How To Speak To Someone At The Food Stamp Office On Scott Street (Houston)

food stamp office on scott (houston)

How To Speak To Someone At The Food Stamp Office On Scott Street (Houston)

In this community resource guide, you will learn how to talk to someone at the food stamp office on Scott in Houston’s 3rd Ward.

The Scott Street food stamps office (located in Houston, TX) is where you can go to apply for or recertify your food stamps. The process of applying and recertifying can be overwhelming, so knowing how to speak to someone at the food stamp office can make the process a little bit easier.

In this blog post, we will provide tips on how to contact the staff at the food stamp office on Scott and OST. We hope that this information will help you successfully obtain or recertify your food stamps.

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What Is The Phone Number For The Food Stamp Office On Scott Street?

The phone number is 713.748.8450. This is the telephone number of the 3rd Ward Houston food stamp office.

When calling this number you can do the following:

  • Option 1 – You can check your benefits, confirm your food stamp appointment time, ensure your documents were received, or apply for benefits.
  • Option 2 – If you already have food stamps, you can ask questions about your Lone Star card regarding your food stamp balance or request a replacement Texas EBT card.
  • Option 3 – Individuals 65 and older or those with disabilities can get information on long-term Medicaid.
  • Option 4 – Hear the business hours of the 3rd Ward Scott Street food stamp office.
  • Option 0 – To speak to someone at the Scott Street SNAP benefits office you will need to call 713.748.8450 and press option 0.

What Is The Address To The Scott Street Food Stamp Office?

The address is 6124 Scott Street, Houston, TX 77021. The office is located in the same parking lot as the old HEB grocery store that was on Scott Street.

The entrance for the 3rd Ward food stamp office is actually on the backside of the long building to the left of the old HEB grocery store.

What Are The Business Hours Of The 3rd Ward Food Stamp Office?

This office is open Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm.

What Other Services Can I Apply For At The Scott Food Stamp Office?

At this Texas Health and Human Services office, you can apply for the following:

  • SNAP benefits
  • Medicaid
  • TANF
  • And more…

You can visit the Your Texas Benefits website to see a complete listing of supportive services that you can apply for either at the Scott Street SNAP office or online.

How To Find Other SNAP Benefit Offices In Houston

Refer to our resource guide titled SNAP In Houston: How To Apply For Food Stamps to see a map and contact information for other food stamp offices in Houston.


The Scott Street food stamp office is one of the many locations throughout Houston that people can go to in order to apply for food stamps.

This process can be daunting for some, but however, you can call your local food stamp office in 3rd Ward at 713.748.8450 to speak to someone about the process.

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