How To Find A Houston Dialysis Center Near Me

houston dialysis clinic near me

How To Find A Houston Dialysis Center Near Me

In this community resource guide, you will learn how to find a dialysis center in Houston near you to provide treatment.

Whether you are new to dialysis or recently moved here and need to continue your dialysis treatment in Houston you will find a list of dialysis options available to you.

Dialysis treatment can be tiring, so hopefully, this guide makes your life a little easier and directs you to dialysis centers near you that can help.

How To Locate A Dialysis Center In Houston

To find a Houston dialysis treatment center you can use the interactive map below. 


After finding a dialysis center in your zip code, be sure to talk to your insurance company and your doctor to get approval to seek treatment at the center near you. If your doctor and health insurance coverage do not approve the dialysis center, you could be responsible for 100% of the bill.

The bottom line is ensuring the dialysis treatment center is in your health insurance plan’s network.

Dialysis Clinics In Houston

While this is no endorsement the primary dialysis clinics in Houston are:

  • Davita
  • Fresenius Medical Care
  • Dialyspa

No matter which Houston neighborhood you live in you will likely find one of these dialysis centers within 10 miles of your home.

Davita Dialysis Clinics In Houston

Davita offers in-center hemodialysis, home hemodialysis, treatment in a skilled nursing facility, or even assistance navigating the Kidney transplant process.

Fresenius Dialysis Care Houston

Fresenius Medical Care can provide you with dialysis, vascular, and laboratory services as well as a renal pharmacy.

Dialyspa Locations In Houston

Dialyspa has several Houston locations and offers in-center hemodialysis in a “soothing luxury atmosphere”. This Houston dialysis center even offers massage chairs to make your 4-hour dialysis treatment as comfortable as possible.

Houston Dialysis Treatment For The Uninsured (Riverside Dialysis Clinic)

If you are uninsured and need dialysis treatment in Houston, you can contact Harris Health System to get potential help.

Editor’s Note: To receive dialysis treatment at Riverside Clinic you will need to apply for the Harris Health Gold Card. You can learn how to apply in this resource guide

Harris Health has a clinic called the Riverside Dialysis Center that provides limited dialysis treatment to individuals who are uninsured or even undocumented in Houston.

To learn more about this uninsured dialysis treatment option in Houston, call Riverside Clinic at 713.566.3900. They are located at 3601 N. MacGregor Way, Houston, TX 77004 in the 3rd Ward neighborhood. 

Editor’s Note: The Riverside Dialysis Clinic is no longer located at Delano Street, it has been moved to N. MacGregor Street. 

Does Health Insurance Cover The Cost Of Dialysis?

Yes, health insurance typically covers the cost of dialysis treatment. Patients should check with their insurance provider to confirm coverage and get more information about what is included in their plan.

Medicare Dialysis Coverage

If you have Medicare, it will cover lots of dialysis services and supplies. According to things that are covered by Medicare include:

  • Inpatient and outpatient dialysis treatment.
  • Home dialysis training.
  • The equipment needed for home dialysis. This includes the dialysis machine, recliner, water treatment system, wipes, rubber gloves, etc.
  • Supportive services like visits by dialysis center workers and face-to-face visits with your doctor or nurse once a month.

You can learn more about the dialysis services that your Medicare will cover by visiting the website.

How Seniors Can Get Help Paying For Dialysis Treatment In Texas

The Texas Kidney Health Care program receives funding to assist elderly individuals with end-stage renal disease afford medical care associated with the kidneys.

The following services might be paid for by this Texas dialysis program:

  • Dialysis treatment
  • Medications
  • Premiums related to your medications
  • Travel to your dialysis treatments
  • Surgery

These services can be provided in your home, a dialysis clinic, pharmacy, or hospital.

To learn more about eligibility for this kidney assistance program see our guide on the Texas Kidney Healthcare program or call them at 800.222.3986


When you have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) or kidney failure and require dialysis treatments it is important to choose a clinic that will best meet your needs. The first step is to consult with your doctor or nephrologist who can help you decide which type of dialysis is best for you and make a referral to the clinic.

You can either take their recommendation or use the table above to find Houston dialysis centers near you.

If you are uninsured, you may want to consider calling Riverside Clinic at 713.566.3900. This Harris Health System clinic offers dialysis treatment in Houston to the uninsured and undocumented.

Low-income senior citizens can get help with the cost of dialysis treatment in Houston by contacting the Texas Kideney Healthcare program at 800.222.3986.

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