What Is The Harris Health System Phone Number?  

what is the harris health system phone number

What is the Houston Gold Card Phone Number?  

In this guide, I will provide you with the telephone number to the Harris Health System. You can use this number to learn more about the Gold Card, eligibility, or anything else Harris Health related. 

What Is The Harris Health System? 

Harris Health System is a large network of clinics and hospitals that offer medical treatment to the low-income, uninsured, unemployed, and homeless patients in Harris County. 
Treatment is offered through multiple Harris Health System health centers, same-day clinics, specialty clinics, and local hospitals. 
Editor’s Note: You can learn more about each Gold Card clinic in Houston, by reading our guide titled 37 Harris Health Clinics That Provide Treatment To The Uninsured
To schedule an appointment at any of these clinics you will need to know which Harris Health phone number to dial. In the following sections, you will learn how to contact the eligibility phone number as well as Gold Card appointment line. 

What Is The Harris Health System Phone Number? 

The Harris Health phone number is 713.566.6509. You can learn more about eligibility, what supporting documents are needed, and even have a Gold Card mailed to your address by calling this Harris Health number. 

How Do You Make An Appointment With A Gold Card Clinic? 

If you already have the Gold Card and need to schedule a clinic appointment you can call the Harris Health System patient appointment line at 713.526.4243.


You can speak to someone with the Gold Card by dialing the Harris Health System phone number at 713.566.6509.  This is the number to eligibility. 
If you have your Gold Card and need to cancel or make an appointment with a Harris Health clinic, you can dial 713.526.4243
For more information about applying for the Gold Card, documents needed to apply, or clinics in your area you can visit the Harris Health System website

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