Download Your Texas Medicaid Application

download texas medicaid application

Download Your Texas Medicaid Application

In this guide, we will supply you with a link to quickly download your Texas Medicaid application. 

Who Qualifies For Texas Medicaid? 

Here is a list of people who can apply for Medicaid: 

  • Children up to age 20 who live with their parent/guardian
  • Pregnant women
  • Adults who are caring for a child in their home who receives Medicaid
  • Adults who were in foster care at age 18 or older

Download Your Texas Medicaid Application Here

You can instantly download your application below: 

How To Mail A Medicaid Application To Your Home

This video will show you how to easily mail a Medicaid application to your mailbox. There is no charge to mail this application.

Additional Documents Needed To Apply For Medicaid

When applying for Medicaid you’ll need to submit the completed application as well as this list of documents.


Texas Health and Human Services will accept your driver’s license and Texas ID card as proof of ID.

Proof Of Residence

This can be a utility bill, driver’s license, Texas ID, or a letter from your landlord who is not a relative.

Income Statements

Submit the last 3 pay stubs, self-employment records, a statement from your employer, or last year’s tax return.

Social Security, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Pension Benefits

You can submit your award letter or pay stubs for these documents.

Proof Of Citizenship

This includes a birth certificate (copies of front and back), Medicare card, US passport, or Certificate of Naturalization.

Medical Costs

IF you owe money to doctors, hospitals, or pharmacies you will need to submit these bills from the past 3 months.

Other Documents That May Be Needed Include…

Information proving your immigration status, veterans benefits, unemployment, and military service.  These will not be requirements for everyone, however, if you receive any of these see 3rd page of the Medicaid application.

Where To Submit Your Medicaid Application

You can submit your application in the following ways. 

  • Mail – The PO Box is found on the 1st page of the Medicaid application. 
  • Fax – You can also find the fax number on the 1st page of the application. 
  • In-person – Refer to the section below to find a Houston Medicaid office, call 211 or visit Your Texas Benefits
  • Online – If you change your mind and want to complete the Medicaid application online, visit Your Texas Benefits
  • Phone – You also call 877.541.7905 to apply for Medicaid. 

Note: If you do not feel safe visiting a Medicaid office due to COVID 19, consider applying by mail or online. 

Medicaid Offices In Houston To Help You Complete Your Application. 

If you need help completing your application you can find a local office to help you in our guide called Where To Apply Medicaid In Houston


Applying For CHIP, SNAP, And TANF With This Same Application

download medicaid application

Did you know the same Medicaid application that you downloaded can be used for other state benefits like CHIP, SNAP, and TANF? 

In addition to applying for Medicaid, you can also apply for these programs as well. Here is a quick summary of each program. 


CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Plan provides health coverage to children. The major difference in Children’s Medicaid and CHIP is the income level of the parent. 

You can see side by side income guides of each program here, but here is an example: 

  • Children’s Medicaid Eligibility =  Family of 2 monthly income is no more than $1,415. 
  • CHIP Eligibility = Family of 2 monthly income is no more than $2,918. 


SNAP or Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or just plain ole “food stamps” is a program that provides low-income families with help in purchasing groceries. If you want to apply refer to our article called How To Apply For SNAP In Houston


TANF or Temporary Assistance for Needy Families or “welfare” is a program that provides cash payments to low-income families. To learn how to apply see our guide titled How To Apply For TANF In Houston

Additional Documents Needed To Apply For CHIP, SNAP, And TANF

See pages 3 and 4 of the application to learn which supplement documents are needed to apply for benefits. 


Personally, I think the easiest ways to apply for Medicaid are by phone (877.541.7905) or online via Your Texas Benefits

That being said if you insist on applying the old school way you can use the links below to download your Texas Medicaid applications. 

If you have any questions about the Medicaid application you can call Texas Health and Human Services at 877.541.7905

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    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Jennifer,

      The Your Texas Benefits app is the quickest way to renew your food stamps in Texas. It will even tell you when to renew your Texas SNAP benefits.

      As far as jobs that are hiring, contact a local staffing agency. They can help you to make a resume (if needed) and then connect you to employers. Staffing agencies work directly with employers, so in my opinion, this is the fastest way to get a job. It may not be your ideal job, but it can be a stepping stone to pay bills, put money in your pocket, and build your resume for your next big move. This list of Houston staffing agencies is separated by industry so no matter your work experience (office jobs, oil and gas, customer service) you will find a staffing agency that specializes in your area.

      Hope that helps, take care Jennifer!


    • Nick Bryant Post authorReply

      Hi Stephanie, try calling the Lone Star Help Desk at 800.777.7328. This is the number you call when you have problems with your Texas EBT card.

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