Houston Emergency Rooms Near Me

houston emergency rooms near me

Houston Emergency Rooms Near Me

Waiting for an ambulance could kill you!

I gasped reading that headline also, but according to research at John Hopkins this is true.

The study stated that 11% of those waiting for an ambulance died while only 2% of patients who were transported in a private vehicle died.

Despite their research it’s still best to call 911 for a medical emergency. The study also went on to say that transporting yourself has its own flaws.

One of those flaws is driving to hospital that doest have a trauma center. Or entering the front hospital doors as opposed to the back doors where ER teams are waiting on you.

Personally I’ll continue to call 911 if I’m in an emergency, but this article got me thinking; what are the Houston emergency rooms near me?

That curiosity lead to this compilation of Houston emergency rooms near you. Whether you believe in calling 911 or transporting yourself its likely a good idea to at least be familiar of emergency rooms in your area.

Take a look at the map below to find your nearest emergency room.

Houston Emergency Rooms Near Me 

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