How To Replace Your COVID 19 Vaccine Card If You Lose It

replace covid 19 vaccine card

How To Replace Your COVID 19 Vaccine Card If You Lose It

If you have lost your COVID 19 vaccine card, then this article is for you. You may be wondering how to replace your vaccine card if you have misplaced it.

With more and more businesses demanding that individuals be vaccinated, having your vaccine card on hand is critical. This is especially true if you are wanting to get a COVID 19 booster shot.

Whatever reason you need a COVID 19 vaccine card, don’t worry, because replacing it is easy once you know which steps to take. Continue reading and I’ll tell you how to get a replacement card.

Call The Clinic Or Hospital That Provided The First COVID 19 Shot

When replacing a lost COVID 19 your very first call should be to your vaccination provider. Whether you received your first vaccine at a clinic, hospital, or local pharmacy, this should be your first call. They will be able to retrieve your electronic record to help you obtain a replacement card.

Contact Your State Or City’s Immunization Department

If you cannot reach the clinic that gave you the first shot or you received a vaccine at a community event, you can try contacting your city or state immunization department.

You can follow this link to the listing of Immunization Records departments in each state. 

How To Replace A Lost COVID 19 Card If You Were Vaccinated In Houston

If you were vaccinated in Houston and need to replace your COVID 19 vaccination card, below is a listing of clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals where you may have received your shot.

To replace your COVID 19 vaccination card, you will need to contact the pharmacy, clinic, or Houston hospital where you were vaccinated at.

City of Houston Vaccination Card Replacement

If you were vaccinated through a City of Houston multi-service center or at NRG Park, you can call their COVID 19 Call Center at 832.393.4220 to learn how to replace your COVID 19 card. You can also visit their website called Houston Emergency to learn more about the assistance that is offered to anyone with COVID 19.

Harris County Public Health Vaccinations

To get a replacement COVID 19 vax card from this government entity, you will need to call 832.927.8787. You can also visit the Harris County Public Health website for more information on COVID 19 vaccine sites and testing.

Houston Methodist COVID 19 Vaccine Card Replacement

You can access your COVID 19 vaccination card by logging into your My Chart account if you were vaccinated at a Methodist Hospital or a clinic. For assistance logging into My Chart, you can call the Houston Methodist MyChart Customer Service number at 832.667.5694.

MD Anderson COVID Vax Card Replacements

MD Anderson patients can obtain another COVID 19 card by checking their My Chart account. You can also share your vaccination records with other doctors or specialists by using the Share Everywhere feature.

Texas Children’s Hospital Houston COVID 19 Card Replacement

If your child goes to a Texas Children’s clinic you too can use the My Chart tool to replace a lost COVID 19 vaccine card.

CVS COVID 19 Vaccine Records

If you received your COVID 19 vaccine at a CVS pharmacy, they allow you to retrieve your vaccination records online. You will need to create a CVS Health account to see your digital COVID 19 vaccine card.

Walgreens Vaccine Replacement Card

Walgreens also offers the COVID vaccine. If you were vaccinated here, simply contact Walgreens to learn how to obtain your vaccine card.

Walmart Digitial Vaccine Record

Walmart can offer you an electronic version of your COVID 19 vaccination card. If you received your COVID 19 vaccination shot here, visit the Walmart Digital Vaccine Record page to get a replacement.

HEB COVID 19 Vaccination Replacement Card

You can learn more about how to replace a lost COVID 19 vaccine card by visiting the HEB website or calling them at 800.811.8620.

Randalls Digital Vaccine Record

Randalls allows you to replace your missing paper COVID 19 vaccine card with a digital version. To receive a free digital vaccine record you can visit the Randalls website to learn more about their process. You will need to text a specific number and Randalls will provide you step-by-step instructions on getting your electronic vaccination record.


Whatever reason you need a COVID 19 vaccine card, don’t worry because replacing it is easy once the right steps are taken.

The first call should always be made to the clinic or hospital that provided the initial vaccination and they will retrieve your electronic record which can help them provide another replacement card.

If this doesn’t work out you can also use the CDC’s Vaccination Administration Management System (VAMS) to obtain your electronic vaccination record. VAMS is a simple-to-use, safe, and online tool for tracking the delivery of vaccines through the clinic process until they are administered.

By following these simple steps, hopefully, any worries about what happens next after losing a COVID 19 vaccination certificate will disappear.

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