How To Rent An Apartment If You Have An Eviction On Your Rental History

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How To Rent An Apartment If You Have An Eviction On Your Rental History

It can be hard to find an apartment when you have a rental history that includes an eviction. That’s why we’re going to talk about how to rent an apartment with an eviction on your record and what steps you need to take in order for this process to work.

3 Steps To Take If You Have An Eviction On Your Rental History

If you are having a hard time finding a landlord to rent to you consider these 3 steps:

  1. Focus on private landlords
  2. Have a GOOD reason why you were evicted
  3. Work with apartment locators who know of landlords that consider tenants with evictions in their rental history.

1. Focus On Private Landlords

First off if you have an eviction on your rental history it may be more difficult getting an apartment at larger, more corporate apartment complexes. These places typically go by the book and the person you are dealing with in the leasing office is not the owner. This means that they do not have the authority to accept you, even if you have a valid reason for being evicted.

Instead of larger apartment complexes, seek out private landlords. Owners who are renting out a single room in their home, a garage apartment, a rent house, or even rooming house.

Even though a typical landlord will turn you away if they find an eviction on your rental history, private landlords are often able to make their own rules. You may be accepted if you’re willing to pay 2 – 3 times the standard monthly rent upfront.

One of the best places to find a private landlord is by searching Craigslist. This website is full of private landlords who could be willing to look past the eviction on your rental history.

2. Have A Good Reason Why You Were Evicted

The next thing you need to do is have a GOOD reason why you were evicted.

Emphasis on GOOD REASON.

The landlord will undoubtedly ask why you were evicted. Renting to someone with an eviction on their rental history is a risk to the landlord. You need to be prepared to answer this question with a logical answer.

Questions that you can expect to answer when seeking an apartment if you have an eviction on your rental history are:

  • What happened?
  • Why didn’t you work out an arrangement with the landlord?
  • Why didn’t you leave when the landlord served you with a “notice to vacate” sign?

3. Work With An Apartment Locator To Find Landlords Willing To Consider Someone With An Eviction In Their Rental History

If anyone will know of landlords in your area who with people with bad rental histories, it’s an apartment locator.

Contact your local apartment locator and be honest about the eviction in your rental history or broken lease. Having an eviction in your rental history will certainly make finding an apartment harder, but it is not impossible. There are always local landlords who are willing to look past a bad rental history for one reason or another. One reason is money…

As aforementioned if you can pay 2 to 3 months of rent upfront this will show the landlord that you are serious about paying rent on time each month.


There are always landlords willing to rent to people with a bad rental history. It will take more effort on your part but if you follow the advice in this article, you will have a better chance of finding an apartment and a landlord who is willing to look past the eviction in your rental history.

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