18 Low Cost Dallas Clinics That Treat The Uninsured

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How To Find Dallas Walk-In Clinics Where You Need No Insurance

According to Dallas Morning News, Texas is one of the worse states when it comes to accessing health insurance. 

“Texas has lead the nation in having the largest uninsured population in the country for about two decades…”

This is a sad, sad truth. 

One way that states attack this specific healthcare problem is by funding low-cost medical clinics that serve the community. In many instances, these “community clinics” are the only option for uninsured individuals in these areas.

If you are here reading this article because you are uninsured and needing a medical home this list of Dallas clinics that I will share with you should be the first places you contact for healthcare. 

Before diving into our list of low-cost Dallas clinics let’s take time to define something called an FQHC

What Are Federally Qualified Health Centers? 

FQHC stands for Federally Qualified Health Centers. 

FQHC’s are community clinics that provide healthcare to neighborhoods that lack adequate medical care. 

Many FQHCs accept Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance as forms of payment. Some even offer free or “sliding scale” payments for patients who have no insurance. 

The bottom line with FQHC’s is they do not turn anyone away regardless of their lack of health insurance or ability to pay. These clinics were created to give healthcare access to everyone whether you are homeless, recently lost your insurance due to a layoff, or can’t afford your employer’s health insurance plan. 

What Services Do Federally Qualified Health Centers Provide? 

Typically FQHC’s offer services like: 

  • Primary care
  • Pediatric care
  • Mental health services
  • Dental
  • Well women’s exams
  • Chronic disease care (diabetes, hypertension, etc)
  • Offer The COVID 19 Vaccine In Dallas 

The main purpose of FQHC clinics is to provide preventative care so that an illness or injury does not turn into a chronic problem for you. 

What Services Can’t Federally Qualified Health Centers Provide? 

In almost all cases FQHC’s will not perform major surgeries on patients. 

If a client needs a complicated procedure (removing kidney stones, chemotherapy, etc) FQHC’s can refer clients to qualified providers but again they will not perform the procedure themselves. 

Anyone in the Dallas area who is uninsured and needing major surgery is encouraged to contact Parkland Hospital for help. Parkland has a special “safety net” program called Parkland Plus. This program will help you pay for more complicated medical procedures. 

Low Cost Dallas Clinics For The Uninsured

Below you will find 18 different Dallas FQHCs which provide medical treatment to uninsured individuals. You can use either the map or list to located the medical clinics in Dallas closest to your location. 

Agape Clinic 

Agape Clinic provides low cost medical care to individuals in Dallas who are uninsured. 

While this is a charity medical clinic, they ask that you donate $30 per appointment if you are able to do so. 

Agape has one no insurance clinic in Dallas: 

  • 4104 Junius St, Dallas, TX 75246 – 972.707.7782

Services offered at Agape clinic are: 

  • Chronic condition treatment (diabetes, hypertension)
  • Mental health
  • Well women’s exams
  • Pediatrics
  • Affordable Family Medicine In Dallas
  • Occupation therapy (by appointment)

Walk-ins are accepted but you are encouraged to schedule an appointment with Agape by calling 972.707.7782. For walk-ins, you are encouraged to arrive before 7 am because this is a first-come, first-serve process. 

AHF Wellness Center Dallas 

AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) provides low cost medical treatment to those in Dallas with a diagnosis of HIV/AIDS. 

There are 2 AHF Wellness Centers in Dallas: 

  • AHF Healthcare Center Dallas – 7777 Forest Lane, Suite B-122, Dallas, TX 75230 – 972.383.1060
  • AHF Healthcare Center Fort Worth – 400 N. Beach St, Suite104, Ft Worth, TX 76111 – 817.831.1750

Services offered at AHF Dallas include: 

  • Primary care for those with HIV/AIDS
  • Birth control center
  • HIV and STD testing in Dallas

To schedule an appointment contact either the Fort Worth or Dallas clinic. 

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand 

Brother Bill’s Helping Hand is a Dallas FQHC that treats those who are uninsured. Those who have health insurance are also welcome to schedule an appointment. 

Clinic appointments are $10. 

This Dallas health clinic has one location: 

  • 3906 North Westmoreland Rd, Dallas, TX 75212 – 214.638.2196

The services offered here include: 

To schedule an appointment call Brother Bill’s Helping Hand at 214.638.2194.

Christ Family Clinic 

Christ Family Clinic is a low cost Dallas clinic that provides quality care treatment to uninsured adults. 

There is only 1 Christ Family Clinic which is located at: 

  • 6409 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75205 – 214.261.9500

Services offered at this Dallas FQHC include: 

  • Primary care for adults
  • Well women/men’s exams (mammograms)
  • Preventative health care
  • Optometry
  • Chronic disease treatment (diabetes, cardiology, podiatry, orthopedics) 
  • Surgical consultations
  • Some dental services
  • Referrals if Christ Family Clinic cannot treat you

To schedule an appointment (no walk-ins) at this Dallas clinic call them at 214.261.9500

City Square Clinic (formerly Central Dallas Ministries) 

City Square Clinic is yet another option for low cost medical clinics in Dallas. 

This clinic provides treatment to patients who live in the following zip codes: 75203, 75208, 75210, 75211, 75215,  75216, 75217, 75223, 75226, 75227, 75241.   

Clinic appointments cost $10 here. 

There is only one City Square clinic in Dallas: 

  • 2835 Al Lipscomb Way, Dallas, TX 75215 – 972.817.6000

This Dallas FQHC offers the following services: 

  • Primary care
  • Mental health 
  • Chronic disease care
  • Referrals to outside providers when City Square is unable to treat you
  • City Square food pantry that is open Tuesday to Friday 9 am to 4 pm
  • Legal services for low income Dallas families 
  • A City Square Housing Program to help you with an affordable place to stay

To schedule a clinic appointment contact the city Square Community Health Center at 972.817.6000

Easter Seals North Texas 

The Easter Seals provides low cost medical services as well as other programs to individuals in Dallas. 

