COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund: $3500 In Financial Assistance For Families Who Qualify

covid 19 lost loved one fund

COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund: $3500 In Financial Assistance For Families Who Qualify

If you have lost a family member due to COVID-19 you may be able to help you obtain potentially $3500 in financial assistance from a local relief program. This program is managed by Memorial Area Ministries and in this guide I will provide you with eligibility requirements, a list of documents needed, and links to apply for the COVID funding. 

What Is The COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund?

The COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund will provide $3,500 of financial assistance to the household who passed away due to COVID-19. This amount is awarded per death. 

The money form this COVID program is meant to help pay for things like an emergency funeral, rent, utility bills, or any other need. 

Eligibility For Financial Assistance Due To A COVID-19 Death 

  • The individual passed away due to COVID-19 after March 1st 
  • They lived in your household 
  • Must reside in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller County
  • Fall below the income guidelines below
Household Size Monthly Income Annual Income
1 $3679 $44150
2 $4204 $50450
3 $4729 $56750
4 $5254 $63050
5 $5675 $68100
6 $6095 $73150
7 $6516 $78200
8 $6937 $83250

Documents Needed 

  • Documentation proving the COVID-19 death is needed. This can include a death certificate, funeral home paperwork, or a letter from a physician. 
  • ID for the deceased and beneficiary. 
  • Proof of residency in Harris, Fort Bend, Montgomery, or Waller County for both the deceased and beneficiary. Examples are government IDs, utility bills, leases, paycheck stub, etc
  • Proof of income can include W2s, SSI, SSDI, unemployment, SNAP, paycheck stubs, 

How To Apply For The COVID-19 Lost Loved One Fund 

To apply for financial assistance you must complete an online application. These are offered in both English and Spanish

For assistance completing the Lost Loved One Fund application, you can contact 713.468.4516 extension 149 or email 


The funding from this program can be used to pay for funerals, rent, or even medical bills, therefore, if you think you qualify you are encouraged to apply through Memorial Area Ministries.  For more information about this COVID-19 financial assistance program you can call 713.468.4516 extension 149. 

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