How To Schedule Curbside Pickups With Medicaid Transportation

Demand Response Transit

How To Schedule Curbside Pickups To Medical Appointments With Medicaid’s Demand Response Transit

In this post I will provide you with step by step instructions on enrolling into the Medicaid Transportation’s Demand Response Transit service. 

Demand Response Transit is a transportation service that comes to the door steps of Medicaid patients who have mobility issues. 

Before delving into Demand Response Transit, let’s let me first explore what Medicaid Transportation is. 

What is Medicaid Transportation? 

If you have Medicaid (or CHIP) health insurance you automatically qualify for a program called Medicaid Transportation.

This program provides you with free transportation to and from all of your medical appointments. Whether you need a ride to a medical check up with your doctor or a dentist appointment, Medicaid Transportation will ensure that you get there on time. 

For more information on this service see the Medicaid Transportation section of our Ultimate Guide To Cheap Medical Transportation In Houston.

The link above gives you a quick overview of the Medicaid Transportation Program. Learn more about the program if you are not already familiar. If you do know about the program, continue to the next section and I will tell you more about the Demand Response Transit Program. 

What Is The Medicaid Demand Response Transit Service? 

Demand Response Transit is a service that falls under the Medicaid Transportation Program. 

Which would you prefer?

Demand Response Transit Service picks you up at your front door and takes you to your doctor’s appointment.

The regular Medicaid Transportation service simply gives you bus passes that you use to get to and from your medical visits. 

Why You Might Need To Enroll In Medicaid’s Demand Response Transit Service

If you have mobility issues, you definitely want to enroll in the Medicaid Demand Response Transit Program. 

Here’s why. 

When you initially call Medicaid Transportation for a ride to your doctor’s appointment, they will respond by mailing you bus passes.

Note: When first speaking with Medicaid Transportation, you’ve got to mention that you have mobility issues to enroll in the Demand Response Transit Program. 

Many Metro stops are located blocks away from a person’s home, which means you’ve got to be in good condition to even reach the bus stop. 

If you have problems with mobility and 5 blocks to walk this could be problematic for you. 

Medicaid’s main goal is to help you get to your doctor’s appointment safely, which is why they created the Demand Response Transit Program. 

In the next section I will go step by step through the process of applying for the Demand Response Transit Service. 

How To Apply For Medicaid’s Demand Response Transit Service

Step 1: Call Medicaid Transportation

First things first, you’ve got to start off by calling your local Medicaid Transportation number. 

If you are located in the Houston/Beaumont area you must call 855.687.4786

If you live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area call 855.687.3255

Should you live anywhere else in the U.S. simply call 877.MED.TRIP to schedule your trip.  

Step 2: Request A Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need

After providing the Medicaid Transportation operator with your Medicaid ID number, tell them that you would like to request a Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need. 

In order to qualify to have someone to pick you up for medical appointments at your door step your primary care doctor will need to sign off. Medicaid will provide you with curbside pick ups to you as long as your doctor acknowledges that you do have a lack of mobility. 

The Medicaid Transportation operator will send the request for a Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need to your doctor although you will have to provide the following information: 

  • Your doctor’s name
  • The phone number to your doctor
  • The fax number to your doctor

Once you provide these things Medicaid Transportation will do the rest. 

Step 3: Give A Courtesy Call To Your Doctor

Medicaid Transportation will fax the Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need to your doctor, but it’s up to you to alert them. 

Give your doctor’s office a courtesy call to let them know that the request is being faxed so that they can keep an eye out for it. 

Once your doctor signs the statement and sends it back to Medicaid Transportation you will be approved for Demand Response Transit. Your enrollment in the program will be good for a whole year. Once your year is up, you simply make another request for a Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need. 


Again, Medicaid Transportation’s main goal is to get you to your medical appointments safely. 

If walking 5 blocks to a bus stop puts you at risk of falling, then consider applying for Medicaid’s Demand Response Transit Program. 

The first step is simply calling Medicaid Transportation at 877.MED.TRIP and then requesting a Healthcare Provider Statement Of Medical Need. Provide the operator with your doctor’s name, phone and fax number and they will take it from there. 

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