Security Guard Training Houston: How To Become A Texas Security Officer

security guard training houston

Security Guard Training Houston: How To Become A Texas Security Officer

In this guide, I will explain how you can find security guard training in Houston, Texas. 

Becoming a security guard could be a great career option if you are just starting your work life or a good choice if you want to work in a new industry. What is great about starting a new career as a security guard is the limited amount of training that is needed to start as a Level II security guard. This is also a good option if you are the type of worker who does not mind working overtime because shifts are always available. 

After reading this article you will have a solid understanding of the requirements needed for this line of work as well as how to find security guard training in Houston. 

What Is A Security Guard?

As a security guard, you would be hired to protect people, property, or both. The things you are guarding against as a security guard are arson, robbery, theft, violence, vandalism, extremism, and criminal activity in general. The main way you prevent crimes from occurring is by patrolling, inspecting, and in some cases using video surveillance to keep an eye on things.  

Duties And Responsibilities Of A Security Guard In Houston

As a security guard, you will have to be prepared to take on many roles and multi-task in some cases.  General duties of a security guard include: 

  • Lock doors and gates of entrances and exits at the buildings that you work. 
  • Contact the police or fire departments if there is an emergency at your building. This could include calling Houston Fire Department for fires or contacting EMS if someone has a medical emergency. 
  • If someone is having a medical emergency respond with basic first aid. 
  • Answer phone calls, answer questions, direct people, provide general information to visitors of your building. 
  • Inspect security systems like monitors and alarms. 
  • Educate visitors and workers of building violations. Ask those who are unwilling to abide by rules to leave. 
  • Inspect and patrol the premises daily.
  • Keep an eye on the property’s entrance.
  • Report unusual activity. 
  • Make police reports if there is theft on the property. 
  • Protect all exits, doors, and windows.
  • React to warnings and take action as soon as possible.
  • Submit regular surveillance activity logs.
  • Open the building to begin the day. 
  • Close the building to end the shift. 

Requirements To Become A Houston Security Guard

Every security guard position is different, but essentially these are the requirements to become a security officer in Houston: 

  • Have your security guard license (II, III, or IV)
  • You will need to be fingerprinted and have a background check
  • Drug tests are required 
  • The applicant must be a permanent resident of the United States or provide evidence of fitness to work in the United States. 
  • Communication skills are needed to write daily reports and relay information to others that you encounter. 
  • Outstanding observation and surveillance abilities. 
  • Experience monitoring systems is a plus. 
  • Any self-defense training will help you stand out among other security guards. 
  • Basic First Aid training is another skill that you will need. 
  • Become a registered security office. Later in this guide, I will provide you with places to find security guard training in Houston. 
  •  Problem-solving abilities and critical thinking.
  •  Excellent time-management capacity. 
  • A diploma from a high school is required 

How Much Money Does a Security Guard in Houston Make?

According to, the average hourly pay of a security guard in Houston is $16.60. 

This would make a Houston security guard’s monthly pay $2,747 and annual salary $38,797. This is assuming that you worked straight 40-hour shifts and did not work any overtime. 

Also keep in mind the more security guard licenses you obtain, the more money you can command. 

Education Programs for Security Guards

Most security guard employers in Houston will offer some on-the-job training to new hires. That being said you will still need to become licensed to work as a security guard in Texas. 

Security guards must meet the standards of each state in terms of the amount and form of training necessary, so professionals employed in various states will be required to complete several training programs.

Security guard in Houston training programs are usually expected to be completed within the first 100 days of employment, but this can vary. 

Basic protection methods, investigations, report writing, patrolling approaches, weapon use, and emergency procedures are usually addressed during security guard in Houston training programs. 

Staff who specialize in unique forms of security management, such as private security, airport security, armored car security, or armed escort security, may need to take additional courses to learn the required skills.

What To Look For When Choosing A Training Program

Security Guard training can be offered either in person or online. Any current family responsibilities will be a deciding factor in whether in-person or online security guard training is better for you. 

Online courses, for example, could be suitable for those who want to train as a security guard in Houston while working full-time, as well as those who want to take programs that aren’t available where they live. 

When choosing a training program, it’s important to note the distinction between armed and unarmed security guards. These are similar positions, but they have somewhat different requirements. 

Armed security guards must be qualified to carry weapons and skilled in their proper use. When choosing a security guard in a Houston training program, keep in mind the type of work you want to do as a security guard, and be sure to check your state’s licensing requirements, particularly for armed security guards.

What Are The Different Security Guard Levels? (Security Guard II, III, IV)

There are 3 levels of security guards in Texas. Those are Security Guard II, III, IV. You cannot skip levels. For instance, if you would like to be a bodyguard in Texas (security guard IV), you will need to complete levels II and III. 

There is a saying that goes “the more you learn, the more you earn” and this is true for the security field as well, because you can command more money with each level that you reach. 

