How To Apply For Texas Children’s Hospital Financial Assistance

Texas childrens financial assistance

How To Apply For Texas Children’s Hospital Financial Assistance

In this resource guide, you will learn about a financial assistance program that Texas Children’s offers to uninsured or low-income families.

If you are a low-income family or struggling to pay your hospital bills, you may be wondering if there is any financial assistance available? Texas Children’s Hospital offers a variety of options for those who need help paying their medical bills.

In this blog post, I will outline the process for applying for financial assistance at Texas Children’s Hospital. Hopefully, this information will help ease some of the burdens that come with managing medical expenses.

How The Texas Children’s Charity Care Program Works

If your child receives care at the Texas Children’s Hospital that you cannot afford, they have options to help you. Parents who need help paying a hospital bill can speak with financial counselors (Monday through Friday) to learn more about the Texas Children’s Hospital financial assistance program.

Should your income fall below the income limits, you may receive hospital treatment for free or at least a reduced rate. Eligibility for this program is based on your household income. Your income will determine whether you get a discount of anywhere between 55% to 100% off of treatment.

How To Apply For The Texas Children’s Financial Assistance Program?

Applying for this financial assistance plan requires you to complete an application. You can get one by calling 832.824.2300. You can also speak to a Financial Counselor or Patient Services Specialist at the Texas Children’s Hospital.

If your child is still admitted at the hospital you can visit the Main Admissions Office at any of these facilities:

  • Medical Center – The admin office is on the 3rd floor in the west tower. Call them at 832.824.5505.
  • West Campus – You’ll find the admin office on the 1st floor. Their number is 832.227.2100.
  • The Woodlands – Their admin office is also on the 1st floor. Dial 936.267.5400 for more information.
  • Pavilion for Women – Visit the 3rd floor to speak to a Patient Services Specialist. Call them at 832.826.3300.

To learn more about this children’s charity care program, call Texas Children’s at 832.824.5505 or visit their financial assistance webpage.


If you are a parent of a child who has received care at the Texas Children’s Hospital and you cannot afford to pay the hospital bills, there is help. The Texas Children’s Charity Care Program offers discounts of 55% to 100% off treatment depending on your household income.

You can apply for this program by completing an application or by calling the hospital. You can also visit one of their many facilities. For more information, call Texas Children’s at 832.824.5505 or visit their financial assistance webpage.

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