How Much More You Pay For Primary Care When You Are Uninsured 

cost of primary care for the uninsured

How Much More You Pay For Primary Care When You Are Uninsured 

Americans face tough decisions about their care. Not everyone can afford insurance, and with the constant changes to the ACA and other acts that should make it easier for people to afford healthcare, some people have fallen out of the bracket that makes healthcare insurance affordable.

Even if you have healthcare through your employer, it might not cover your whole family. People are left to make difficult decisions and ultimately, they might not be able to afford major health insurance for themselves and their loved ones.

Risk Of Being Uninsured 

People who are not insured do run a risk. If you’re not able to afford insurance then this risk could be unavoidable, but it is undeniably present and the consequences can be hard to deal with.

Overcoming financial difficulties is possible for most people, and even if you are left with a big bill, there are ways you can raise money to pay for it. Plus, many healthcare providers have payment plans because there are a lot of people who don’t have insurance and without giving them an option, they’d likely never get paid.

When you are uninsured, there is always a chance that you are going to develop a condition that could see you hospitalized or in need of primary or secondary care. Many people go through life not giving this too much thought, but it is possible.

A broken leg is usually something you can deal with if you are uninsured. The costs can be massive, but most people find a way to pay. If you end up with an illness or complications that can take years to solve, then you might not have such luck. There is the potential that an illness could bankrupt someone if they are uninsured because of the fact that the costs can spiral out of control.

The ACA 

The American Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was put in place to try to help people in poverty, and cap the amount that low-income families pay on healthcare even if they don’t have insurance.

The ACA does help some people to access primary care even if they don’t have insurance, either at a greatly reduced rate or totally free.

One study found that after the ACA was implemented, uninsured hospital and doctor visits decreased. Medicaid-insured visits increased and many ethnic minorities were able to access better healthcare.

Sadly, there is a lot of debate over the ACA and there are no guarantees it will stay in place. Yet more restructure and reform could take place.

How Much More You’re Likely To Pay 

Sadly, the confusion around pricing for primary care is not helped by the medical industry which can sometimes be quite opaque with the pricing. It can be hard to get straight answers.

Some insurance policies have a deductible, so even someone with an insurance policy will pay something when they receive care, but ultimately this is usually far lower than an uninsured patient.

Prices vary greatly based on a number of factors, such as where you are located. Healthcare providers can set their own rates.

A CT or MRI scan might cost between $300 and $600. Cardiac testing including echocardiograms is likely to be well over $100. Colposcopies can be around $150. If you are in a position where the healthcare you need isn’t 100% urgent, you might be able to shop around for your care. This means that you can get a more affordable rate.

The truth is that care is expensive. Even one doctor’s visit or a home visit from a caring employee could cost you hundreds of dollars, and without insurance, it is hard to know where the costs end. If you do have something wrong with you then it can be a long road ahead.

Health Comes First 

You don’t find many people who are prioritizing other things over their health. It’s important that health insurance is considered.

If you’re uninsured then this is probably because you simply can’t afford the healthcare. People rarely choose to pay for other things when they could be getting insured unless those things are essentials like food and bills.

When you are unwell, and you require healthcare, the important thing is that you access that healthcare. Nothing is more important than your health and though the financial fallout can be challenging, this is something that thousands of Americans have to deal with.

As we’ve already mentioned, this might mean taking advantage of a payment plan or finding a way to increase your income in the future in order to pay back the debts associated with primary care.


If you’re uninsured, you don’t have the same protections that a lot of Americans do. The ACA has made things a bit better, but there is no denying the fact that you could still face some huge costs associated with primary care.

Because the costs can vary so much based on location and the procedures and care required, it is almost impossible to create a dollar or even percentage figure, but there is a reason why Americans are encouraged to get health insurance, and why some employers have to give insurance as one of the perks of their job.

Though you have to consider the costs of primary care, you also need to put your health first. If this means finding a way to pay for it and then worrying about it later, that might just be something you have to deal with. There are numerous ways to raise the funds for your care if you need to. Insurance is the best policy, but it is not something every American has access to.

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