How To Renew Your Houston Gold Card Insurance

renew harris health gold card

How To Renew Your Harris Health Gold Card

If you currently have a Harris Health Gold Card and want to continue coverage for the next 12 months you will need to renew your coverage. 

In this guide I will show you the simple steps to follow to renew your Gold Card for the upcoming year. 

When To Reapply For Gold Card

You will need to reapply for Gold Card 11 months after you initially qualify for coverage. 

The Gold Card will provide you with 12 months of medical coverage, but, Harris Health encourages you to reapply 30 days before your coverage ends. If you were to qualify for coverage in the month of October, you would want to reapply for Harris Health in September. 

Gold Card Renewal Application

To reapply you will need to complete a Harris Health application. This application is the exact same document that you completed when you first applied for Gold Card coverage. Below is an example of the Gold Card renewal application as well as a link to download your application

harris health gold card application

Download Gold Card Application in Spanish and English

You can use the following links to download the Gold Card application of your choice:

In addition to completing the Gold Card renewal application, you will also need to provide some supporting documents like: 

  • Identification
  • Birth Certificates for dependents
  • Proof of residency (bills in your name)
  • Proof of income or paycheck stubs are important when reapplying for Gold Card. Be sure to submit these documents so that there are no delays in getting your Gold Card processed. 
  • Current health insurance if you have any

You can refer to this list of supporting documents needed for Gold Card to ensure you have everything that is needed. 

Where To Deliver Your Application (Harris Health Eligibility Centers)

Once you have completed your Gold Card application you can deliver it to any of the Harris Health eligibility centers listed below: 

  • Acres Homes Clinic – 818 Ringold St, Houston, TX 77088
  • MLK Eligibility Center – 3550-A Swingle Road, Houston, TX 77047
  • El Franco Lee Clinic – 8901 Boone Road, Houston, TX 77099
  • Strawberry Clinic – 927 Shaw Ave, Pasadena, TX 77506

These clinics are open Monday through Friday although the hours at each eligibility center vary.  If you need to contact a particular eligibility center you can call the main Harris Health phone number at 713.566.6509 for more information. 


It is important that you renew your Gold Card prior to it expiring. Failing to renew your coverage could mean that you have to start the enrollment process all over again. 

The key things to remember regarding renewing your Gold Card are: 

  • You will use the same Gold Card application that you used when you first applied. 
  • The Gold Card needs to be renewed every 12 months, but to be on the safe side it’s best to start this process 30 days before your coverage ends. 

If you have more questions regarding Gold Card renewals you can contact the Harris Health eligibility line at 713.566.6509 or see our guide titled How to Apply for Harris Health Gold Card

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16 thoughts on “How To Renew Your Houston Gold Card Insurance

  1. Angela Yvette Benjamin Reply

    Please give me the steps to renewing my gold card during the virus stage

  2. Cortni Christine Martin Reply

    I don’t have a printer. Can the application be mailed to me?

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Cortni, yes it can be mailed. Just call the Harris Health eligibility number (713.566.6509) and they can mail an application to you.

  3. Zaid Miguel Reply

    Como cambiar mi dirección de mi tarjeta dorada porque donde vivía rentando la dueña nunca me la dio como puedo hacer eso

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hola Zaid, para cambiar la dirección de su Gold Card, es posible que deba completar otra solicitud de Gold Card. No estoy del todo seguro, así que comuníquese con su línea de elegibilidad al 713-566-6509 para confirmarlo.

  4. Jerry D Velek Reply

    Yes I’m on the homeless plan and I need to know where I have to go to renew my application.. since I’m on the homeless plan

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Jerry, hope all is well with you my man.

      Not sure where you received your homeless Gold Card, but if it was from a Houston shelter, most likely they can renew it.

      If they shut down or changed hours due to COVID check out this guide called Homeless Gold Card Houston: How To Apply For Homeless Gold Card and you’ll see a list of homeless shelters and day centers that can better direct you.

      Thanks for reaching out boss man, and just message me if you have other questions about the Houston homeless Gold Card or anything else I’m happy to help.


  5. Clifton Lindsey Reply

    I was being treated for various acute ailments a few years ago and let my coverage lapse. During that time my support came from my mother, as I lived in her home. Since then, my mother has passed away and I have no financial support other than selling items of her estate to pay the utilities and a little food. Thank God the house is paid for and I don’t have to come up with rent as well. I’ve filed for SSDI twice already in the past few years and am planning to try again soon.
    My question is: If I have no real income and nobody supporting me – what do I do?

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Clifton, honestly I’m not sure about your scenario.

      Typically if someone doesn’t have an income they can sign up for the homeless Gold Card, however, you have an address so I don’t think you’d qualify for it.

      It’s probably best that you call the eligibility center directly at 713.566.6509 to get their official word.

  6. Beatrice Reply

    I applied for the Goldcard on 2018. I have now healthcare coverage. Do I have to call and cancel or because the 12 months for renewal has passed I don’t have to call.

    Thank You

  7. Lynn Lee Reply

    My homeless friend has yet again reapplied and he’s in Goldcard limbo and meanwhile unable to fill any of his meds. He regularly went to El Franco and was on a variety of important meds from Zoloft to Gabopentin to BP meds. Why does it have to be so hard? He applied before it expired, dropped it off in person, etc.

    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Lynn, sorry to hear about the frustrations your friend is facing.

      Not sure if he needs to see a doctor anytime soon for meds, but if he went to El Franco Lee, I’m assuming he’s in SW Houston. If so Legacy has a clinic off Bissonnet that may be a temporary option while the Gold Card gets renewed. He can contact them at 832.548.5000 if he needs to see a doctor sooner.

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