Divorce Mediation Houston: A Free Divorce Resolution In Harris County

free divorce mediation Houston

Divorce Mediation Houston: A Free Divorce Resolution In Harris County

In this community resource guide, I will share some information that may help you if you are seeking divorce medication in Houston. A local program through the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center can assist you if you want to avoid paying the high costs of hiring a divorce attorney.

Divorce is a difficult process for any individual going through it, and divorce mediation in Houston offers individuals a low-cost divorce resolution option.

To discover more about how the Harris County Dispute Resolution Center can help you with your divorce issues, continue reading.

What Is The Harris County Dispute Resolution Center?

The Dispute Resolution Center (DRC) is a Harris County program that offers free mediation services in Houston to low-income citizens.

This program is managed by the Houston Bar Association and has been providing free Houston mediation services since 1980.

In addition to helping Houston couples going through a divorce, the DRC also helps sort out problems surrounding:

  • General disputes
  • Civil cases
  • And more…

You can learn more about other situations that the DRC can mediate by visiting the Dispute Resolution Center website and click on the “Programs” link.

How To Get Free Houston Divorce Mediation Services

First, you will need to have an annual household income of less than $80,000 for the Dispute Resolution Center in Harris County to provide mediation services.

Couples do not need to have children to receive these free divorce mediation services in Harris County.

This program will assist you with divorce disputes whether it is before or after a lawsuit was filed.

Types Of Divorce Situations That DRC Helps With

The DRC has a history of providing offering mediation to individuals in the following situations

  • Needing free divorce mediation in Houston
  • Those seeking help dealing with child custody, child support, and visitation disputes
  • Harris County common law separations
  • Property disputes after divorce
  • Giving grandparents custody or access to a child

Times And Locations That You Can Receive Divorce Dispute Mediation In Houston

Cases are heard at 9 am or 1 pm on days Monday through Thursday. On Fridays, you can receive free mediation services at 9 am.

An appointment must be made to receive assistance and you can schedule one by visiting the Dispute Resolution Center in Harris County website.

You can call the Harris County Resolution Center for mediations by dialing 713.274.7100.


If you are considering divorce, but want to keep the cost of your legal fees down, it may be worth looking into mediation services offered by The Harris County Dispute Resolution Center.

This is a free service that can help spouses come up with an agreement on things like child custody and property division without having to go through lengthy litigation in front of a judge.

To learn more about this process or get started with receiving free divorce mediation in Houston, visit the Dispute Resolution Center website, give them a call at 713-274-7100, or stop by their downtown Houston court location at Harris County Annex 21, 49 San Jacinto Street Suite 220, Houston, TX 77002.

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