the highest scores with interviews.

This agency is located in Baytown.

For more information call Go Johnson at 281.837.7350 or visit their website.

10. MRS Staffing 

This agency can connect you to positions like forklift operators, shop helpers, sanatation workers, shipping and receiving, packers, warehouse clerks, helpers, and CNC operators.

MRS Staffing is located in Pasadena.

For more information call this agency at 713.473.6752 or visit their website.

11. Magnum Staffing 

This agency assists its clients with connecting to industrial positions, manufacturing, assembly, distribution, warehouse, food services, packing, administration, clerical, managerial, and professional.

Magnum has offices located in SW, NW, Central, and East Houston. They also have an office in Greenspoint and Baytown.

For more information call Magnum at 713.658.0068 or visit their website.

12. Pacesetter 

This staffing agency offers assistance finding jobs in general labor, construction, hospitality, storage, demolitions, janitorial, manufacturing, packing, freight handling, landscaping, assembly, moving, and warehouse work.

Pacesetter has one location in the Gulfton neighborhood.

For more information call Pacesetter at 855.CALL.PPS or visit their website.

13. Path Finder Staffing 

If you are seeking a way into the Houston chemical plants, Path Finder Staffing is another company to consider. This agency connects its clients to oil and gas industry jobs.

Path Finder Staffing is located in the Houston Energy Corridor.

For more information, call the agency at 281.858.7325 or visit their website.

14. People Ready  

This staffing agency can help you connect with jobs in skilled trades, construction, general labor, warehouse work, distribution, and transportation.

The People Ready staffing agency has offices located in Jersey Village, East Houston, Beltway 8 South, Houston Medical Center, Spring Branch, Fairbanks 290, Texas City, and Conroe.

For more information call People Ready or visit their website.

15. ProLogistix 

This Pasadena staffing agency can connect you to jobs in receiving, warehouse work, and forklift operators.

The ProLogistix office is located in Pasadena.

For more information call them at 281.332.2177 or visit their website.

16. Reliant Nationwide Staffing 

Located in the heart of our Houston refineries is Reliant Nationwide Staffing. This Deer Park staffing agency can put you in touch with employers in oil and gas, engineering, and other industrial jobs.

Their office is located in Deer Park.

For more information, call them at 281.884.8947 or visit the Reliant Nationwide Staffing website.

17. Resource MFG 

Resource MFG was founded by a manufacturing worker who was fed up with traditional staffing agencies. His frustrations lead to this staffing agency which focuses on connecting those with skilled trades to jobs that fit them best.

RMFG can connect you to jobs in the Houston chemical plants as well as manufacturing, welding, mechanics, machinist, and oil and gas industries.

They have offices in Deer Park, SW Houston, and Willowbrook.

For more information call them at 281.930.0000, 281.970.2100,  281.240.6999 or visit their website.

18. Results Staffing 

This Houston staffing agency can connect you to jobs in construction, general labor, or skilled trades.

They have offices in Greenspoint (713.337.4008) and the Gulfton (713.333.4008)  area.

For more information, call them at or visit their website.

19. Rev 1 Staffing 

Rev 1 is another Houston staffing agency that can connect you to plant and refinery jobs here. This agency can specialize in power, technology, and oil and gas jobs.

They have one office located in West Houston.

For more information call them at 281.288.4940 or visit their website.

20. Staff Force 

This agency connects you to light industrial jobs in Texas.

Staff Force has offices in Conroe, North Houston, South Houston, Sugar Land, NW Houston, and Katy.

For more information contact Staff Force at 281.492.6044 or visit their website.

21. Talent Well 

This staffing agency can connect you to positions like crane operators, pipefitters, electricians, quality assurance, logistics, material coordination, general labor, administrative support, project managers, engineering, project control, drafters, health, environmental & safety operations, quality assurance, electrical & instrumentation and project administration.

Talent Well has one office in Clear Lake.

For more information contact 832.984.9653 or visit their website.


Knowing someone on the inside is the easiest way to secure one of these competitive jobs, however, if you do not have a relative working there, these staffing agencies are the best alternative. 

In addition to connecting with these staffing agencies,  you should also consider attending a school like Lee College, San Jac, or College of the Mainland for a Certification called Process Technology. This 1 certification is starting to become a requirement for the Process Operator jobs everyone is searching for. 

Do those two things above and it will put you in a great position to give you and your family a very comfortable lifestyle. 

For even more job opportunities see our guide titled  How To Find Jobs With Staffing Agencies In Houston. This guide separates staffing agencies by industry. Whether you are looking for an IT, medical, or hospitality job, you will find a company to help you. 

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