Houston Furniture Bank: How To Get Free Furniture In Houston

Houston Furniture Bank

Houston Furniture Bank: How To Get Free Furniture In Houston

In this guide, I will tell you about a local organization that gives away free furniture in Houston to families who are in need. That charity organization is called Houston Furniture Bank.

If you have a limited budget and need a way to furnish your new apartment, then the Houston Furniture Bank may be able to help you.

As aforementioned, this Houston charity provides both free and low-cost furniture to families who need help finding beds, kitchen tables, couches, and more.

If you have an empty room in your apartment that needs quality used furniture, continue reading to see how Houston Furniture Bank can help you.

What Is The Houston Furniture Bank?

The Houston Furniture Bank is a non-profit organization that was founded over 30 years ago.

Their main goal is to ensure that families who are impacted by limited finances, homelessness, mental health problems, or domestic abuse can get access to affordable or free furniture in Houston.

This free furniture organization in Houston offers a number of different programs to support the community. We will talk about each free furniture program in the following paragraphs.

Houston Furniture Bank Outlet Stores

The Houston Furniture Bank has two locations in Houston; one is located near Hobby Airport and the second is in Spring, TX.

  • Hobby Houston Furniture Bank – 8220 Mosley Rd, Houston, TX 77075 –713.842.9771 ext 107
  • Houston Furniture Bank North – 295 Sawdust Rd, Spring, TX 77380 – 713.842.9771

The public is welcomed, even encouraged, to shop at these locations, because with each sale the proceeds go toward helping low-income families in Houston to furnish their homes.

At these furniture outlet stores in Houston, you can find a variety of great, affordable furniture. Whether you need a couch for your living room, a dining set, wall decor, or a bed and headboard, these are all items that you can find at a Houston Furniture Bank store.

The Houston Furniture Bank even offers an online store to let you browse for low-cost dressers, beds, mirrors, and other pieces of furniture.

Houston Furniture Bank – No Kids On The Floor Program

The No Kids on The Floor Program is one that offers free beds for kids in Houston. During its history, the Houston Furniture Bank has provided over 50,000 free beds for children in Houston.

If you have a child who does not have a bed, you will need to contact a Houston Furniture Bank partner agency. These partner agencies can potentially refer you to HFB to receive a free bed for your child.

Editor’s Note: If you are a caseworker who wants to refer a family to the Houston Furniture Bank program, you can start the process at the Case Manager portal page.

The following section is a list of Houston Furniture Bank partners that can refer you to the organization for a free bed or other types of furniture.

Houston Furniture Bank Partner List (2022)

Below is a list of partner agencies that can refer you back to the Houston Furniture Bank for free furniture in Houston.

The best way to choose an agency is to match any current needs to the type of assistance that the partner agency offers. You can also choose an organization that is located in or near your Houston neighborhood.

Editor’s Note: When contacting these organizations for a referral to the Houston Furniture Bank, please keep in mind that each organization has its own rules about giving out furniture vouchers. The organization may require you to enroll in a specific program, complete an application, or even provide documents necessary to receive a voucher. Unless you are already a client in their organization, most of these non-profits will not simply give you a furniture voucher. You will have to make some effort to comply with their specific program rules.

