5 Steps To Apply For Houston MetroLift 

Houston MetroLift

5 Steps To Apply For Houston MetroLift 

If you think the potholes in Houston are bad, try walking the sidewalks! 

While performing home visits and walking (sometimes falling) over broken slabs of concrete I often wonder how hard it must be for someone with a disability to get to and from bus stops. In some cases people simply don’t get there, because they lack access. 

This is unfortunate. 

Fortunately, their is one program that seeks to bridge the gap between those with mobility issues and their trips to the grocery store, doctors office, etc. That program is MetroLift

If you’ve heard of the program, but aren’t quite sure how to apply continue reading and I will provide you with a 5 step process to follow. 

First let’s talk more about what the MetroLift Program is. 

What Is Houston MetroLift? 

MetroLift is a public transportation program offered by Metro. This program provides rides to individuals with disabilities who otherwise would not be able to walk or access normal Metro bus stops. 

MetroLift offers rides to individuals in wheelchair lift vans that can easily accommodate wheelchairs and scooters. 

Who Is Eligible For Houston MetroLift? 

To qualify for for the services you must meet one of the following: 

  • You have a disability that prevents you from boarding, riding or getting off a Metro bus. 
  • You have a disability and you want to travel on a bus/rail route that is inaccessible. 
  • A disability prevents you from accessing a local bus stop without help from others. 

A healthcare professional must certify that you are disabled, however Metro will make the final eligibility decision. 

How To Apply For MetroLift

Below I will explain how to apply for Houston MetroLift in 5 steps. Those steps include: 

  1. Obtaining a MetroLift application
  2. Completing and submitting your application
  3. Scheduling an appointment for an in-person interview
  4. Attending your appointment
  5. Purchase your MetroLift tickets

Be mindful that the entire eligibility process can take between 6 – 8 weeks to complete.  

1. Obtain A MetroLift Application 

The first step in apply for MetroLift is to obtain an application. You can obtain an application in 3 ways: 

  1. Complete the application online. After completing the online application, don’t forget to have your doctor complete the Physician Certification Form. This form needs to be uploaded if you complete the application online. 
  2. Download the MetroLift PDF application
  3. Visit the Metro RideStore downtown to pick up a paper application. The Metro RideStore is located at 1900 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002. 

Once you have obtained an application, the next step is to complete and submit it to Metro.

2. Complete and Submit Your MetroLift Application + “Doctor’s Signature”

The paper MetroLift application is 6 pages long and everything must be completed or else you application could be delayed. 

The Pages You Must Fill Out (Pages 1 – 4)

You are responsible for completing pages 1 through 4 of your MetroLift application. This includes information like demographics, questions about your mobility and 2 signatures. Your signatures are needed on the 1st and 4th pages. 

The Pages Your Doctor Must Fill Out (Pages 5, 6) 

Your doctor will have to complete pages 5 and 6 of the MetroLift application. These pages ask your doctor to rate your upper/lower body strength, ask questions about your mobility and provide a signature. 

An additional Physicians Signature Is Also Needed

In addition to the 6 page MetroLift application, your doctor will need to submit a “Physician’s Signature”. 

This additional document needs to be on your doctor’s letterhead or prescription. This letter from your doctor verifies their role in the completion of the MetroLift application. 

If the Physicians Signature is not completed then your application will be delayed. 

Submitting Your MetroLift Application

  • If you complete a paper application, you will need to mail it to: 

METROLift Eligibility 

P.O. Box 61429

Houston, TX 77208-1429

To wrap up this step here is a summary of the documents you need to submit for a MetroLift application: 

  1. Application For MetroLift Services (you complete this)
  2. Physician or Health Care Professional’s Certification Form (your heath care provider completes this)
  3. Physician’s Signature (again your health care provider completes this)

3. Schedule Your Houston MetroLift In-Person Interview

Once Metro receives your application (and it’s filled out properly) they will mail you a letter explaining how to schedule an In-Person Interview. 

You can schedule your interview any day Monday through Friday from 10 am to 5 pm. You must call Metro at 713.225.0119 to make an appointment. There are no walk-ins welcome. 

4. Attend Your Houston MetroLift In-Person Interview 

The 4th step is to attend your In-Person Interview.

At this interview they will review your application with you and ask about any medical or mobility issues. 

Once you complete the interview Metro will approve or deny your application in 2-3 weeks. 

5. Purchase MetroLift  Tickets 

After MetroLift approves your application you can purchase tickets for the program. Here are the prices for MetroLift tickets. 

Cost of Houston MetroLift Tickets 

  • MetroLift Base Fare – $1.25 will get you a one-way trip anywhere within the Base Service Area. 
  • MetroLift Premium Fare – $2.50 will get you 2 tickets and a ride within the Extended Service Area. Contact Metro at 713.225.0119 to learn more about the Extended Service Area. 
  • MetroLift 10 Trip Tickets (one free to make 11) – For $12.50 you can purchase a book of 10 tickets, and Metro will provide you with one free ticket to make 11 total. 
  • MetroLift Base Service Monthly Pass – For $47.50 you will get unlimited trips within the Base Service Area for 1 month. 
  • MetroLift Base Service Yearly Pass – For $418.50 you receive unlimited trips within the Base Service Area for 1 year. 

Where To Purchase MetroLift Tickets

There are 3 ways to purchase Houston MetroLift tickets: 

  1. Metro RideStore – Located at 1900 Main Street, Houston, TX 77208-1429. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. 
  2. By Mail – MetroLift P.O. Box 61429 Houston, TX 77208-1429
  3. Online – You can purchase MetroLift tickets online also. 


The next time you walk your neighborhood pay close attention to some of the barriers that you might encounter if your were in a scooter, wheelchair or walker. Doing this will give you a better understanding of why individuals with mobility problems have difficulties running their daily errands.  

While I don’t expect you to take a jack-hammer to the sidewalk, you can ensure that those with disabilities are at least aware of MetroLift. This program helps individuals with mobility issues get to and from places like the grocery store and doctor via wheelchair lift vans. 

For even more transportation options for those with disabilities see our article titled Ultimate Guide To Cheap Medical Transportation in Houston

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