What Is HUD Housing?

hud housing

What Is HUD Housing?

HUD is a government agency responsible for providing affordable housing for low-income families and certain populations with special needs. It also helps to develop and manage affordable housing. This article will provide an overview of HUD programs and services. To get more information, contact your local HUD representative or visit the HUD website

HUD Provides Affordable Housing To Low-Income Families

The HUD Housing provides affordable housing for low and moderate-income families program offers several different types of assistance. One such program is called Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, and it provides financial assistance for rent to low-income families and individuals who qualify. These vouchers are issued to families in need and provide the difference between the rent paid and the fair market rent. The HUD program has a waiting list for housing, and households are required to locate an eligible rental unit in order to receive their voucher. Federally, an affordable dwelling is one that costs 30 percent or less of a family’s income. However, this definition varies by city. To qualify for HUD-subsidized housing, a household must have an income of less than 80 percent of the area median income. 

HUD Also Provides Rental Assistance To Individuals With Disabilities

HUD Housing also provides housing for populations with disabilities. Large public housing agencies are more likely to provide housing for disabled households. Many HUD programs target low-income households with disabilities. The mainstream Housing Choice Voucher program does not provide the appropriate accommodations for these households. In addition, low-income households are more likely to have a disability. This is why these housing programs serve such a large segment of the population. The Department of Health and Human Services is expanding its partnership with other human services agencies and creating a new resource center to assist communities in ensuring the accessibility of housing for people with disabilities. The HUD Housing Resource Center aims to help communities leverage existing resources and ensure that all people can access affordable housing. It is designed to help communities meet the needs of people with disabilities and other populations. Listed below are some of the programs the Department of Housing and Urban Development supports.

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It Manages Affordable Housing Programs

The federal agency responsible for managing and developing affordable housing has an impressive track record. Over the past 30 years, it has helped millions of Americans and developed thousands of communities.  When you apply for either public housing or Section 8 you must do so through a housing authority that is managed by HUD. 

How To File A Complaint With HUD

In addition to managing housing programs, HUD also takes complaints when tenants feel like they are the victim of housing discrimination.  To file a complaint to HUD you can visit their “File A Complaint” webpage or call them at 800.669.9777


HUD is a federal agency that manages housing programs for low-income families throughout the U.S. Some of those programs include public housing and Section 8.  To learn more about affordable housing in the U.S. you can visit the HUD website or contact the housing authority in your city.   Similar Articles That May Interest You: