2 Companies That Offer No Deposit Electricity in Baytown TX

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2 Companies That Offer No Deposit Electricity in Baytown TX

One cost that we often forget about during a move is the electricity deposit. 

According to Rent.com, the deposit can cost you anywhere from $100 to $250. Money that you may need to allocate to other things. 

The good thing for you is there is a solution. It’s not perfect, but it could be a temporary fix while you get your finances in order. 

In this article, I will provide you with 2 companies that offer no-cost deposits to Baytown as well as the pros and cons of these programs.  

Why Do Electricity Companies Typically Charge You A Deposit Fee?

You are charged a deposit fee because electricity is a service that you will use first and then be billed for that usage at the end of the month. 

The deposit is a good-faith pledge to pay for the electricity that you’ve used at the end of the month. If you don’t pay for the electricity that you’ve used the utility company keeps your deposit. 

How Are Electricity Deposits Calculated?

The cost of your electricity deposit is related to your credit

Good credit is an indicator to companies that your finances are stable and you will likely pay your bills on time. When your credit tanks this gives the opposite impression…

Companies will still provide you with utility services although you’ll pay the higher end of that $100 – $250 range for an electricity deposit. 

To make things crystal clear, when your credit is bad you will pay a more expensive electricity deposit. 

If You Have Bad Credit There Is Hope For Getting Electricity

First off there is nothing to be ashamed of if you have bad credit, in fact…

56% of Americans reported having bad credit scores in a 2015 reportWhile it may be comforting to know others are in the same situation, you still want to take steps to improve your poor credit score as soon as possible. 

In the meantime, while you work on your credit, keep in mind that no deposit electricity plans may be a solution, because they were created to help people in similar situations to yours.  

What Is A No Deposit Electricity Plan? 

Remember earlier when I told you that typically electricity plans bill you at the end of the month? 

Well, no deposit utility plans are different because they bill you first and then you get to use the electricity. Some people also refer to these as “prepaid electricity plans”. 

With these plans, you only pay for your electricity usage, no added fees like the deposit that you are wanting to avoid. 

How No Deposit Electricity Plans Work

Plans differ from provider to provider but here is a general idea of how they work. 

  1. Find an electricity provider in Baytown and create an account
  2. Once you are registered you will need to load funds to your account. These prepaid funds can range between $30 and $70 to get started. 
  3. Your provider will send daily alerts to your phone or email to let you know what your usage is and how much money is left in your account. 
  4. At the end of the month view your usage and at more money to your account. 

Before wrapping up this section, I want to mention three things regarding no deposit electricity plans that may impact your decision to sign up. 

  1. These plans can be more expensive than regular plans. Their prices may also fluctuate more.  
  2.  Pre-paid electricity plans are not available to critical care or chronic condition customers. This means that if you have a serious medical condition that requires an electric medical device or heating/cooling equipment to prevent a medical emergency, you should not be signing up for one of these plans. 
  3. Once your account balance reaches $0, your power will be cut off. This has even happened to some people during extreme weather like freezes.  

2 No Deposit Electricity Companies in Baytown TX

Below you will find 2 Baytown electricity companies with no deposit necessary needed upon sign up. 

Choose Energy 

Choose Energy is a company that compares the costs of multiple providers and then shows you the best plans for electricity in Baytown. 

To find a no deposit electricity plan with Choose all you need to do is type in your zip code and they will present you with multiple utility providers. Choose will tell you which companies offer the no deposit electricity plans in Baytown.

For more information about Choose Energy’s cheap electricity and no deposit plans, can contact them at 855.419.3586 or visit their website

Payless Power 

Another company that offers pre-paid electricity plans to Baytown is called Payless Power. 

After a quick comparison of energy plans in Baytown, it seems to be that Choose Energy has cheaper rates, however, Payless Power provides you with another option for these plans. 

Like Choose Energy, Payless Power should also be considered because you can enroll today, regardless of your income or credit history. If you’ve got $30 to $60 to add to your account you can enroll in a plan. 

For more information about this no credit check electricity company in Baytown you can call them at 866.963.9353 or visit their website


No deposit electricity plans come with both pros and cons: 

  • The pros of these plans include; no credit check, no deposit needed and you can have your electricity turned on today. 
  • The cons are prices are typically more expensive, prices fluctuate, individuals with some medical conditions can not apply and your power can be cut off anytime. Even in a winter storm. 

If you are able to enroll in a regular utility plan it’s definitely a better option, however, it’s also understandable if you temporarily need a no deposit electricity plan. Month to month electricity no deposit plans like Choose Energy and Payless Power can help you while you improve your financial situation. 

Lastly, if you are needing rent or utility assistance to prevent eviction/disconnection see the following guides for more options:

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