11 Ways Interfaith Ministries Houston Helps You Better Connect To The Community

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11 Ways Interfaith Ministries Houston Helps You Better Connect To The Community

Interfaith Ministries is a local non-profit that helps Houston in a number of different ways. Not only is it a great place to refer your clients, but a solid option if you are interested in volunteering. 

In this article, I will share 11 ways that Interfaith Ministries of Great Houston helps our community. 

11 Ways Interfaith Ministries Houston Helps You Better Connect To The Community

If you need to contact Interfaith Ministries Houston you can call them at 713.533.4900 or visit their midtown office at 3303 Main Street, Houston, TX 77002. 

1.Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels is without a doubt the most important program that Interfaith Ministries Houston offers. This program delivers nutritious meals to seniors at their homes. 

The program delivers to Harris, Galveston, Montgomery, Liberty and Chambers County. 

To register or volunteer for Meals on Wheels call 713.533.4978. You can also see our guided titled How To Apply For Meals On Wheels In Houston to find a provider near you. 

To volunteer or donate to Meals on Wheels Houston, see the Interfaith Ministries volunteer opportunities page. 

2.Meals on Wheels Thanksgiving

If you cannot commit to a weekly Meals on Wheels route, consider volunteering on Thanksgiving

This is one of the biggest events they hold (13000 meals served!) during the year and it’s really rewarding. I’ve participated in the past 2 Thanksgivings and plan to make it a yearly tradition. 

To learn more about Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels volunteer opportunities in Houston visit the IM website


3. Animeals On Wheels

This Interfaith Ministries Houston program provides pet food to clients of the Meals on Wheels program. 

This is done so that the Meals on Wheels client won’t share what could be a limited amount of food with their pets. 

In addition to delivering pet food for the pets, Interfaith Ministries also can help some clients with veterinary services like vaccinations, spay/neutering. 

For more information on the Animeals Program call Interfaith Ministries at 713.533.4900 or visit their website.  To donate pet food to Animeals go here

If you’d like to be a Houston Animeals volunteer, see the Interfaith Ministries volunteer opportunities page for more information. 

4. Hospital To Home Program

The Interfaith Ministries program called Hospital to Home provides follow up home visits and meals to seniors who are discharged from the hospital. 

The program provides the following: 

  • Hot and frozen meals delivered after your discharge
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables delivered every 2 weeks 
  • Wellness checks with each meal delivery
  • Ongoing follow-ups after you are discharged home

For more information about the Hospital to Home Program call 713.533.4919 or visit their website


5. Maternal Meals

Maternal Meals is just one service offered by the (larger) Healthy Women Houston Program. 

Healthy Women Houston is a collaboration of organizations that helps women with high-risk pregnancies. Interfaith Ministries Houston part is to deliver meals to mothers after childbirth. 

Currently, the program is serving Third Ward, Sunnyside and soon Southwest Houston. For more information contact Interfaith Ministries at 713.533.4900 or complete the online referral to the Health Women Houston Program. 

6. IMpower Program

This Interfaith Ministries Houston program brings together women from all over the city to assist those in the community. 

Some of the ways IMpower gets together are through coffee chats, volunteer opportunities, and community events. If you are a woman who is looking to connect with open-minded and compassionate professionals like yourself, IMpower can help you. 

7. IMpulse Program

The IMpulse Program is similar to IMpower, however, it caters to young professionals (men and women). 

Young professionals gather on a regular basis to offer service to those in need and discuss problems in the community. 

IMpulse members also enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Networking opportunities with members of the Interfaith Ministries advisory board as well as other community leaders. 
  • Invites to Interfaith Ministries events. 
  • The chance to take on leadership roles in IM. 

The yearly membership is $50 for individuals and $90 for couples. 

To join IMpulse visit their membership sign up page. 

8. Interfaith Podcast Project

Interfaith Ministries Houston created this podcast to provide you with a better understanding of different religions. 

Each series of podcasts will focus on a different topic and how it relates to each religion. Currently, there is a series discussing various traditions in each religion. The next series will discuss how religions view topics like birth, death, marriage and more. 

If you have an interest in learning more about the different faiths in the Houston community, the Interfaith Podcast Project is worth checking out. 

9. Community Faith Speakers

The Interfaith Relations and Community Partnerships Department provides a number of services related to guest speakers, faith tours to churches and mosques and much more. 

For more information, visit their Interfaith Resources and Requests page. 

10. Refugee Services

Interfaith Ministries Houston provides a number of refugee services. Some of those services include: 

  • Housing when they first arrive. Here is a list of items you can donate to the refugees who IM is working with. 
  • English classes to help them in work and school
  • Help enrolling kids in school
  • Job placement

If you are able to donate, sponsor a family or hire a refugee contact Interfaith Ministries at 713.533.4900. 

11. Women’s Empowerment Group (Refugee Women)

This group was created to help refugee women transition into a new home, often 1,000s of miles from where they came from. 

Refugee women sometimes isolate themselves, however, the Women’s Empowerment Group works to prevent that. The group offers 12-week classes to ensure that both the women and their children feel at home in their new surroundings, remain safe, healthy and lastly have fun!

Some of the activities that are organized are related to fostering good health, dealing with domestic abuse and fun things like cooking classes, bake sales and Texas line dancing.

Whether you are a refugee interested in the program or someone who would like to volunteer, visit the Women’s Empowerment Group page or call 713.533.3116


There are times in life where your job becomes mundane. 

Every day the same tedious paperwork. 

Same crappy work computer. 

Same unnecessary 3-hour staffing!

If this is your work life, connecting to the people in your community via volunteer work may help you escape the doldrums. 

If you are looking to better connect with your community Interfaith Ministries Houston offers lots of opportunities. Whether your passion is working with refugees, seniors or delivering meals to our four-legged friends, Interfaith Ministries has a position for you.  


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