9 Houston Food Delivery Options If You Are Quarantined With COVID-19

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9 Houston Food Delivery Options If You Are Quarantined With COVID-19

Trying to follow government orders during this COVID 19 pandemic has been an absolute headache. You are asked to do something one day, then 2 weeks later it’s the opposite.

I hate this place! 

Another example of this is being told to quarantine with COVID 19 at home, but receiving no plan on how to get groceries during this time. Sure a grizzly can go an entire winter without eating, but I can’t make it past 12:15 pm without becoming hangry!

If you are stuck at home in quarantine, we haven’t forgotten about you my friend. In this guide, we’ll breakdown your options for food and basic needs delivery which essentially come down to the following:  

  • Free options – If you qualify for these options you won’t pay anything. 
  • Possibly free – Depending on your circle and persuasion skills these options could be free. 
  • Paid options – Lastly if you can’t find free options, but have a steady income still coming in, these are good alternatives. 

Let’s begin with the free stuff. 

Free Options For Houston Food Delivery During A COVID-19 Quarantine

The 3 organizations in this section will not charge you a dime to deliver food. The only potential barrier is meeting their individual requirements which you will learn about next. 

Note: If you have no income, do not qualify for unemployment, you’re a senior or disabled these will be your best options. 

1. Meals On Wheels In Houston

Meals on Wheels is the first free Houston food delivery option if you must quarantine due to testing positive for COVID 19. 

MOW is a program that brings meals to the doorsteps of seniors 60+ and those with a disability. 

How To Apply For Houston Meals On Wheels? 

To apply for the Meals on Wheels Program you must find the delivery provider in your zip code. You can do this by typing your zip code into the table below. 

Zip ContractorPhone
77002Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77003Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77004Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77005E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77006E.R. Jewish Community Center / Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978 or 713.729.3200
77007Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77008Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77009Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77011Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77012Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77013Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77014Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77015Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77016Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77017Interfaith Ministries / City of South Houston713.533.4978 or 713.947.7700
77018Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77019Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77020Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77021Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77022Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77023Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77024Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77025E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77026Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77027Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77028Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77029Interfaith Ministries / City of Jacinto City 713.533.4978 or 713.675.4487
77030E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77031E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77032Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77033Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77034City of South Houston713.947.7700
77035E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77036Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77037Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77038Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77039Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77040Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77041Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77042Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77043Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77044Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77045E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77046Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77047Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77048Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77049Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77050Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77051Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77053Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77054Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77055Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77056Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77057Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77058Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77059Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77060Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77061Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77062Baytown MOW281.427.2145
77063Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77064Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77065Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77066Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77067Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77068Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77069Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77070Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77071E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77072Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77073Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77074E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77075Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77076Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77077Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77078Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77079Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77080Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77081E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77082Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77083Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77084Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77085E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77086Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77087Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77088Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77089Young Women's Christian Association713.868.9922
77090Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77091Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77092Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77093Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77094Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77095Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77096E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77098Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77099Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77336Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77338Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77339Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77345Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77346Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77347Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77373Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77375Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77377Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77379Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77386Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77388Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77389Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77396Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77401E.R. Jewish Community Center713.729.3200
77429Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77433Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77447Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77449Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77450Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77484Northwest Assistance Ministries281.855.4623
77493Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77502Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77503Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77504Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77505Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77506Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77507Salvation Army - Pasadena713.378.0020
77520Baytown Meals on Wheels281.427.2145
77521Baytown Meals on Wheels281.427.2145
77530Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77532Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77536Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77547City of Jacinto City 713.675.4487
77562Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77565Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77571City of La Porte 281.470.9897
77586Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978
77587City of South Houston713.947.7700
77598Interfaith Ministries713.533.4978

Once you see your provider (Interfaith Ministries for example) call them and ask to sign up for the program. They will double-check to make sure they cover your zip code and then forward your information to the Meals on Wheel Program. 

Applying For Houston Meals On Wheels If You Have A Disability

Individuals who have a disability can call Care Connection at 713.692.1635 and they will help you to connect to the Meals on Wheels Program. 

2. Houston Food Bank Disaster Line 

In addition to the regular operations like directing clients to local food pantries, the Houston Food Bank can also potentially help you with food deliveries if you are forced to quarantine. 

The eligibility for Houston food delivery is: 

  1. Have a positive diagnosis of COVID-19
  2. Be in quarantine 
  3. Provide a “unique ID” 

Note: The “unique ID” is a code that is provided to you after you test positive for COVID. If you tested through a City of Houston (832.393.4220)  or  Harris County (832.927.7575) testing site you can obtain this code by calling them. If you tested at a hospital or clinic you may be able to find this code on a results page/email given to you or by calling the place you were tested to request your “unique ID”. 

Should you satisfy the criteria above call the Houston Food Bank Disaster Line at 346.250.2889 to see if you are eligible for food deliveries. 

The regular Houston Food Bank line can also help you if you need to find food pantries near you. Just call them at 832.369.9390

3. Crowdsource Rescue

Crowdsource Rescue offers another option for quarantined seniors/ disabled needing Houston food deliveries during the pandemic. 

To apply for this program you simply need to visit the Crowdsource Rescue website and complete the online application. 

For questions, you can email them at connect@crowdsourcerescue.com

Potentially Free Options For Houston Food Deliveries During The COVID-19 Pandemic

We cannot guarantee that each of these options will be free, but if you live in a supportive community they could be. In this section, you will find “out of the box” ideas on connecting with churches, neighbors, and family to have food delivered to you during your quarantine. 

Note: These are good options if you are computer savvy and have a solid network of friends/ family. 

4. Can Your Church Help With Food Deliveries? 

If you attend a church, mosque or synagogue these are places you should definitely consider reaching out to. If your place of worship is large enough there is a good chance that they have an active “community ministries” group that helps with things like food deliveries. 