Security Guard Level II is the first tier and most basic level of training. The Texas Department of Public Safety requires that you complete a 6-hour class and pass a test at this level. 

Security Guard Level III allows you to carry a weapon. This leads to higher-paid security guard jobs in Houston. At this level, you will need to complete a 45-hour course. 

Security Guard Level IV allows you to work as a personal protection officer. This training requires anywhere from a 15 to 30-hour course. 

Security Guard Training Classes In Houston

Whether you are looking to become an armed or unarmed security guard in Houston, this listing of training programs can help you get your license and start that new career. 

Security Guard Training Of Houston Texas

This is a security guard training academy in Houston that can help you get licensed. 

This training program offers the following security guard programs: 

  • Level 2 security guard training in Houston. This is an online class. 
  • Level 3 security guard training in Houston. They can also help you to recertify. 
  • A 4-hour license to carry and a handgun in Texas class

This security guard training program is located in west Houston, near the intersection of I-10 and Highway 6. The address is 16000 Barkers Point Lane, Suite 201, Houston, TX 77099. For more information, you can visit the Security Guard Training of Houston Texas website or call them at 713.391.4410

Top Gun Security Houston

Top Gun is a security guard company that provides training in Houston, Texas. 

At Top Gun, you can become a certified security guard via classroom or online training. The complete list of security officer training includes classes like: 

  • Level 2 security guard training
  • Level 3 security guard training. Also, level 3 recertification classes in Houston are offered at Top Gun
  • Level 4 security guard training to become a licensed bodyguard in Texas. They can also recertify you as well. 
  • Concealed handgun certification
  • Private investigator training in Houston
  • Expandable baton certification classes
  • OC Spray training

Top Gun has 4 security guard training programs in Texas. Those are located in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and Houston. The Houston security guard training class is in League City, TX. The address is 550 North Egret Bay Blvd, League City, Texas 77573. 

You can learn more by visiting the Top Gun security services website or by calling them at 281.335.3641

Security Tactics Academy 

Security Tactics Academy is another place that you can go for security officer training in Houston. Classes are offered in-person and online. 

The security guard trainings that are offered at this academy include: 

  • Level 2 security guard training
  • Level 3 security guard training and recertifications
  • Level 4 personal protection officer training in Houston
  • License to carry training

In addition to helping you get your security guard license, Security Tactics Academy also helps you find Houston security officer jobs. 

To learn more you can visit the Security Tactics Academy website, visit their office at 6110 Pinemont Dr, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77092, or call them at 832.834.4476

S.E.A.L. Security

This Houston security guard training academy can help you to become either a level 2 or level 3 security officer. 

For more information, visit the SEAL Security website, go to their west Houston office at 1525 Blalock Road, Houston, TX 77080, or call them at 866.949.0895.

How Long Does It Take To Become A Security Guard In Houston?

It can take between 2 weeks to 45 days to become a security guard in Houston. The bulk of this time could be waiting for the Texas Department of Public Safety to process your background check

Simply training to become a level II security guard will take the least amount of time. This training is only 6 hours. You are not able to carry a firearm with this training. 

Training to become a Level III security guard will require that you complete a 45-hour class

If you would like to become a bodyguard in Texas (security guard level IV), you will need to complete security guard levels II and III. Generally level IV security officer training in Texas requires that you complete a class that is between 15 to 30 hours long. 

How Much Does Training Cost To Become a Security Guard In Texas?

The cost of Houston security guard training can range between $150 and $400. This includes the costs of fees for your security guard license which are paid to the Texas Department of Public Safety, any classes that you take, fingerprints, and other miscellaneous costs. 

To become a level II security guard in Houston (non-gun, non-commissioned) it will cost $37 for the license. This is also the renewal fee. 

The license for a level III security guard (can carry a gun, commissioned) will cost $57 with the state of Texas. This price includes your yearly Texas security guard renewal fee. 

Where To Find Security Guard Jobs In Houston 

If you are searching for a security guard job in Houston these are some of the best places to look for work: 

  • Indeed is one of the largest job search websites on the internet. On any given day you can find Houston security guard jobs at universities, hospitals, and even chemical plants. 
  • Craigslist has a whole “Security guard” section under its job tab where you can find employers who are looking for non-commissioned and commissioned security officers in Houston. One advantage of applying for a posting on Craigslist is your ability to communicate directly with the hiring manager. 
  • Staffing agencies in Houston can also help you to find a security guard position in Harris County. We have written a thorough guide filled with staffing agencies to place you in a job quickly. That guide is called Staffing Agencies In Houston: A Motivated Job Seeker’s Guide To Finding A Job Fast


If you like the idea of protecting others and their property, becoming a security guard in Houston could be a great career move. The more security guard licenses you obtain increases your demand and your pay. In addition, this could be a career path to eventually work in a police department, the FBI, or you could own your own security guard company. The possibilities are endless. 

To start your new career, contact any of the security guard training programs in Houston to learn about class schedules and costs.

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