How To Find Nomi Health COVID 19 Testing Sites In Houston

nomi health covid testing houston

Nomi Health COVID 19 Testing Sites In Houston

In this community resource guide, I will explain how you can find Nomi Health COVID testing location in greater Houston.

Nomi Health is a company that specializes in offering mobile COVID 19 testing. These testings sites can serve as an alternative to scheduling an appointment with your doctor or local health department.

If you would like to see if there are Nomi Health COVID 19 testing sites near you continue reading.

What Is Nomi Health?

Nomi is a healthcare company that offers free mobile testing for COVID 19 in Houston. Their services are similar to that of Curative and its COVID 19 testing kiosks.

Is Nomi Health COVID 19 Testing Free?

There is no out-of-pocket cost for you to take a Nomi Health COVID 19 test.

Nomi will collect your health insurance card if you are insured, but again there is n out of pocket cost to you for a COVID test.

Does Nomi Health Offer Free COVID 19 Testing For The Uninsured?

If you are uninsured there is no out-of-pocket cost to you. Nomi bills the HRSA Federal COVID Assistance Relief Fund for services provided to individuals who are uninsured.

How To Make A Nomi Health COVID Test Appointment In Houston?

To make a Nomi Health testing appointment in Houston, first, visit the Nomi website. Once there, click the button that reads “Schedule a COVID 19 Test“.

Nomi Health COVID testing Houston

The next page you will see will display a map of COVID 19 testing locations in greater Houston. Select the site that is closest to you.

Nomi Health COVID testing Houston

Once you select your testing site, you will be shown dates and times that you can make an appointment to take your Nomi Health COVID test in Houston.

Nomi Health COVID Testing

After you’ve selected the location, date, and time of your COVID 19 test, you need to enter some personal information. This includes details like your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Phone number
  • Insurance Information

You’ll then wrap up scheduling your appointment by confirming your COVID 19 appointment with Nomi Health.

When Do I Get My Nomi Health COVID Test Results?

After testing for COVID 19, Nomi will send your PCR results to you within 48 hours. They will either email or text your positive or negative test results.

Where To Purchase Home COVID 19 Tests In Houston?

Another COVID 19 testing option that you have is the home tests.  These tests work just like the COVID tests that you would take with Nomi or Curative, however, you can take them from the comfort of your own home.

You can purchase a BinaxNow home COVID 19 test in Houston at places like:

Due to the increased demand for this at-home COVID 19 test, you will have better luck visiting these stores. I have searched online for BinaxNow tests that I can purchase and have shipped to me, but most online stores are currently out.

How To Get A Free At Home COVID 19 Test From The Government

According to the Biden Administration, there is a website coming that will allow you to order free COVID 19 test kits and have them shipped to your home. The White House estimates that this COVID 19 test kit site will be up and running by January 2022.


Nomi Health offers another option for mobile COVID 19 testing in Houston. At the moment they have fewer testing sites than Curative, but the more options the better.

There is no out-of-pocket cost for a Nomi Health COVID 19 test, however, you will need to show your insurance card if you are insured. Insurance is not a requirement for these mobile COVID 19 testing locations in Houston, because they also provide tests to individuals who are uninsured.

To learn more about how to schedule an appointment at a Houston Nomi Health testing site you can visit their COVID 19 testing in Texas page.

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nomi health covid testing houston

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