How Turning Point Center Works | A Houston Homeless Shelter For Seniors

Turning Point Center

How Turning Point Center Works | A Houston Homeless Shelter For Seniors

When you think about the Houston homeless population, sometimes we forget about the elderly adults out there.

One organization that never forgets about this population is an agency called Turning Point Center.

In this guide I will explain how this agency works to provide homeless elderly adults in Houston with all the resources they need to live a self-sufficient life.

What Is Turning Point Center? 

This is a shelter that helps homeless elderly adults in Houston.

What Age Adults Are Accepted Here?

To be accepted into the shelter you must be age 50 and older.

Where Is Turning Point Center Located? 

The center is located in Houston’s Spring Branch neighborhood.

The address is 1701 Jacquelyn, Houston, TX 77055. Their phone number is 713.957.0099.

What Services Does Turning Point Center Offer?

This Spring Branch shelter offers many services to the homeless elderly adults in Houston.

Here are some of those services:

  • Housing – The primary service that is offered here is housing. Clients live in a fully furnished apartment. Typically the apartments are 2-3 bedrooms and you share this with other roommates.
  • Meals – Clients receive 3 meals a day.
  • Counseling – Homeless elderly adults in Houston who suffer from depression or substance abuse can find assistance here at Turning Point Center.
  • Help Obtaining Benefits – Another service is assistance applying for benefits, whether it be SSI, food stamps, Medicare, Medicaid, etc.
  • Transportation – TPC provides clients with transportation to and from doctor, dental and other medical appointments.
  • Job Training – Clients at the center receive training in various areas. Some of those areas include; basic computer skills, cooking, dishwashing, office clerk, social services, lawn and gardening etc.

How To Enroll in Turning Point Center Houston 

In this section I will explain how you can find placement at the Turning Point Center shelter.

1. Call Turning Point Center

The first step is to call Turning Point. When you call ask the person answering to direct you to intake or client services. From there they can answer any questions you may have about the center.

2. Collect The Appropriate Documents

Before visiting TPC for your intake you need to collect the appropriate documents.

Turning Point requires the following documents:

3. Visit Turning Point Center For Your Intake

Now that you’ve collected all the appropriate documents, you must choose a day/time to visit TPC.

The center accepts new intake appointments on any day Monday – Friday. The times to visit are between 10 am and 4 pm.

Note: Visit Turning Point as early as possible during the day. Like most social services, you don’t want to wait until last minute to visit, especially if you are seeking emergent services. 

How To Contact Turning Point Center

Turning Point Center is located in Houston’s Spring Branch neighborhood. The address is 1701 Jacquelyn, Houston, TX 77055.

You can call them at 713.957.0099.

Business hours are Monday through Friday 9 am to 5 pm.

Need More Homeless Shelters In Houston?

Should you need more options regarding Houston homeless shelters, refer to our Ultimate Guide To Finding Homeless Shelters In Houston.

This comprehensive guide contains information on over 40 Houston homeless shelters for men, women and children.


Turning Point Center should be one of the first agencies you think of should you encounter a homeless senior here in Houston. 

They provide a number of resources to help this fragile population recover from any setbacks they have experienced in life.

As long as your client is 50 years or older and has a desire to do right, sending them to Turning Point Center is a good option for them.

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