If you are seeking rehabilitation or Autism services this is an organization that can potentially help you. 

The Easter Seals have 3 offices in the Dallas metroplex 

  • Fort Worth – 1424 Hemphill Street, Fort Worth, TX 76104 – 817.332.7171
  • North Dallas – 4443 North Josey Lane, Carrollton, TX 75010 – 972.394.8900
  • South Dallas – 1666 N. Hampton Rd, Suite 112, Desoto, TX 75115 – 972.939.3966

Services offered by the Easter Seals of North Texas: 

You can make an appointment with an Easter Seals doctor by calling them at 817.332.7171

Healing Hands Ministries Dallas 

Healing Hands Ministries is a faith-based low cost clinic in Dallas. They accept Medicare and Medicaid as well as other forms of insurance. This clinic also works on a sliding scale

You will find 2 Healing Hands Ministries Clinics in Dallas:  

  • Greenville – 8515 Greenville Ave, STE N-108, Dallas, TX 75243 – 214.221.0855
  • Vickery – 5750 Pineland Dr. STE 150, Dallas, TX 75231 – 214.379.4393

Services offered at the Healing Hands Dallas clinics include: 

  • Mental health treatment
  • Primary care
  • Pediatrics
  • Well women’s exams
  • Chronic condition care (diabetes, asthma, etc)
  • Dental
  • Transportation to Healing Hands appointments 
  • Referrals to other providers if they cannot treat you 

To make an appointment simply call either Dallas community clinic (Greenville or Vickery). You will also need to bring certain documents like proof of residency and income, your ID, SNAP letter, etc. 

Los Barrios Unidos 

Los Barrios Unidos clinics provide affordable health care services to low income Dallas residents via their 2 FQHC clinics. 

This low cost Dallas clinic accepts those that are uninsured, those with Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and private health insurance plans also. 

Those 2 Dallas area clinics are located at:  

  • West Dallas (adult PCP, pediatrics, WIC) – 809 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212 –214.540.0300
  • South Oak Cliff (adult PCP, pediatrics, WIC) – 4732 W. Illinois Ave, Dallas, TX 75211 – 214.540.0300

Services offered at both Los Barrios Unidos clinics are: 

  • Adult Primary care 
  • Pediatrics
  • Well womens
  • Dental 
  • WIC
  • Pharmacy 
  • Mental health (counseling and psychiatry)
  • Nutrition education
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry
  • Referrals if Los Barrios is unable to treat you

To schedule an appointment call Los Barrios Unidos at 214.540.0300.

North Dallas Shared Ministries 

North Dallas Shared Ministries offers low cost medical care (and other services) to individuals in the Dallas area. 

This Dallas clinic is located at: 

  • 2875 Merrell Rd, Dallas, TX 75229 – 214.358.8700

North Dallas Shared Ministries helps in other ways like: 

  • Medical clinic
  • Dental
  • Mental health
  • Offering eye exams and eyeglasses 
  • Employment counseling
  • Food programs 
  • ESL classes 

To schedule an appointment with this low cost Dallas clinic call them at 214.358.8700.

Prism Health North Texas (HIV/AIDS Primary Care) 

Prism Health (formerly AIDS Arms) is a Dallas specialty clinic that focuses on the LGBT population and individuals diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. 

This agency has 3 Dallas clinics:

  • Oak Lawn Center – 2801 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX – 469.687.3200
  • Oak Cliff Health Center – 219 Sunset Ave, Suite 116-A, Dallas, TX – 972.807.7370
  • South Dallas Health Center – 4922 Spring Ave, Dallas, TX 75210 – 214.421.7848

Services provided are: 

  • HIV Primary care
  • Transgender Primary care
  • STD testing in Dallas 
  • Pharmacy
  • Mental health
  • Case Management
  • PrEP Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis

To schedule an appointment call any of their Dallas clinics or book your appointment online

Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas (Primary care for American Indians in Dallas) 

Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas is a Dallas FQHC clinic that specializes in providing health care to American Indians. 

To receive services at this clinic you must be Native American or Alaskan Native. 

This clinic was created to address the distrust that some American Indians have toward non-American Indians healthcare settings. To prevent patients from driving back to Oklahoma for healthcare, the Urban Inter-Tribal Center of Texas was created. 

There is one Urban Inter-Tribal clinic located at: 

  • 1261 Record Crossing Rd, Dallas, TX 75235 – 214.941.1050

The following services are offered here: 

  • Primary care
  • STD testing in Dallas County
  • Family planning 
  • Nike shoe program for diabetic clients. Patients at the Urban Inter-Tribal clinic receive a free pair every 6 months. 
  • Diabetes care
  • Social Services 
  • Nutrition classes 
  • Job training
  • Dental services

To make an appointment call Urban Inter-Tribal clinic at 214.941.1050. 


Diabetes and high blood pressure don’t take a break just because you are temporarily uninsured. 

Whether it’s due to homelessness or you lost your health insurance due to a job layoff, you can get the healthcare you need at any of these low cost Dallas clinics. 

FQHC clinics are located all over Dallas and willing to treat you regardless of your ability to pay or lack of insurance. 

Lastly, I will admit wait times at a Dallas FQHC may not be as fast as Baylor Medical Center, but some treatment is better than nothing especially if you have a chronic condition. The last thing you want is for your medical condition to worsen while you wait for the perfect provider so contact any of these clinics if you need medical treatment.

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