Even if your church is small there are probably members who would be willing to deliver food to you while your quarantine. Simply put a call into your pastor and this could very well solve your problem. 

If you do not have a church home consider contacting local “area ministries” to see if they can help with food deliveries. Area ministry groups are collections of churches who pool their resources together to help out their members. 

You can use the map below to find area ministry groups in your area to call for potential help. 

5. Use The NextDoor Help Map To Get Food Deliveries During COVID-19

Anyone who is not familiar with the Nextdoor App, it’s essentially like Facebook, except you can only interact with people near your zip code. 

For example, if you live in the Humble area you’ll only see posts from people who live in far NE Harris County. 

Aside from the occasional volatile political post, Nextdoor is a helpful app because neighbors look out for one another. One cool feature that may help you if you are forced to quarantine is the Nextdoor Help Map

This map allows neighbors to create posts regarding things they need. You can use this map to request food deliveries while you are in quarantine.  

6. Can Family Or Friends Deliver Food To You? 

If you are quarantined I’m certain you’ve already considered asking family or friends for help. Hopefully, they are willing to help out, because now more than ever it’s important that we rely on those closest to us. 

The reason family and friends are important right now is the systems that we relied on in the past are still there, however, the demand has increased causing long delays. 

If there is even a chance that your family can help you out with food deliveries definitely ask.  Many of the free resources that were so reliable prior to COVID are not guaranteed to respond as quickly as they could in the past.  

Those that are able to help with food deliveries can simply place your groceries on the step and safely wave at you through the window. 

Paid Options For Houston Food Delivery During The COVID-19 Pandemic

While these options are not free, they are the most reliable options for Houston food delivery. 

7. Houston Food Delivery During The Quarantine From Places Like Walmart, HEB, Instacart, And More…

If you are receiving retirement, unemployment, or any other steady income you can use the companies found below to deliver your groceries while you quarantine. 

  • Walmart – Offers delivery for $12 per month or $98 for the year 
  • Kroger – You can order online and have groceries delivered to you. 
  • HEB – They provide “Doorstep delivery” where groceries and left on your front door. 
  • Aldi – Offers pick up and delivery options. 
  • Instacart – Is a mobile app that allows you to order form Costco, CVS, Petco, even Specs! 

8. Using Your SNAP Card At Amazon, HEB, And Kroger

Families who receive SNAP benefits can use their EBT card at participating retailers. In this section, we’ll go over a few places that you can use your food stamp card to buy groceries and other household items during your quarantine.

Note: Only Amazon allows you to use your SNAP card to have groceries delivered.  

Amazon Delivery With Your EBT Card

Amazon allows customers in 40 states to use their EBT or SNAP card on their site and Texas happens to be one of those states. 

The two main programs you need to know about if you have an EBT card are Amazon Pantry and Amazon Fresh

Amazon Pantry

This program allows you to buy everyday items. Prior to this program, you could only buy in bulk because it didn’t make financial sense for Amazon to sell a $3 shampoo if shipping costs $6.

Amazon Pantry charges a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping, however, if you are a SNAP client you receive free shipping if your order is $35 or more. 

Note: This perk of free shipping on $35 orders would normally require an Amazon Prime membership that costs $119 annually. 

The bottom line is if you have SNAP benefits, take advantage of the free shipping by meeting the $35 minimum, otherwise, you’ll have to pay $5.99 to have your order shipped. 

Amazon Fresh 

Amazon Fresh is similar to Pantry, but in this program, you can have fresh produce, meat, and more delivered to your door.  SNAP members also qualify for free shipping on orders of $35 or more in this program. 

HEB Curbside Pickup With Your SNAP Card

HEB does not offer a food delivery option, but you can use it for curbside pick up at the following locations: 

  • 9828 Blackhawk Blvd, Houston, TX 77075 – 713.991.2774
  • 11815  Westheimer, Houston, TX 77077 – 281.531.8646

You can see the complete list of HEB curbside pickup locations in Houston who accept EBT here

Kroger Store Pickup With An EBT Card

Kroger is another retailer you can use your EBT card to buy groceries from although like HEB you can only select the store pick up option and not the delivery.

9. Fast Food Delivery During The COVID 19 Quarantine 

This shouldn’t be a routine option (it can get costly), but if you are in the mood for comfort food like pizza, egg rolls, or a huge burrito you’ll want to consider food delivery companies. Some of those include: 

  • Door Dash – They are connected to 3,680 Houston restaurants. Your first delivery upon sign up is free. 
  • Grubhub – You can receive deliveries from 7,269 Houston area eateries. Grubhub will also deliver your order for free. 
  • Postmates – Postmates offer a few discounts to new customers. One is $100 in delivery fee credits when you use promo code SAVE100. There is also a Postmates Unlimited plan for $99 a year that will get you free deliveries on orders over $12 as well as other perks. 
  • UbereatsUber Eats delivery fees seem to range between $0 and $5.99. 

Each of these companies offers “no contact delivery” where the delivery person rings your doorbell and drops off the food on your porch. You don’t have to sign for anything, have any awkward conversations, and best of all it limits the spread of COVID. 



I’ve said it before COVID and I’ll say it now…

Support from family and friends is important, ESPECIALLY during this pandemic. 

Yes, there are free resources to help you with free food deliveries if you are quarantined, but those resources are being pushed to the limit. Because of this, there may be delays or even shortages of help. 

If you have no other options, definitely contact the resources above, however, if you also have family and friends lean on them as well. Even the most flakey cousin, sister, or uncle will likely be able to help you faster than some of these nonprofits because right now the demand on them is just that great.  


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