9 Places To Look For Jobs During The Coronavirus Outbreak

jobs during coronavirus

9 Places To Look For Jobs During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Coronavirus has turned the US economy upside down in seemingly a day. 

Maybe your job was impacted…

If so my heart definitely goes out to you and your family, because times are tough. That being said there is no time to wait. You need to start your job search as soon as possible.

If you are overwhelmed with responsibilities and not sure where to look for a new job you can use the following list to get you started. 

9 Places To Look For Jobs During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Below I will provide you with 9 places to look for jobs during this Coronavirus outbreak. Here are some of the job ideas you will find in this article: 

  • Jobs that require no previous experience (Amazon, grocery stores) 
  • Healthcare-related jobs
  • A source of 1,000s of LEGIT work from home ideas
  • Staffing agencies to do the job search for you 
  • A website where individuals with criminal records can go for employment ideas
  • One government job that pays up to $25 an hour that is currently hiring 1,000s of workers
  • Business ideas that you can start today and get paid by your neighbors
  • An industry that wants to specifically help out restaurant workers who were laid off

First, we’ll start with Amazon jobs. 

1. Amazon Jobs

Amazon is a great place to work during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Currently, Amazon is gearing up to hire 100,000 workers. These positions include positions like Amazon shopper, warehouse worker or delivery driver. Many of these Amazon jobs start at $17. 

With people being quarantined and forced to order online these Amazon jobs should provide a source of stable income. 

2. Supermarket Jobs That Are Hiring During The Cornaovirus

Coronavirus couldn’t stop are our need for food and TP and these are things that are flying off the shelves at supermarkets. 

Right now supermarkets are hiring for positions like cashiers, grocery clerks, and pharmacy technicians. 

Our need for food and toiletries won’t stop anytime soon, so supermarkets could be a potential landing spot for you if you were laid off. 

Here is a list of supermarkets to help you start your job search: 

3. Healthcare Jobs To Work During The Coronavirus

According to CNBC job postings for healthcare jobs have greatly increased in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Some of the positions in greatest need are registered nurses, social workers, project managers, and pharmacy technicians. 

These are all jobs that you can find at your local hospitals, mental health agencies, health departments or Indeed.com

If you are a healthcare worker in Houston we have a shortlist of companies in the area to help you with your search. 

4. Staffing Agencies To Help You Find Employment During The Coronavirus

Another way to find work during this Coronavirus outbreak is via staffing agencies. 

Staffing agencies are connected to employers in your city. Right now some of the biggest employment needs are in healthcare and grocery stores and it’s likely that these industries may have already reached out to local staffing agencies for help filling those roles. 

The best thing about staffing agencies is they will shop your resume for free. You can submit your resume and go on living your life while they find an employer for you. Staffing agencies only take their “cut” (a portion of your paycheck) once they connect you to a job. 

If you are in the Houston area we created a comprehensive guide with staffing agencies separated by industry. No matter what field you work in there will be a number of Houston staffing agencies that specialize in that area. 

For those who are in another city simply Google search “staffing agencies in [your city here]”. 

5. Remote Jobs To Work During The Coronavirus

Working from home is another option and one of the best places to look for remote jobs is a website called Flexjobs

Flexjobs is a paid membership site that offers 1,000s of work from home jobs to its clients.

The reason Flexjobs charges a fee (low as $15 per month) is that they go the extra mile by evaluating every job submitted to their site. If a job posting seems shady then Flexjobs won’t list it on the website.

Note: If you have ever seen the spam on a Craigslist job section you can understand how frustrating it can be to find a truly legit “work from home” job. 

Those who are dedicated to searching Flexjobs for a remote job every day, can potentially find employment and cancel the subscription in just one month. 

If your budget won’t allow for the $15 membership consider searching Indeed for remote jobs, because they are also reputable. 

6. Gig Jobs To Consider During The Coronavirus

“Gig jobs” are essentially delivery jobs like Postmates, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash.

Coronavirus quarantines and people staying indoors more has lead to an increase in demand for these types of services. Food delivery job postings, for example, have risen 78% since the same time in 2017. 

DoorDash is creating a “Priority Access Program” to hire workers from their restaurant partners to work in delivery positions. It’s likely that other companies will also prioritize those restaurant workers so keep an eye out for those positions. 

7. U.S. Census Jobs To Work During The Coronavirus

The US Census is currently in the middle of hiring 1,000s of workers to tally up all the people living in the country. 

The application process and demands of the job are quite easy considering the pay is as much as $25 an hour. 

Work with the Census is either part or full time and there is a good chance you can door knock in your own neighborhood. 

Currently, the US Census is on a two-week suspension due to Coronavirus. If on April 1st they deem that the spreading of this virus has slowed then operations could resume. 

8. Service Jobs (Create your own business)

If no one is willing to hire you consider creating your own business. 

Some of the most ready-made business ideas are service jobs.  Examples of these jobs can be: 

  • Lawncare – If you’ve got a lawnmower you can start this weekend.
  • Power washing – Same as the lawnmower, you could probably do 3-5 houses a day.
  • Dog walker – Good idea for animal lovers. 
  • Childcare – Working parents may need to find a new sitter in these times. Step up for them with your own childcare services. 
  • Catering – If you know how to BBQ fire up the pit and sell plates. 
  • Create resumes – LOTS of people need help finding jobs right now.  
  • Webdesign – There will likely be other people creating their own businesses in these times, so they’ll need a website.
  • Hotshot business – Use your truck (even better a trailer) to haul shipments for businesses. 
  • Write articles – if you are an excellent writer consider writing articles or sales letters for a business
  • Social media influencer – Do you have thousands of followers? If so consider pitching products for companies.
  • Handyman services –  If you have skills in carpentry, plumbing or woodwork there are lots of opportunities for you to make money.
  • Doula services – Doulas were important to pregnant mothers before the crisis, now they are even more needed now. 

Note: Websites like Entrepreneur, Inc have great articles on small business ideas. Also you can find inspiration by listening to the Side Hustle School podcast. 

A good place to market any of these services would be your Facebook friends list or the Nextdoor app. These are all people you know who could offer you a job during coronavirus.

9. Jobs For Felons During The Coronavirus (Website)

Jobs for Felons is a website the specializes in helping individuals with a criminal record find employment.  Outside of a crisis it can be difficult for individuals with a criminal record to find a job, so this virus makes it even more difficult. 

Note: If you have a felony consider creating your own job. You can get ideas from the above section. 

If your criminal record has been a barrier to finding employment take a look at Jobs For Felons for help finding jobs during the Coronavirus. 


Eventually, the economy will bounce back. Whether you were working in tourism, a restaurant or manufacturing that job (in some form) will come back. 

Until then you may need to consider finding employment in a completely different field. Some say we could be “quarantined” for 6-8 weeks, but who knows at this point. 

One thing that is comforting is many federal, state and local officials are suspending foreclosures and evictions through at least April/May. For many, this is one of the biggest monthly expenses, so this will be a great relief for anyone who was laid off or had their hours cut. 

Again things will return to normal, but until then you may have to work in an industry that is different than what you are accustomed to doing. 

Stay strong. 

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