Medicaid Transportation Houston: How To Get A Free Ride To Your Doctor

Medicaid Transportation Houston

Medicaid Transportation Houston: How To Get A Free Ride To Your Doctor

Did you know that Medicaid will provide you with free rides to your doctor?

It’s true.

As a Medicaid recipient, you are entitled to free transportation through the Medical Transportation Program. This is commonly known as Medicaid Transportation.

If you have multiple doctor’s appointments in Houston and need help getting a ride, continue reading to learn how you can get free transportation to these medical visits.

What Is Medicaid Transportation?

Medicaid Transportation is a program that offers free transportation for Medicaid patients. This transportation program takes Medicaid patients (adults or children) to medical appointments. This includes free rides to medical appointments in Houston whether it’s to see your PCP, dentist, or pharmacy.

Editor’s Note: The official name of this program is called Medical Transporation Program. These free transportation services in Houston, TX are managed by the Texas Health and Human Services Department.

Eligibility For The Houston Medical Transporation Program

To receive free rides in Houston to doctor’s appointments and other healthcare visits, you need to be enrolled in one of these programs:

  • Medicaid Medicaid is a program for low-income families and individuals.
  • Transporation for Indigent Cancer PatientsThis service provides transportation to cancer patients with limited financial means from their homes to nearby or distant cancer treatment centers. 
  • Children with Special Health Care Needs – People with cystic fibrosis of any age and children 20 years and younger with special health care needs can benefit from this program

How Does Medicaid Help You Get To The Doctor

Medicaid will offer you bus cards, send a taxi or paratransit van, provide you with gas money to drive yourself, or pay for the cost of a plane or bus if you need to see a doctor in another city.

Typically Medicaid will start by offering you bus passes to ride Metro or another form of transportation. If you have mobility issues, you can request a van. To do this you will have to have your doctor vouch that you have limited mobility.

For more information about this process, you can read our guide that helps you schedule curbside pick-ups with Medicaid transportation.

What Type Of Medical Appointments Can I Book A Ride For?

Examples of healthcare appointments that you can use the Medical Transportation Program for include:

  • Doctor’s appointments.
  • Visits to your dentist.
  • Trips to your pharmacy to pick up your prescriptions.

Generally speaking, Medicaid Transportation offers rides to non-emergent medical appointments.

Will Medicaid Transportation Pay For An Ambulance?

No, Medicaid Transportation will not cover the cost of an ambulance ride. The purpose of this program is to help you attend non-emergent medical appointments.

Information Needed To Book A Ride With Medicaid

When calling for a ride with Medicaid, you will need to have the following information:

  • Your Medicaid ID or Social Security number.
  • The doctor’s name.
  • Provide the address and phone number to your doctor’s office.
  • Offer the address and phone number of the place that you will be picked up at.
  • Provide the reason why you need to visit your doctor.
  • Provide the date and time of your doctor’s appointment.
  • If accommodations for a wheelchair or you have limited mobility, be sure to let them know about your requests.

How To Schedule A Medicaid Transportation Ride In Houston

If you have Medicaid and want to schedule a ride through the Medical Transportation Program in Houston you will need to contact the specific insurance company that you have. This means calling the transportation number on the back of your United Healthcare, Molina, or Amerigroup plan to coordinate your free ride to the doctor.

Editor’s Note: Prior to June 1, 2021, you called a Houston area Medicaid Transportation number to schedule your ride. Now you will need to contact the specific insurance company that you receiver coverage through.

To coordinate your Medicaid transportation ride in Houston, find the specific insurance plan that you have and used the numbers found below to set up your trip.

United Healthcare

The transportation provider for United Healthcare patients is ModivCare. To schedule a ride if you are a Medicaid client in Houston with United Healthcare you will need to use the following phone numbers:

  • STAR Kids – 866-529-2117
  • STAR+PLUS/STAR/CHIP – 866-528-0441
  • MMP – 866-427-6607

For further information on your trip, call your Ride Assist phone number at any time Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm:

  • STAR Kids – 866-529-2120
  • STAR+PLUS/STAR/CHIP – 866-528-0443
  • MMP – 866-427-6608


Access 2 Care is a transportation company that provides rides to Medicaid clients who have Molina. You can contact Access 2 Care by dialing 866.462.4857.


You will need to contact Access 2 Care for help setting up a ride to your doctor if you have Medicaid’s Amerigroup health insurance. Below are the numbers that you can use to set up your ride.

  • STAR – 1-833-721-8184
  • STAR+PLUS​ – 1-844-867-2837
  • STAR Kids ​- 1-844-864-2443
  • MMP – 1-844-869-2767
  • TTY – 1-855-823-8587 (711)

How To Set Up A Medicaid Transportation Ride In Houston If You Do Not Have A Specific Health Plan

You will need to contact 877.633.8747 (877.MED.TRIP) if you do not have a specific Medicaid plan.

What Is The Medicaid Transportation Phone Number In Houston?

The number is 877.633.8747 to schedule your ride to a doctor or learn more about the Medical Transportation Program.

How To Receive Free Gas Money To Get To Your Doctor’s Appointments In Houston

You will need to call Medicaid Transportation at 877.633.8747 to receive gas money to drive to your doctor’s appointment.

Medicaid can help you to sign up for the Individuals Transportation Participant Program (ITP). In addition, this program can provide gas money to a family member or friend who is willing to give you a ride to your doctor.


If you’re on Medicaid and need a ride to your doctor’s appointments in Houston the Medical Transportation Program can help. You may also be eligible for free gas money as well as other transportation-related services.

To schedule a free ride to your doctor you will need to either:

  • Contact your specific Medicaid plan.
  • Call 877.633.8747 if you do not have a specific Medicaid plan.

You can learn more about how to get free transportation for Medicaid patients in Houston by visiting the Medical Transportation Program website.

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