When Will Social Security Offices Open For Walk-Ins? (After COVID)

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When Will Social Security Offices Open For Walk-Ins? (After COVID)

In this resource guide, you will learn about the reopening on Social Security clinics following the COVID 19 pandemic.

The public health emergency closed Social Security offices for nearly 2 years, however, with rollout of vaccinations and other safety precautions, offices are now open and accepting walk-in appointments.

This is great news for anyone who is worried about their benefits and needs to speak to a Social Security worker face to face.

Continue reading to learn more about the reopening of Social Security offices around the country.

Are Social Security Offices Now Open in 2022? (following the pandemic)

Yes, most Social Security offices are now open after being closed due to the pandemic. Social Security offices reopened on April 7, 2022. You can now resume in-person services at your local Social Security office. This includes walk-in visits to Social Security or making an appointment.

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Despite offices being open for walk-ins, you are encouraged to schedule an appointment so that Social Security can prepare for your visit.

Not All Social Security Offices Are Open (Visit The Offices Closings Webpage)

While most Social Security offices reopened in April 2022, there are still some locations that are either temporarily closed, have different business hours, or only accept appointments.

To learn about any closures at your local Social Security office, you are encouraged to visit the Offices Closings and Emergencies webpage on the Social Security website. This page offers updates on closures or delays that could impact face-to-face services at your Social Security office.

Below is a screenshot of what the “Office Closings” webpage looks like. Again visit this page before you try to go as a walk-in to your local SSA office so you don’t make a blank trip!

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Social Security Offices Safety Protocols

The Social Security Administration has put in place several safety protocols to protect against COVID 19 exposure. You must physically distance in a Social Security office and wear a mask. If you do not have a mask they will provide one for you. Everyone permitted to enter an office must wear a mask, regardless of vaccination status.

Also, everyone must complete a self-assessment checklist before allowing entry. This includes questions regarding:

  • COVID 19 symptoms you are having.
  • If you’ve been diagnosed or close to someone with COVID in the past 10 days?
  • If you’ve traveled outside of the country in the past 5 days?

According to the Social Security website, you may not visit the office if any of these answers is YES, regardless of your vaccination status.

How To Make An Appointment With Social Security

To make a Social Security appointment, you will need to call the Social Security number at 800.772.1213.

The automated system will ask you the reason for calling, and you can state that you need to make a Social Security appointment.

The system will then connect you to a live person who can help you make an appointment. The wait maybe 5 to 10 minutes, so please be patient.

Once you are connected to a customer service representative, they will be able to help you make an appointment with the Social Security office near you.

What Are Social Security Office Hours?

Social Security office hours are generally from Monday-Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The office is closed on Saturday and Sunday.

Please note that the hours may change due to holidays or other events. You can always check the Social Security “Offices Closings” webpage for the most up-to-date information.

When Is The Best Time To Visit A Social Security Office?

If you need to visit the Social Security office, it’s best to visit after Tuesday, toward the end of the month. These are the least busy times. The beginning of the month is the busiest time so try to delay any trips to your Social Security office until later in the month.


Social Security offices have reopened as of April 7, 2022, after being closed for roughly 2 years during the COVID-19 pandemic. This means you can now resume in-person services to get help applying for retirement benefits, changing your name, or requesting a replacement Social Security card.

You can visit your local Social Security office by either walking in or making an appointment. You should know that not all Social Security offices are open. To avoid a blank trip, you are encouraged to visit the Social Security website’s “Office Closings” webpage to learn about closures before attempting to go to your local SSA office.

For more information about Social Security office openings, you can call 800.772.1213. To find the Social Security office near you, visit the “Office Finder Tool” webpage.

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