Can You Apply For Housing In A Different City Than Where You Live?

apply for housing different city

Can You Apply For Housing In A Different City Than The One You Live In?

In this housing guide, you will learn if it’s possible to apply for a housing program in a different area.

This is one topic that the general public may not be aware of, however, understanding this can potentially get you housing faster.

Keep reading to learn about whether or not you can apply for housing somewhere else.

Can I Get Housing In Another City Than Wher I Live?

Yes, you can get housing in another city. HUD allows you to apply for either Section 8 or Public Housing in any city, town, or state in the U.S.

Again many people do not know about this option, but you can use this rule to get housing faster because it gives you more options. This allows you to apply for housing on multiple waitlists.

What Is Portability?

Portability is a housing term that means a voucher holder can use their voucher to move (or “port”) to another participating jurisdiction.

If you have a voucher, you are not required to stay in your current unit or housing development. You may use your voucher to live in any participating jurisdiction that has available units.

How To Apply For Housing In A Different City

You will need to contact the housing authority in the city you are interested in moving to. If you have a place in mind that you would like to apply for Section 8 or Public Housing google search for the phone number of that housing authority in the city you want to move to.

You can also visit HUD website or call them at 800.955.2232 to find housing authorities around the country.

How To Get Housing Faster By Appling In Smaller Cities

The smaller cities tend to have fewer people on the waitlist. This is if they have a waitlist at all.

If you need housing soon and you live in a major city like Houston, consider looking 30 miles in any direction. The housing authorities in the surrounding counties of major cities likely have shorter housing waitlists.


You can apply for housing in a different city. HUD allows you to apply for housing in areas outside the place you currently live.

The only drawback is that local residents often are higher priorities. Even with this rule, you may get housing faster if you allow for Section 8 in a less populated area than where you live. This is especially true if you live in a major city.

If you have questions about how to find housing in different areas use the HUD website to local housing authorities across the country. You can also call HUD at 800.955.2232 for more information on housing authorities in different states.

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