How The Rebuilding Together Houston Home Repair Program Works

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Rebuilding Together Houston: A Home Repair Program For Seniors, Vets, Those With Disabilities

In this guide, I will tell you about a non-profit that offers free home repairs in Houston. That non-profit is Rebuilding Together Houston.

If you are a senior, have a disability, or you’re a veteran and need help with repairing your house, this non-profit may be able to help you.

Continue reading to see if this Houston home repair program may be able to help you revitalize your home!

What Is Rebuilding Together Houston?

Rebuilding Together Houston is a nonprofit organization that provides free home repairs in Houston.

This includes projects like:

  • Home renovations
  • Minor repairs
  • Mobility improvements
  • Power-efficient enhancements

The populations that Rebuild Together works with are low-income seniors, those with disabilities, and veteran homeowners.

What Type Home Repair Services Are Offered? 

Rebuild Together Houston offers a range of repair works that a normal household might need in Houston.

These repair works could be related to electrical wiring connections, plumbing, bathroom-related repairs, interior safety upgrades, exterior repairs for wood-sided single-story houses, and foundation repairs.

Free Houston Home Repair Programs 

Here are a few programs offered by the organization you can use:

Volunteer Home Repair

Many volunteer groups help with small home repair projects, such as caulking, painting the outside of buildings, scraping, securing windows and doors, and restoring the siding. 

Volunteering work is only assigned after qualified professionals complete their portion of the project on the home’s structural, plumbing, or electrical systems.

East End Houston Free Home Repair Program

This home repair program can help you to make improvements to your home if you live in Second Ward or Magnolia Park, or Manchester.

This particular program offers help like:

  • Free roof repairs in Houston
  • Structural stabilization
  • Repairs to the outside of your home
  • Safety upgrades and modifications

To qualify for this Houston home repair program you will need to have a low income, your name is listed on the home deed, you live in the home full time, and you are up to date on your Harris County property taxes.

Veteran Home Repair Programs

If you are a veteran who is disabled or has a low income, Rebuilding Together Houston may be able to assist you.

In addition to income requirements, you need to be a full-time resident at the home, be current on your property taxes, and have your name on the home deed.

Veterans who meet the above qualifications may qualify to have their roof repaired, receive free plumbing, electrical, or structural repairs. Installing safety upgrades is also a possibility if you are a veteran in Houston that needs free home repairs.

Free Wheelchair Ramps In Harris County

There is also a free wheelchair ramp program involving skilled volunteers who design and make robust wheelchair ramps for elderly residents, helping them with mobility. 

You can learn more about this program by visiting the Rebuilding Together Houston website.

How To Apply For Free Home Repairs In Houston

To apply for this Houston home repair program you will need to ensure that you qualify and then visit the Rebuilding Together Houston website to complete an application.

How To Volunteer To Rebuild Homes In Houston

There are many volunteer opportunities at Rebuilding Together Houston. To learn more or register to help build homes, you can visit the Rebuilding Together volunteer webpage.


If you’re a senior, veteran, or have disabilities and live in Houston then this is the article for you.

Rebuild Together helps those who qualify with free home repairs that include projects like home renovations, minor repairs, mobility improvements, or power-efficient enhancements.

For more information about this Houston home repair program, you can visit the Rebuilding Together website or call them at 713.659.2511.

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