How To Schedule Or Cancel A Harris Health Appointment

Harris Health appointment

How To Schedule or Cancel a Harris Health Appointment

In this guide, I am going to show you how to schedule or cancel a Harris Health appointment. 

If you recently qualified for your Gold Card, you will need to become familiar with this process. Thankfully the Harris Health System has made this task extremely easy to perform. 

I’m Nick Bryant, founder of where we help clients and medical professionals connect to understand how services like scheduling appointments with Harris Health System work. 

Today I’m going to provide you with step by step instructions on using the Harris Health Patient Appointment Line that will help you to navigate all of the services they offer. 

Editor’s note: If you’re reading this guide it is assumed that you already qualified for Harris Health System services. If this is not the case you Refer to our guide titled How to apply for a Harris Health Gold Card. This guide will help you understand the enrollment process.

What Is The Harris Health Patient Appointment Center? 

The Harris Health Patient Appointment Center is a helpline that allows you to schedule or cancel your doctor’s visits at Harris Health clinics.

What Is The Number To The Harris Health Appointment Center? 

The Harris health appointment phone number is 713.526.4243.  

What Are The Business Hours Of The Appointment Line? 

The patient appointment center is open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 pm. 

This helpline is closed on the weekends although you still call and speak to a nurse by dialing option 3 on Saturdays and Sundays. 

How To Schedule Or Cancel A Harris Health Appointment

To schedule or cancel a visitation with your Harris Health doctor you simply need to call the patient appointment center at 713.526.4243. 

You can also schedule appointments with your primary care doctor through the MyHealth website.  I will talk more about the Harris Health my health app in the following section.

MyHealth Website (Harris Health System) 


MyHealth Is a website that allows Harris health patients to perform a number of Medical services Including:

  • Scheduling an appointment 
  • Canceling an appointment
  • Ordering prescription refills from Harris Health pharmacies 
  • Review your test results 
  •  Message your Harris Health doctors with any medical questions that you may have 

How Do I Create A Harris Health MyHealth Profile?

To create a MyHealth profile you have three different options.

  1.  You can visit the MyHealth website and create a profile online. 
  2. Contact the MyHealth help desk at 713.634.1661 for assistance in creating a profile. 
  3. Talk with your doctor or your nurse during your next medical visit and they can assist you with setting up a MyHealth account. 

Other Important Harris Health Phone Numbers

In this section, we will provide additional Harris Health System phone numbers that you may need to use in the future. 

Ask My Nurse Helpline

The Harris Health Ask My Nurse helpline is a telephone number that is available to you 24 hours a day. 

This free helpline is staffed by nurses who can answer all of your medical questions. If you have a situation that you are unsure if it requires a visit to the emergency room this telephone number is a good resource for you. The nurses that answer this nurse line can talk to you about options that you have.

If you have questions for a nurse you can call the Harris Health Ask My Nurse line at 713.634.1110.

Harris Health Eligibility Line 

This helpline will provide you with the eligibility requirements that are needed to qualify for treatment throughout the Harris Health System. 

The Harris health eligibility line telephone number is 713.566.6509.

Harris Health Billing Questions 

The Harris Health billing office telephone number is 713.566.6600.

If you are a Harris Health System patient or you Received treatment at one of their hospitals (Ben Taub or LBJ) this is the telephone number that you call to learn more about your medical bills. 


If you have a gold card and you need to schedule an appointment you can call the Harris Health appointment line at 713 526 4243. You can also use this telephone number to cancel or reschedule appointments at Harris health clinics.

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