How To Find A Ride To the Polls On Election Day

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How To Find A Ride To the Polls On Election Day

Planes, trains, and automobiles I don’t care how you get there but this election you must make it to the polls to vote.

In the 2016 election, it’s estimated that 15 million registered voters didn’t vote because they didn’t have a ride.

In this post will provide you with a few options for a cheap ride to vote on election day.

Ride Lyft To The Polls

On November 6th, election day, Lyft will offer 50% off rides to help you get to the election booth.

Here are two ways this promotion will work.

For more questions regarding Lyft’s Election Day ride promotions email them or visit a Lyft Hub near you.

Carpool Vote

This organization’s primary focus is ensuring you get to the polls to vote.

Should you need a ride to the polls, visit the Carpool Vote website and complete “I Need A Ride” application and you will be matched to a driver near you.

You can also register to be a driver and help others access the polls.

carpool vote

Your Local Transportation Authority

Another way to catch a free ride to the polls is by calling your local transportation authority.

In cities like Houston and Dallas they transportation authorities offer citizens free rides to the polling stations on Election Day. The only thing required is a valid voter registration card.

If there is a bus service or even better light rail in your city it most likely offers a similar promotion.  Simply contact your transportation authority and ask them if they will offer free rides during election day.

Call Your Local City Council Member

Here is another option. Call your local City Council Member for help. After all, they are elected to SERVE YOU!

How to find your local city council members

To find your local city council member visit the Local Government’s section of

Next, find your state.

After selecting your state the next page will likely give you the option of searching for local officials via city, county, name, etc.

Make your state selection and you’ll be presented with your city, county, etc, and you will then be presented a listing of city council members who would love to help you find a ride. ESPECIALLY if you are offering your vote.

Absentee Ballot

If all else fails your last option could be voting via absentee ballot.

An absentee ballot is a vote cast by someone who was unable to make it to the polls on election day. The state you live in determines if this is an option.

Some states require that you provide a valid reason for voting absentee ballot. Those reasons could be a disability, work or school preventing you from making it to a polling location on election day.

For more information about the absentee ballot, which states offer it and how to obtain one see our article titled How The Absentee Ballot Works, it will explain everything.


Come hell or high water you need to be at a polling location on Election Day. Failure to find a ride and vote could result in the “other” candidate winning the election!

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