  • Amigos Por Vida Friends For Life is a charter school in the Gulfton Houston neighborhood. If your child attends this school then they may be able to refer you for free furniture. You can contact them at 713.349.9945.
  • The Christ Rose Foundation is a Christian non-profit that provides services like food assistance, free Christmas gifts in Houston for children with parents in prison, and after-school programs. You can call the Christ Rose Foundation number at 832.715.8177 for potential furniture bank referrals.
  • Destined for Empowerment is a northeast Houston non-profit that helps families with food and health education. Call them at 832.834.4910 for more information about HFB referals.
  • Fresh Spirit is a Houston non-profit that offers support to women who are survivors of domestic abuse. Counseling, premarital cousneling, legal advocacy, and case management are offered here. To see if Fresh Spirit has Houston Furniture Bank vouchers, call them at 713.300.2473.
  • Goodwill can potentially refer you to Houston Furniture Bank if you are a veteran in Houston who is looking for employment. You will need to call the Houston Goodwill telephone number at 832.459.9070 to see if they are offering veterans furniture vouchers.
  • The Harris Center is the mental health authority in Houston/Harris County. If you go to any of their outpatient psychiatric clinics in Houston, speak with your case manager about a referral to the furniture bank.
  • Houston Launch Pad is a non-profit that helps homeless Houston veterans to get back on their feet. This is a great partner to contact if you are a veteran who needs free furniture. You can reach them at 713.637.4174.
  • Methodist Children’s Home is a Christian program that offers foster care services, parenting classes in Houston, and more. Call them at 713.682.8911 to learn about available Houston Furniture Bank vouchers.
  • Santa Maria Hostel offers a number of housing programs in Houston for women with children.
  • YMCA Tellepsen is an organization that you can potentially receive a voucher to use at the Houston Furniture Bank. You can call them at 713.739.3618.
  • Childrens Connection Inc is a non-profit that provides programs related to children and parents. these programs include adoption services, crime victim assistance, unplanned pregnancy support, and more.
  • St. Marys is a local church that provides help to families in Houston.
  • St. Vincent de Paul is another church that assists families who are in need that live in 77056, 77057, or 77063 zip codes. You can reach them by dialing 713.403.4102
  • Torchbearer is a reentry program in Houston that focuses on helping individuals who were recently incarcerated.
  • YMCA of Greater Houston is another organization that partners with the Houston Furniture Bank. If you have a connection to the YMCA consider speaking to them about a furniture voucher.

Mattress Recycling In Houston

If you are wondering where to recycle your mattress in Houston, the Houston Furniture Bank can help you.

They have a mattress recycling program in Houston that helps low-income families in Houston.

If you would like to donate a mattress in Houston, you can do so at either the Hobby Airport or Spring Texas furniture bank locations.

  • 8220 Mosley Rd Houston, TX 77075
  • 295 Sawdust Rd Spring, TX 77380

The Houston Furniture Bank will charge you between $10 to $20 for the cost of recycling your mattress if you drop it off at a location. If you cannot take your donated mattress to a recycling center, the HFB will pick it up from you for $30 per mattress. You can call them at 713.842.9771 to schedule a pickup or learn more about how to donate a mattress in Houston.

Houston Furniture Bank DIVAS Program (Free Home Maker Overs In Houston)

The D.I.V.A.S Program (Designing Interiors Volunteer At Your Service) offers free homemaker overs in Houston to low-income families.

Families who have suffered a financial hardship can potentially receive a makeover that includes receiving free furniture like a bed, sofa, and decor.

To learn more about the DIVAS program, simply visit the Houston Furniture Bank website.

Charitable Furniture Purchase Program

If you have a non-profit with clients who need furniture, the HFB has a Charitable Furniture Purchase Program that offers discounts on things like beds, nightstands, sofas, and more.

If you are an organization with 501 (c) 3 status, then visit the HFB website to see what the costs of each furniture package are.


If your family has a very limited income and you are seeking low-cost or free furniture in Houston, the Houston Furniture Bank may be able to help you.

This non-profit is a Houston furniture assistance resource that you can contact to potentially receive free furniture like beds, sofas, dressers, and more. To qualify for free furniture in Houston from HFB, you will need a referral from a partner organization. You can find a list of partners in an above section.

Even if you are not considered low-income you can still shop with the Houston Furniture Bank by visiting their Hobby Airport or Spring, TX locations. Each warehouse offers low-cost furniture to the public. With each purchase, the Houston Furniture Bank uses the proceeds to invest more into helping families who need the help in Houston.

To learn more, you can visit the Houston Furniture Bank website or call them at 713.842.9771.

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