Houston Apartment Association: Help Understanding Your Tenant Rights

Houston Apartment Association: Helping You Understand Your Tenant Rights

In this community resource guide, you will learn about the Houston Apartment Association. 

This is a nonprofit that you can contact if you have a disagreement with your landlord about a lease agreement, maintenance issues, pet deposits, or other situations.  When you have a disagreement with your landlord it can be difficult to understand if they are treating you fairly or if they are in fact following protocol.  Houston Apartment Association can advise you on your tenant rights to give you a better understanding of what your options are. 

I’m Nick Bryant, a Senior Counselor who has worked in community resources for over 13 years in Houston. All my experiences contacting HAA have been positive which is why I’m telling you about this valuable resource for tenants. 

This article will explore the services that HAA offers and how they help tenants understand their rights and responsibilities as renters. Understanding tenant rights is essential for all tenants, as it helps to ensure a positive and fair living experience.

How Can Houston Apartment Association Help Me? 

HAA offers a wide range of support services to tenants in the Houston area. One of the primary services that they offer is assistance in understanding tenants’ rights and responsibilities. This includes information on the laws and regulations governing rental properties, as well as the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords.

HAA also provides a complaint-handling service for tenants who are experiencing issues with their landlords or property managers. If a tenant has a complaint, they can contact HAA by phone or through an online complaint form. HAA will then forward the complaint to the property owner or management company and encourage direct negotiation between the tenant and owner to resolve the issue.

In addition to handling complaints, HAA also provides resources to help tenants resolve disputes fairly. This can include information on mediation and other alternative dispute resolution methods, as well as referrals to legal resources if necessary.

Things To Do Before You Make A Complaint Against Your Landlord

It’s best to try and resolve your issue with your landlord as opposed to bringing in a 3rd party. Here are steps that you can take to try and resolve your problem. 

Editor’s Note: This is not legal advice. You should consult with an attorney if you are involved in a disagreement with your landlord.  

1 Read your lease agreement carefully: Make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities as a tenant.
2 Document the issue: Keep a record of any maintenance requests or other concerns you have raised with your landlord. This documentation can be used as evidence if you need to escalate the issue.
3 Try to resolve the issue with your landlord: Before making a formal complaint, try to resolve the issue directly with your landlord. Be polite and provide specific details about the problem.
4 Gather evidence: If you have any evidence that supports your complaint, such as photos or witness statements, gather this information to support your case.
5 Consider seeking legal advice: If you are unsure about your rights or if the issue is particularly complex, consider seeking legal advice from a tenant rights organization.
6 Determine the best course of action: Depending on the nature of the issue, you may choose to make a complaint to your local housing authority, file a lawsuit, or use alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation.
7 Know your time limits: Depending on your jurisdiction, there may be time limits for making a complaint. Be aware of these time limits and take action promptly.

How To Make A Complaint About A Houston Apartment (Houston Apartment Association Complaint Form)

If you are experiencing issues with your landlord or property manager, you can make a complaint by either calling HAA or submitting a complaint form online.

Houston Apartment Association
Use the online form to make a complaint against your landlord with Houston Apartment Association.

Once a complaint is received, HAA will respond within a reasonable time frame. The complaint will then be forwarded to the property owner or management company for further review and resolution.

It is important to note that HAA does not become involved in disputes that require legal representation. If a tenant has retained an attorney, HAA will not become involved in the dispute resolution process.

Houston Apartment Association Phone Number

Their phone number is 713.595.0300. The HAA office is open from Monday to Friday. Office hours are 9 AM to 5 PM.

Call volumes can be high which is why they limit your call times to only 5 minutes. 

The staff also has both English and Spanish speakers, so if Spanish is your only language they can help you or the client that you are referring. 

It is important to note that HAA is not an emergency service and cannot provide immediate assistance in urgent situations.


The Houston Apartment Association is a nonprofit that you can contact if you have a complaint about your Houston apartment complex. They play an important role in helping tenants understand their rights and responsibilities as renters. Whether you are experiencing a dispute with your landlord or simply have questions about your rights, HAA is here to help.

It is essential for you to understand your rights and responsibilities. By knowing your rights, you can ensure a positive and fair living experience. If you are a tenant in the Houston area and have questions or concerns, you can either call Houston Apartment Association at 713.595.0300 or visit their website

Houston Apartment Association is one of the best agencies to contact regarding disputes with your landlord, but if you want even more options just leave a comment below and I’ll send you more resources for tenant rights in Houston Texas. 

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